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Chapter 157.2

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Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Ch 157 Pt. 2

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Yaoniang didn’t know how to coax her, so she could only say, “Don’t overthink it.”

“Fifth Sister-in-law, I’m not overthinking it. My mind has been extremely rational as I thought it through these past few days. I had lost quite a lot of sleep, wondering why am I losing to someone like her? How am I inferior to her? But I gradually realized that I was thinking too much. It’s normal for men to have three wives and four concubines. I’m just being jealous. But the problem is, I was fine before… Really! I also want to be like what you said, win him over and not give up. But I find it very difficult, especially after everything that happened. He seemed to have changed into someone I no longer know. Someone who’s very cold…”

Yaoniang felt the urge to cry.

She would rather Consort Qing be bawling her eyes out, instead of this calm narration of what her mind went through. How much disappointment did a bright and cheerful woman like her experience to wither so suddenly? 

Yaoniang could barely imagine it. She thought to herself if Jin Wang suddenly changed one day… If he was no longer the way he was now… If his tenderness is shown to another woman and they do the most intimate thing that only she had ever done with him… If he says all those things to her and even has her give birth to his child…

Yaoniang immediately felt like she had fallen into an ice cellar and she couldn’t help shivering. She forced herself to continue thinking about what would happen next and how she would feel. If that ever did happen, she would most likely go insane. No. She would definitely go insane. 

After all, she was very happy with him that she wanted to completely dominate him and let no one else occupy him.

Does she like Jin Wang?

Yes, she does like him. And she has for a very long time.

“Seventh Sister-in-law, even if you don’t think about him, you still need to keep Yan Ge’er and Zhuzhu in mind.” Yaoniang also felt that her consolation was very weak. She even felt that she was being shameless. She wouldn’t be able to remain indifferent if the same thing happened to her, so how could she demand others to do the same?

But besides this, what other options are there?

This world treated women very harshly. In a normal family, if the husband takes a concubine, the wife can only watch it happen, let alone in the imperial family. For the imperial family, this behaviour was justifiable and expected. The priority has always been reproduction. If a prince ever had a lack of women, those above would always take the initiative to bestow a few.

Yaoniang hasn’t forgotten the large number of women in the rear courtyard of Jin Wang Manor. Even if Jin Wang never touches them, they are still his concubines in name.

This was a life-and-death battle. When she occupies more, others would have less. Unwilling to be abandoned, the only solution was to fight. If she occupies less, the others would step forward to take her place. After experiencing two lifetimes, Yaoniang had a very thorough understanding of the fierce battle between women in the rear courtyard.

Yaoniang felt quite disturbed and she no longer wanted to think about it anymore.

Consort Qing smiled faintly and said, “I have been thinking about Yan Ge’er and Zhuzhu. Otherwise, I would’ve already asked for a divorce already.”

Just as she was talking, a maid hurried over. “Consort, the young master. Something happened to the young master.”

Consort Qing’s face turned pale.

Xiaobao and Yan Ge’er were playing with the little dog named Doudou along with the two little girls.

They were originally having a great time. Then Xuan Ge’er, that unruly brat, called a few others around the same age as him, to also come here to play. They were playing a game where some pretend to be officers and soldiers while others are robbers. As the officers and soldiers, their job was to capture the robbers. Carrying branches as swords, the robbers, officers and soldiers fought very energetically.

Noticing that it was getting rowdier, Xiaobao wanted to leave. After a few words with Yan Ge’er, the four of them took Doudou and planned to move somewhere else to play.

While walking, Xuan Ge’er, who was a robber trying to avoid the officers and soldiers, accidentally bumped into Yan Ge’er.

The two of them were about the same height, but Xuan Ge’er was stronger while Yan Ge’er was weaker. Yan Ge’er directly fell to the ground from the bump while Xuan Ge’er was caught by the officers and soldiers behind him.

Xuan Ge’er was the last robber left. If he was caught, it would be the officers’ and soldiers’  victory. Those who were playing as officers and soldiers immediately burst into cheers, while the robbers complained about Xuan Ge’er getting caught so easily. He was the fastest out of all of them yet he didn’t even run.

Xuan Ge’er saw that he had lost and others were adding fuel to the fire with their loud complaints. At the same time, he recalled the previous grudge and his face flushed with anger. He threw away the branch in his hand and rushed towards Yan Ge’er.

“It’s all your fault!”

The robbers, officers and soldiers, who were watching from the side, clapped their hands enthusiastically when they saw Xuan Ge’er starting a fight.

One of the maids stepped forward but was reprimanded by one of the robbers. “Stand back. This is a battle between men.” Little brat, your hair hasn’t even grown, yet you already want to watch others fight.

