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Chapter 5

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Public Appearance

“A mother-in-law variety show? Is it that ‘Mother-in-law Joy’ that was so popular last year?”

Qiao Qiao usually liked to watch variety shows. When she heard Li Xiwu mention the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law variety show, she quickly thought of Mother-in-law Joy, which aired last year.

It was very popular then.

“Yeah.” Li Xiwu stared at the dishes on the table.

Qiao Qiao knew that Li Xiwu was craving for it. She handed her chopsticks and said, “There must be a reason for this abnormality. The old kerosene bucket doesn’t like you to begin with. She must be up to no good this time. You’re the daughter-in-law of the Pei family after all. Besides, isn’t 200 million too…”

The word “too little” was swallowed back by Qiao Qiao. “But come to think of it, you might not even get two hundred million in divorce assets. I can see why you agreed.”

Li Xiwu ate his food. “That’s why I raised the price by double with Han Qianye.”

Qiao Qiao’s eyes widened and she slapped the back of Li Xiwu’s shoulder. “I knew it! You, my friend, don’t look like you’re fighting over anything, but you’re actually very clever.”

But of course!

“But!” Qiao Qiao asked the key question. “Why would the old kerosene barrel take you to a variety show?”

Qiao Qiao knew that Han Qianye disliked Li Xiwu. What was the motive of a mother-in-law who did not like her daughter-in-law?

“Han Qianye will make things difficult for me on the variety show.”


Li Xiwu said firmly, “After she mentioned going on the variety show, I went to check on the first season of ‘Mother-in-Law Joy’ last year. The mother-in-law of a pair of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is Lin Yourong. Han Qianye and her are best friends.”

Qiao Qiao said, “I know about Lin Yourong! Last season, she even caused public opinion when she targeted her daughter-in-law on the show. In the end, all the netizens who were originally scolding the mother-in-law went to scold the daughter-in-law. At that time, the video clip was very convincing. There seems to be something wrong with her daughter-in-law.”

“There’s no problem with Gao Sisi. Lin Yourong spent money to hire fake reviewers to scold Gao Sisi online, saying that there’s something wrong with Gao Sisi’s brain. In the end, after the show ended, she forced Gao Sisi to divorce her son. However, this truth was suppressed. No one in the outside world knew about it. Only someone in the rich wife circle mentioned it.”

At this point, Li Xiwu was very calm. “I also found out that Han Qianye, who only met Lin Yourong once every ten days or so, had frequent contact with her a few days ago.”

“Damn!” Qiao Qiao flew into a rage when she heard that. “I knew that this old kerosene barrel was up to no good. She’s trying to imitate Lin Yourong and learn from her when she dealt with her daughter-in-law on the variety show.”

Li Xiwu nodded.

Qiao Qiao was worried. “Are you sure you still want to go? It’s going to be so bad for you.”

“Wealth comes from risk,” Li Xiwu sighed. “In the end, we’ll still get a divorce.” She only looks at money!

After dinner at Qiao Qiao’s house, Li Xiwu drove back to Lake Lu.

Lake Lu was where she and Pei Jingzhou lived after they got married.

After identifying the fingerprint lock, she opened the door and changed into her slippers. When she entered, she saw Pei Jingzhou sitting on the sofa. Li Xiwu stood there for more than ten seconds and walked straight into the bedroom without saying anything.

When she was about to reach the door, she heard Pei Jingzhou’s voice ask her, “Have you had dinner?”

Li Xiwu replied, “I have.”

She went straight to her bedroom. Now that she had determined the path she was going to take, Li Xiwu planned to go all out and did not even want to maintain the surface.

Pei Jingzhou got up and followed Li Xiwu into the bedroom.

Li Xiwu was about to take off her jacket when she glanced at the man who followed her in. “Mr. Pei, you want to change your clothes too? Then use it first. I’m not in a hurry.”

He gripped her wrist as she walked past him. “Going to record a variety show?”

Li Xiwu paused. Pei Jingzhou knew so quickly? “Yes,” she admitted frankly.

Pei Jingzhou’s voice was expressionless. “Have you forgotten what I said?”

“I haven’t forgotten.” She looked up and met his gaze squarely.

Pei Jingzhou once said, “You can enter the entertainment industry, but you’re not allowed to show your face.”

If not for this reason, Li Xiwu would have become a celebrity herself back then. In the past three years, she would have filmed a few movies and taken on a few advertising endorsements. She would have made a lot of money, not just as a manager. She did not earn much money, and she did not have much hope for the divorce assets. She was determined to take Han Qianye’s 400 million yuan.

Just as she was thinking about money, Pei Jingzhou raised his hand and grabbed her chin. He turned around and pressed her against the cabinet. He lowered his head and was about to kiss her.

In the past, at this time, Li Xiwu would close her eyes and accept it. This time, she tilted her head and let Pei Jingzhou kiss nothing.

“Li Xiwu.” His tone was cold.

Li Xiwu smiled. “Mr. Pei doesn’t reject anyone now. Isn’t it easier to recruit a few people to serve you outside?”

Pei Jingzhou narrowed his eyes. “Do you know what you’re talking about?”

“I say, Mr. Pei, get someone to serve you outside!” After enunciating each word, she pushed past him and left.

Pei Jingzhou’s expression was extremely cold. In the past, Li Xiwu was very obedient and never retorted. In Pei Jingzhou’s eyes, she would always submit. This was the first time Li Xiwu had dared to speak to Pei Jingzhou like this.

Li Xiwu came out of the cloakroom, turned and went into the bathroom again.

There was no point in contradicting him. There had to be practical action. She couldn’t always be in his control, even if there were only two months left before the divorce. She had to be bold enough to fight for her own benefit. If Pei Jingzhou wanted to stop her, he could try. Let’s see if she would finish recording the variety show first or he would destroy it first!

The next day.

Li Xiwu received a WeChat message from Han Qianye: [400 million. It’s settled then. Sign the contract in black and white. I’ll get someone to send the contract to you in the afternoon.]

She knew that Han Qianye would agree to double the price. She did not agree on the spot because she was afraid that she would ask for more, so she pretended to consider it for the entire night.

Li Xiwu replied: [Okay.]

She got up and went to the cloakroom to pack a few clothes and stuff them into her twenty-inch suitcase. The other daily necessities would be assigned by the program team. Since she was going to film a variety show, she had to settle her other matters well.

In recent days, Li Xiwu did not leave early after work. She was busy warming up Ji Weiling’s new show. She only left early on time when she returned to the Pei residence for a meal with Pei Jingzhou on Thursday night.

When she went to the Pei residence, she sent Han Qianye a WeChat message in advance and said, “Your son doesn’t agree with me going to film a variety show.”

Han Qianye did not reply.

After arriving at the Pei residence, Han Qianye did not appear. Pei Jiao was not around either. As for Pei You’an, he was nowhere to be seen because Pei You’an was about to take the college entrance examination.

There were only Li Xiwu and Pei Jingzhou for dinner. Li Xiwu got along with Pei Jingzhou as usual.

Three days later, the second season of Mother-in-Law Joy began recording.

After Li Xiwu had completely arranged her artist’s work schedule, she boarded the minibus to pick her up to the recording venue without Pei Jingzhou knowing.

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