Legend of Regios - Volume 1 - Chapter 1

Published at 25th of February 2016 09:26:03 AM

Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: 5 Years After

The man was noticeable from a single glance.

The man was wearing a black suit and a black coat. He had kept his scar, which he could have chosen to erase completely with the present day plastic surgery, as though it was a medal of honor.

He was covering the scar with an old-fashioned eye patch in this era where, the more efficient, artificial eyes were being sold at a much cheaper price than the real eyes.

That man stepped into the shop, which was sunk in poor light.

Anyone could tell he was an outsider within a glimpse.

The stares of the customers gathered upon the man. Those were the incisive eyes looking upon a suspicious one, eyes that looked at a rare guest who came to an inappropriate place.

The man was not alone.

A girl was hiding behind the man, within the coat. She was a girl with doll-like, well arranged, features. Her skin was white and her eyes, black.

The two of them gave off a very unbalanced air by being together. It would not have been odd if the man was the only one to show up here. But if such a girl was accompanying him, one would feel like hanging his head to the side, wondering about a fitting place for them.

“If you are here only to drink, then aren’t you bringing a very young one along? Is she merchandise? If so, then you’ve got the wrong place.”

Said one of the customers, and vulgar laughter followed immediately.

The gun in his hand shook by the laughter.

This was a small bar in the underground of the corner of the Hine city. The shop had very little space and had only three tables and a counter. The bartender was well aware of what kind of crowd visited this pace.

He got through just fine until now, all while being fully aware of those things.

The man standing in front of the door would not have been a strange customer, if had he only come thirty minutes earlier.

But now………

“I am sorry, but we are busy now. Try other shops if you are searching for some pedo bastard.”

Said one of the customers who came before. Just until yesterday, he was a man of humor, the opposite of the bartender, Ramis. But today, he was holding the gun towards her.

“You chicken bastard who can’t do anything if the victory is uncertain, what happened to Gedus?”

He spit on him. The customer who came before, the chicken bastard…. Gide received the spit with his cheek and licked it off with his tongue.

The very long tongue rolled round like a snake and carried the spit of Ramis, into to the mouth.

His back trembled with fright. Gide didn’t have that kind of tongue.

Or rather………it didn’t seem like a human’s tongue.


“Gedus you ask? I am the one asking questions here.”

That was not the face of the man who was probing the expression of Gedus until last night.

Gide laughed at the speechless Ramis, while wiping his own saliva off his cheek with his sleeve.

Also, was the color of his pupil and iris always this near greenish? Such a question floated across Ramis’s mind; taken aback, Ramis looked at the male customers who were not able to get themselves out.

Even though the bar was illuminated in such a manner that it would not be possible to recognize someone’s face if they did not come close enough. That was because there are few customers who engage in private talk from time to time, and it was also because Gedus wished for it……

So, why was he able to see their faces with such clarity in that kind of illumination?

“You people…..just what in the world are you people?”

“I got few strong allies on my side”

Gide’s laughter more and more didn’t seem that of human. It was the same with other guys. Ramis’s mental state was gradually wearing down upon the strange fact that only their faces were visible in this poorly lit bar.

“I am sorry, but do you guys have a menu?”

No one thought that such words would be thrown out at that time.

The man and the girl, who should have been standing around the door, were already at the table. The girl was sitting in the chair, while staring at the light of the small lamp, and the man was standing near.

“I am tired from the long journey. I want to eat something delicious, and also drink some fine alcohol, since it has been a while.”

He placed his arm on the counter and started talking to Ramis.

Gide grabbed the collar of that man.

“You little, weren’t you listening?”

“Even if you tell me get out despite not being the shopkeeper….”

Instantly the guns were point at the man. Gide’s gun thrust at the chin of the man.

“Well then, how about I treat you to some delicious food, like rice made out of lead balls?”

“Do you think you are saying cool?”

The man with the eye-patch shook his shoulders along with a sigh, and moved.

Within an instant, the arm of Gide, which was grabbing his collar, was separated. How? There is no answer to be found. In the moment, bright red blood gushed out from Gide’s nose. The gun, he was carrying, fell to the ground, and then it was picked up.

The man lifted Gide’s chubby body by the collar from the back, and swung his body around in circle, in midair, facing the flock of guns.

“You bastarddd!”


Someone from within the flock shouted. But, he didn’t pull the trigger. If he dared, the bullets will hit Gide.

“Didn’t I say we were about to eat? I don’t want to smell the smell of you lot’s dirty blood. Understand?”

The man spoke, with the voice of someone composed. Gide’s companions flinched on the attitude of the man, which was as though didn’t see the guns.


Gide raised a crushing scream. Within an instant the arm, which griping onto his collar, clutched Gide’s neck, directly. The fingers easily snuck into the Gide’s flesh, and blood trailed down, silently, from the man’s fingertips.

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