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Chapter 488: Chapter 488: Past in Country T (21)

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Chapter 488: Past in Country T (21)

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Li You’s face was very pale, and her lips were almost pale. She looked very haggard.

After asking Li You about some other situations, the doctor gave Li You a list and asked her to take a blood test. Li You was in a daze. As soon as she took the list, she heard the doctor say that she wanted to take a blood test. She asked in a panic, “Why do you want a blood test?”

The doctor frowned and said to Li You, “You’re already 20 years old. Why don’t you care about your health at all? Your current condition is a little dangerous, do you know?”

Li You asked in confusion, “What’s wrong with my body?”

The doctor said in a serious tone, “Based on the amount of blood you’re bleeding now, it’s abnormal in itself. As you said just now, it’s never been like this before. Even the pain is different from before. In the past, it was waves of menstrual pain that fell. This time, it’s an abdominal cramp. My preliminary speculation is that you might be pregnant.”


Preliminary speculation is that you might be pregnant…

The doctor’s last few words were like thunder to Li You. She shook her head. “No way. I can’t be pregnant.”

The doctor looked even more serious than before. “Then do you have a boyfriend or not?”

Li You was stunned and did not answer the question. Actually, the doctor had asked this question just now, after asking about her symptoms.

At that time, she thought that she might have some gynecological illness. Her common sense told her that girls who lived with their lovers were indeed more prone to some gynecological illness than girls who lived alone, so she confessed that she had a boyfriend.

And now the doctor asked again. Because he speculated that she was pregnant…

Seeing that Li You did not answer her question for a long time, the doctor did not continue asking. He only reminded her, “Then go for a blood test first. Just calm down and wait for the results.’

“l know.” She nodded. Even though Li You was still unwilling to believe the doctor’s speculation, she could only cooperate and go for a blood test first.

She walked extremely slowly a few steps out of the doctor’s office. Her abdomen seemed to hurt even more. Seeing her come out, Madam Di Xin, who had been waiting outside, went forward and asked, “What did the doctor say?”

Li You showed Madam Di Xin the list the doctor had given her. “…The doctor

speculated that I’m pregnant.”

Madam Di Xin’s hand froze as she took the list. She looked at Li You. “You’re pregnant?”

Li You’s lips pressed down. It was obvious that she could not hold back her tears. “The doctor speculated that I might be pregnant based on my symptoms… But how could I be pregnant at this time…”

Apart from being unable to believe that she was really pregnant, she was wondering what she would do at this time if she was…

Her mother was still waiting for her bone marrow to save her life. If she was really pregnant, could she still keep the child in her womb…

Madam Di Xin was also very clear about Li You’s current situation. She said calmly, “Listen to the doctor first. Go and wait for the results of the blood test.

I’ll pay for you and buy you a pregnancy test.”

Li You tightened her grip on the list in her hand. “Okay.”

A few minutes later, Li You lowered her sleeve and looked at the tube of blood in the nurse’s hand. She remembered that she had had a bone marrow puncture two days ago. Her heart suddenly tightened and she asked hesitantly, “What would happen if a bone marrow puncture was done without knowing that I was pregnant?”

The nurse glanced at Li You. “It’s not impossible, but I don’t recommend it. If your physique isn’t good, it’s easy to miscarry. Also, anesthesia will affect the fetus in your womb.”

Li You asked anxiously, “What impact?”

Nurse: “It will affect the growth and development of the fetus, and it’s very likely that it will cause deformities.” With that, the nurse looked at Li You deeply and asked, “Are you planning to do a bone marrow puncture match in the near future?”

Li You did not tell the truth. She smiled and shook her head. “I’m just curious.”

The nurse reminded her, “If you have this in mind, I suggest you think carefully before you decide.”

Li You understood that the nurse was reminding her nicely, but it was too late to remember the nurse’s words. She had already had a bone marrow puncture match without knowing that she was pregnant.

Perhaps her current situation was not caused by stress and emotions. It was caused by her bone marrow puncture match…

Li You finished drawing blood and walked out in a daze.

Madam Di Xin had already bought the pregnancy test paper and was waiting for Li You. Seeing Li You appear, Madam Di Xin walked forward and handed the pregnancy test paper box to Li You. “Take a self-test first and wait for the blood test results.’ took it and thanked Madam Di Xin.

Madam Di Xin sighed and did not say anything.

Then, Li You went to the bathroom.

Because she had never used a pregnancy test paper before, the wait was not as difficult as she had thought after reading the instructions carefully. The moment she saw the results, she was not as shocked and out of control as she had been at first.

Those two lines made her calmly accept that she was pregnant. She threw the pregnancy test in the trash can and came out to wash her hands. The moment she looked up, she saw her pale face in the mirror.

Suppressing the bitterness in her heart, she slowly walked out of the washroom. Madam Di Xin went forward to care for her immediately. “How did

Li You said calmly, “Two lines.”

This outcome was within Madam Di Xin’s expectations. Ever since the doctor speculated that Li You might be pregnant, Madam Di Xin had an idea. Li You’s condition was so bad, it shouldn’t be because of her menstrual disorder. Her intuition was right.

Seeing that Li You looked calm on the surface, but her hands were trembling violently, Madam Di Xin pulled Li You to the waiting chair against the wall and sat down.

Madam Di Xin held Li You’s hand and said seriously, “The pregnancy test paper has already told you the results. It’s actually the same whether you wait for the blood test results or not. It won’t change anything. The point is that your physical condition is very bad now and you need to rest quietly. Little

You, you can tell me your thoughts now. Do you want to keep this child?”

Li You suppressed the emotion that threatened to break down at any moment. “l don’t know.”

Madam Di Xin said, “You have to make a decision.’

Li You was silent.

Madam Di Xin said slowly, “This question is very pale for your current situation. If nothing had happened to your mother, everything would be on track for you. You probably wouldn’t hesitate to keep this child, but your current situation…”

Li You held her aching abdomen. “I’ll think about it carefully.”

Madam Di Xin nodded. “Alright.”

After saying that, she thought of something and reminded Li You, “You can choose not to tell your parents about your pregnancy for the time being, but I suggest you tell Pei Jingzhou. He has the right to know.”

Li You held her stomach and stood up. “1 understand.”

She dragged herself back upstairs to her mother’s ward, enduring a cramp in her lower abdomen.

The ventilator on MO Zhu’s face had been removed. Other than looking a little pale, she was actually in a good state. Li Huaisheng had always been by MO

Zhu’s side and took care of her meticulously..

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