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Chapter 160.2

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Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Ch 160 Pt. 2

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“He already ate. After drinking some milk, he had a bowl of rice porridge. The Second Young Master has a good appetite, he finished eating an entire bowl of rice porridge.”

“He learned from his brother!” concluded Yaoniang.

Unwilling, Xiaobao said, “He’s not learning from me.” 

Yaoniang smiled and said, “Why haven’t you gotten up yet? Once your father comes back it will be time for breakfast.” No matter whether it was a hot summer day or a freezing winter morning, Jin Wang always practiced martial arts in the morning.

The maids approached to help Xiaobao and Yueyue get dressed and washed up. Once everyone was tidied up, Yaoniang took the three young ones with her to the main courtyard.

During breakfast, Xiaobao brought up Zhuzhu, “I wonder if Sister Zhuzhu is feeling better. Did she have a fever?”

Yaoniang was unaware of the situation at Consort Qing’s maiden family, so she looked at Jin Wang. She was actually more worried about Consort Qing. After all, it was Consort Qing who brought up the words of a divorce. She was a woman without any power. What if her family did not support her? Even worse, what if her family would rather her reconcile with Qing Wang? If they resorted to desperate measures to force Consort Qing, things wouldn’t go well for her.

How could Jin Wang not know what Yaoniang was thinking? He said, “The Xiao Family is upright, and Master Xiao is not a pedantic and rigid person. There shouldn’t be any problem with seventh sister-in-law living in her parents’ house. However, if you don’t feel at ease, you’re welcome to reach out to her.”

Yaoniang really didn’t feel at ease, so she asked her servants to prepare a gift. With the excuse of New Year, she dispatched servants to bring it to Xiao Manor.

At this time in Xiao Manor, Zhuzhu didn’t behave abnormally during the day, aside from being more clingy towards her mother. But during the night, she developed fevers.

Consort Qing ignored the advice of her servants and stayed with Zhuzhu the entire night in front of her bed. Once Zhuzhu’s fever finally subsided, she returned to her room to rest.

She slept in a daze, her sleep was not peaceful at all. She dreamt about her past with him. When she woke up, her pillowcase was wet, but her heart felt more at ease.

After Consort Qing finished washing up and getting dressed, she just sat down for breakfast. Master Xiao came over with Madam Xiao, as well as Consort Qing’s brother and sister-in-law.

In fact, when Consort Qing came back with the two children yesterday, the Xiao Family could tell that something must’ve happened. At the time, Consort Qing was in a bad mood, and the situation of the two children wasn’t good, so they could only put it aside for the moment. Madam Xiao, Consort Qing’s mother, was worried the entire night. Every time she thought of something bad, she would shed tears. Master Xiao couldn’t stand seeing his wife like this so he brought everyone over the next morning.

“Alright, tell me what happened.” Even though Master Xiao was in his fifties, he remained lean and carried a refined temperament. It was obvious that he had been a handsome man when he was young.

Actually, the Xiao Family’s children were all good-looking. Resembling their parents, the men were handsome, and the women were pretty.

Consort Qing didn’t hide what happened and she briefly explained the matter. Consort Qing had never mentioned these things to her family before because she never had a chance to. Qing Wang and his wife had always lived on his fief. This time, they finally had a chance to return to the capital. Given Consort Qing’s temper, she was reluctant to speak up and worry her parents.

After listening to everything, it wasn’t Master Xiao who threw a temper first, but Madam Xiao. She was also in her fifties, but she still looked very young, as if she was still in her early thirties. Petite and exquisite, with a sweet temperament, this kind of appearance was the best at hiding one’s age. If one didn’t know Madam Xiao’s age, it was unlikely one would be able to guess it.

“Daughter, don’t be angry, mother will help you clean him up. Tie Dan¹, bring my spear, and I’ll go to Qing Wang Manor to teach that boy a lesson.” Although Madam Xiao had married a civil officer, she was born to a family of generals. Ever since she was young, she had a violent temper, and this hasn’t changed now that she was older.

The person addressed as Tie Dan was already a father in his thirties. His real name was Xiao Qian and he was the eldest young master of the Xiao Family. Handsome and refined, he resembled Master Xiao’s appearance and temperament. He looked at Madam Xiao with a look of embarrassment and said, “Mother, how many times have I told you? Don’t call me Tie Dan.”

“What’s wrong with Tie Dan? This is the name your grandfather gave you. Only with this kind of name can you grow up well². Otherwise, do you think you can grow so old without experiencing disease or disaster? You even became a zhuangyuan³, isn’t it because of such a good name? Alright, I won’t go on, Tie Niu, you go and get your mother’s spear.”

Unlike the eldest young master of the Xiao Family, the second young master Xiao Kun was the most enthusiastic about this kind of thing.

“Come back! Your mother told you to go, so you went. You’re already so old, yet you still don’t know how to behave!” Master Xiao got angry, and Xiao Kun could only come back in despair.

Madam Xiao had vented some of her anger already. Looking around, she said, “Yes, it really isn’t right to go like this. Your father is right. Listen to him.” 

Eldest Young Master Xiao and Eldest Young Mistress Xiao, as well as the second young master and second young madam all nodded their heads like pecking chickens. In the Xiao Family, when Master Xiao wasn’t angry, the whole family listens to Madam Xiao. When Master Xiao was angry, naturally everyone listened to him.

But it was very rare for Master Xiao to be angry so they listened to Madam Xiao most of the time.

The family tree of the Xiao Family was simple. Master Xiao only has Madam Xiao in his life, and Madam Xiao gave birth to three children, namely Xiao Qian, Xiao Kun and Consort Qing. Consort Qing was the youngest in the family and the only daughter, so she has been favoured by her family ever since she was a child. “What are your plans?” It was Master Xiao who understood his daughter and knew best that this wasn’t the time to let emotions take over, but to solve problems with brains.

In the Xiao Family, there were usually only two people who used their brains to solve problems. The two daughters-in-law wouldn’t be mentioned for the moment. The brains of the family were Master Xiao and Eldest Young Master Xiao, while the group in charge of taking action was headed by Madam Xiao and supported by Second Young Master Xiao. As for Consort Qing, she wandered between the two factions.

“This daughter wants to divorce.” As soon as these words came out, everyone in the Xiao Family was shocked speechless.

Consort Qing’s two sisters-in-law wanted to say something, but before they could open their mouths, the rest of the Xiao Family all expressed their opinions.

“Leave him!” This was Madam Xiao.

“Leave him and brother will find someone else for you!” This was from Second Young Master Xiao.

“It’s not impossible.” This was Master Xiao.

“It just depends on how we do it.” This Eldest Young Master Xiao.

The two sisters-in-law did not speak a word.

Consort Qing smiled with tears in her eyes. She lowered her head and wiped the corners of her eyes. “Thank you, mom and dad, big brother and second brother.”

“If you really leave, what will happen to Zhuzhu and Yan Ge’er?” Once Eldest Young Master Xiao said that the atmosphere immediately cooled.

Seeing her daughter’s complicated expression, Master Xiao sighed. “Well, at least you’re staying at home for the time being. The New Year isn’t over yet. We will discuss this matter later.”

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