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Chapter 473: Chapter 473: Past in Country T (6)

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Chapter 473: Past in Country T (6)

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“Although I won’t object to you getting married early and believe that the most sincere love will happen to you, if there are any cracks in your relationship in the future, 1 hope you can distinguish love from life.” Nio Zhu said gently.

Li You had yet to experience her future married life, so she could only vaguely understand what her mother was saying. “Got it.”

MO Zhu looked at his daughter’s confused expression and reached out to her.

“Come and sit beside Mom.’

“Oh, okay.” Li You came over and sat down beside her mother.

Nio Zhu held his daughter’s hand and looked at her gently. “Mom met happiness later than you. When Mom and your father met, I was already 26 years old. Before that, I had a first love, but it ended. When 1 met your father, I

didn’t think about the future. I even had the thought of making do.”

Li You had known for a long time that her mother’s first love was not her father, but she did not know who her mother’s first love was.

However, her mother’s original intention to be with her father was to make do. Li You did not know this before, this was the first time she had heard her mother take the initiative to tell her. Li You was very curious, so she asked, “Then, did Dad use love to move you bit by bit?”

“Yes.” MO Zhu recalled the past. “At least before I married your father, I had no feelings for him.”

Li You teased meaningfully, “Oh, I know. You and Dad were married before you fell in love.”

MO Zhu was amused by this. “That’s right.”

Li You only knew about her parents’ love after marriage now. However, she was more curious about how her mother had broken up with her first love. She wanted to ask. But she was also afraid that this first love, which had ended without a cause, would be a scar in her mother’s heart. It would be uncomfortable to open the scar.

MO Zhu saw her hesitant look. She raised her hand and rubbed the side of her daughter’s face. “Do you want to ask how Mom and my first love broke up back then?”

Li You was surprised. “How did you know I wanted to ask this?” MO Zhu: “l guessed from your expression.”

Li You leaned over and asked, “Then can you tell me about it?”

The past was in the past. MO Zhu would no longer mention this in front of anyone, but it was fine if she was willing to mention it in front of her daughter. Because she wanted her daughter to know about relationships.

Nio Zhu said slowly, “That first love was actually a childhood sweetheart. 1 was in the same high school and university as him. We had a good relationship, but both parties never broke that layer of paper and said that we were together. It was only in my second year that I plucked up the courage to confess to him.’

Li You asked, “Did he agree?”

“He did.” MO Zhu said, “In my sophomore year, we officially became boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Li You nodded. “Although your wish was fulfilled at that time, fortunately, it wasn’t him later. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be who I am now.”

MO Zhu smiled and said, “That’s right. Fortunately, it wasn’t him later on. Everyone said that he and 1 were childhood sweethearts. We were a good match and were even compatible with each other. As I liked him for a long time, at that time, when we were together, I thought that I would have a future with him. Unfortunately, this inexperienced relationship only lasted for a year and a half.”

When talking about these past events, MO Zhu’s expression was very calm because she had long let go.

Li You’s heart ached when she heard that. She continued to ask, “Why did it only last for a year and a half? Since you knew each other in high school and university, could It be that because you were too familiar with each other, he felt that he could never become a true lover?”

MO Zhu nodded. “Sort of.’ Li You scolded, “Scumbag.”

Nio Zhu laughed. “Yes, a little.”

She didn’t expect her mother to agree. Li You thought that when she was angry about this, her mother would explain that it wasn’t like that. She felt better again. “What happened then? For example, did he seamlessly connect with anyone else after you split up?”

“Not really.” MO Zhu’s tone was calm, without any hatred for the man. “Although I like him and want a future with him, my personality is too strong, and I have a long-term plan and goals for the future. I remember that day he told me that I should spread my wings and fly to a higher place and stand on a stage that belongs to me. He told me not to take him because we’re not on the same path. If we can meet in the future, it might be fate.

“l remembered his words. He said, ‘Our future encounter might also be fate.’ Therefore, I didn’t stay depressed for long after our breakup. We wish each other a bright future. One day, we will meet at the peak.

“When I rose through the ranks and looked forward to continuing our relationship, I found out that he was with someone else.”

Hearing this, Li You’s heart trembled. Her mother worked so hard to hike and climb in one direction. She yearned to become outstanding and continue her fate with that man. But the heavens had dealt her a huge blow.

That man still fell in love with someone else.

Li You asked, “Then did you hate him?”

MO Zhu said softly, “l hated him at the time, but I let it go later because I knew where l t d lost. That fall from the sky was the right partner for him. She wasn’t strong, she was very obedient. She treated him as the sky, and she was willing to stay by his side obediently. That was when I knew that what he needed was a weak and dependent lover who needed his protection, not a lover who could be evenly matched with him.”

When Li You heard this, she did not grit her teeth and criticize the man’s criteria for choosing a partner.

He wasn’t actually too wrong. He was the same as many men in reality.

This was because reality was like this. Not every man liked a woman who was evenly matched with him. Most men in reality preferred gentle and obedient women who only needed to snuggle up to them under their protection.

MO Zhu looked at his daughter, who had fallen silent after hearing her words, and teased, “Are you comparing that uncle’s personality with Little Pei’s?” Li You did compare them. But that didn’t affect anything. MO Zhu said, “Your father and I have eyes to see the energy that Little Pei has put into you over the past two years.”

Li You pursed her lips. “I’ve known Pei Jingzhou for a long time. When I was five years old, I already hugged his arm and wheedled. He’s also my only first love so far and my future husband. But in Mom’s opinion, no matter how good childhood sweethearts are, will someone suddenly fall from the sky and break all of this?”

“That’s possible.” MO Zhu didn’t give his daughter a perfect fantasy, so the answer sounded realistic.

Li You lowered her eyes and fell silent.

MO Zhu asked, “Has your heart wavered?”

Li You shook her head without hesitation and replied, “No..”

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