It was clear that Yan Ge’er couldn’t beat Xuan Ge’er, so Xiaobao wanted to go up and help. Before he even made his way over, someone accused him of trying to win by numbers. Xiaobao was too lazy to pay attention to these little brats, and still wanted to go forward, but Xuan Ge’er’s robber accomplices suddenly rushed up.

“Fight! Fight with me!”

It seemed that boys were easily hot-blooded. With others on the side cheering them on, they dared to do what they normally wouldn’t. Yueyue and Zhuzhu hurried over and asked the maids to stop them. Several maids wanted to help but were blocked by the remaining officers and soldiers. As they blocked the maids, they scolded them for getting in the way and disturbing them.

Yuchan was also watching from the side, but it was inconvenient for her to make a move in this situation. If she did make a move, she would be accused of helping the young master beat up the others. Plus, from her point of view, the one who was fighting Xiaobao was the smallest. Although he was fast, he wasn’t the young master’s opponent.

The noise outside quickly drew the attention of those who remained inside. On the second floor, the men happened to be seated the closest to this side. An Wang and a few others came to the window together and looked down.

An Wang smiled and said, “Old Sixth, your son is the devil incarnated. How did he get in another fight again?” 

Lu Wang not only didn’t feel ashamed, but he looked proud instead. “This kid is full of energy, I plan to start teaching him martial arts in another year or so. But what you said isn’t right. Second brother, we fought like this when we were young. How come when my son is doing it, he becomes the devil incarnate?”

This was true. These princes often fought together when they were young. As long as they didn’t use weapons, no one stopped them. Emperor Hongjing didn’t let anyone stop them. Because of this, the various princes all grew up with good martial arts skills.

Besides Yong Wang. But Yong Wang had been a sly one ever since he was a child. He never took the initiative to provoke his brothers and he also preferred using more covert methods.

So when An Wang and the others saw such a scene, they didn’t have any intentions to stop the children. They simply stood by the window and watched.

Lu Wang said to Jin Wang, “Fifth brother, the one from your family is still young. Yet he can already fight with the one from fourth brother’s family.”

Jin Wang was too lazy to pay heed to Lu Wang.

Lu Wang was also accustomed to Jin Wang’s expressionless face. He turned his head to provoke Qing Wang: “Old seventh, it seems like your kid is not my kid’s opponent.” 

Indeed, Yan Ge’er was thin, while Xuan Ge’er was strong. Even though Yan Ge’er was a few months older than Xuan Ge’er, he was no match for Xuan Ge’er at all. Xuan Ge’er already pressed him under his body. Although Yan Ge’er was able to fight back, it was a little challenging.

But Yan Ge’er was also stubborn. He didn’t cry.

Qing Wang smiled reluctantly. “This child has been thin and weak ever since he was young. He is not as strong as sixth brother’s child.” 

Lu Wang laughed and said, “It’s good to be strong. Then he won’t get hurt when fighting with others in the future.”

Lu Wang’s smile reminded Qing Wang of some things that happened in his childhood. His age was the closest to Lu Wang, and he was also beaten by Lu Wang the most when he was a child. Father Emperor did not let anyone intervene, so even though fifth brother wanted to help him, he could only watch from the side.

He has been beaten many times. Every time he went back, he would put more effort into mastering martial arts. Unfortunately, Lu Wang was very talented. He was the best at martial arts out of all the princes besides Jin Wang. And as Qing Wang learned more, the other party was also progressing. He wasn’t favoured in the palace and the martial arts master wasn’t as serious when teaching him, so he was never able to beat Lu Wang.

Now his son also couldn’t beat Lu Wang’s son, despite Yan Ge’er being older than Xuan Ge’er.

Qing Wang was disappointed. Yan Ge’er had been weak ever since he was small. He was born like that and it wasn’t something that could be easily changed. He wanted to have another son with Jirou, but it was a pity her stomach hasn’t moved ever since she gave birth to Zhuzhu.

For some reason, he suddenly thought of Cheng Ge’er, who was born very strong. He was big and powerful. Although he was barely over a year old, he would cause chaos the entire day. The only thing he hasn’t done yet was rip the tiles off the roof.

Side Consort Han mentioned to him once that when Cheng Ge’er was older, he should teach him martial arts. Although Qing Wang didn’t reply at the time, he was happy to do so. More than once, he had thought about how to best nurture Cheng Ge’er.

He knew that Jirou would definitely be unhappy again, but if it wasn’t for Yan Ge’er being a disappointment…

Just as Qing Wang fell into a trance, a horrified scream suddenly came from downstairs.


“Young master’s head got smashed…”

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