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Chapter 1: 1 Chapter 1 Give up Completely_1

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1 Chapter 1 Give up Completely_1

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“Coming here, don’t ask any questions, just feed the immortals’ spiritual food properly, and you will enjoy the benefits! You might even end up like me in the future, serving as an outer deacon.”

“Yes… yes, I understand.”

“Mmm, take this package. It can help you feed these beasts. I’ll come to check in half a month. If they aren’t well-fed, don’t blame me for holding you accountable.”

“I understand. Thank you, Deacon Li, for your kindness. This is a token of my appreciation…”

“Mmm, you are quite sensible. All right, I’m leaving now…”

“Take care, Deacon Li.”

As he respectfully watched Deacon Li, a man with a fat face and big ears, disappear amid the valleys, the smile on Wang Ba’s face gradually faded.

What replaced it was a touch of disappointment and bitterness.

“So it has finally come to this!”

“But who could blame my poor qualifications and ill luck!”

“I’m such a disgrace to transmigrators.”

Wang Ba’s eyes were filled with reluctance and helplessness.

Upon arriving at this world, he thought he had a chance to seek immortality and longevity.

Unfortunately, he managed to find the nearest immortal sect with utmost effort, only to be told that his qualifications were inadequate, and they were even unwilling to take him as an outsider.

He was not reconciled, tried everything, and spent a full eight years, but achieved nothing.

Having almost exhausted his wealth, he had no way to turn back.

Out of desperation, he finally let go of his unrealistic fantasies. He used his remaining assets to ask someone to find the connection with Deacon Li from the outer sect of the immortal ‘East Saint Sect’.

Deacon Li took the money, and was quite conscientious, placing him here.

A villa for raising spiritual food for the immortals.

But in Wang Ba’s view, it seemed more appropriate to call it a ‘chicken farm’.

Because all he saw were free-range roosters and hens everywhere in the villa.

All of them were tall and robust, and lively.

A brief glance revealed a fair amount of spirituality, which was very different from the chickens bred in the mortal world.

These chickens wandered leisurely in the villa, someone would provide them with excellent feed and spirit insects.

Their ultimate fate was to be sent to the immortals’ kitchen on a certain day after they had grown fat and strong, to be made into spiritual food rich in spiritual power.

Deacon Li had told him all this before he came.

Besides him, there was only an old man in the entire villa.

The old man seemed to be in his seventies or eighties, his face covered in age spots. On seeing Wang Ba’s arrival, he took a stool, sat under the eaves, and sunbathed without paying much attention to him.

“Hello, sir. I’m Wang Ba. I’ll be working with you from now on. I hope you can guide me.”

Wang Ba greeted him with a habitual smile.

The old man glanced at him, his eyes carrying an inexplicable meaning. After a while, he slowly said,

“My last name is Sun.”

“If Li sent you here, it seems you didn’t give him enough benefits.”

Upon hearing this, Wang Ba was taken aback and then squeezed out a smile,

“Ha ha, Old Sun is kidding. I don’t have anything suitable to give…”


The old man just scoffed, turned his head, and didn’t say anything else.

Seeing that the other party seemed to have no intention of speaking further, Wang Ba felt somewhat awkward. He bid him farewell and went to his own room.

The room was extremely narrow, with only a three-foot-wide narrow bed and an old wardrobe.

As soon as he opened the door, moldy smells and cobwebs filled his eyes.

It seemed that no one had lived here for a long time.

However, Wang Ba did not care about this at all.

After a simple cleanup, he couldn’t wait to open the package that Deacon Li left for him.

A piece of yellow paper, a Daoist robe, and a handwritten book.

Wang Ba picked up the yellow paper and roughly scanned it. It listed some notes on chicken breeding.

He casually stuffed it into his bosom.

Then he bypassed the standard dark blue Daoist robe of the East Saint Sect and went straight to pick up the book at the bottom.

The first thing that stood out were the three plain words.

“Body Strengthening Scripture.”

“Yes! This is it!”

Wang Ba’s eyes lit up.

This was his last hope.

When the immortals accepted disciples, what they valued most were their spiritual root qualifications.

If the qualifications are high, needless to say.

But most people don’t even have a spiritual root.

Like Wang Ba.

Fortunately, when one door closes, another opens.

This is also true on the road to immortality.

Not long ago, he was lucky to learn that cultivating the East Saint Sect’s exclusive “Body Strengthening Scripture” might hold a minuscule chance of nurturing a Spiritual Root.

Although the nurtured Spiritual Root often has extremely low qualifications and is even looked down upon by rogue cultivators.

But for Wang Ba, this is ultimately a hope.

The “Body Strengthening Scripture”, a Cultivation Method like this, only allows cultivation when one becomes a member of the Sect.

This is also why Wang Ba was desperate to join the Sect, even if it meant raising chickens for them.

Now that he had the manual, Wang Ba started flipping through it eagerly.

“This ‘Body Strengthening Scripture’ has as many as thirteen stages…”

“For each stage cultivated, a whopping tens to hundreds of pounds of strength can be increased…”

“Just by cultivating to Stage X, there’s a chance of nurturing a Spiritual Root?”

“If one cultivates to Stage XIII, one can even achieve a middle-grade Spiritual Root!”

“Great! What a good Cultivation Method!”

Wang Ba became pleasantly surprised as he read.

He hadn’t expected the Body Strengthening Scripture to have such a miraculous effect.

Although there were many stages, the chance of nurturing a Spiritual Root came at Stage X.

If he cultivated to the peak, he could even have a middle-grade Spiritual Root!

And for the East Saint Sect, a lower-grade Spiritual Root is enough for an outer disciple.

That means, he only needs to cultivate to around stage XI or XII to officially become an outer disciple of the East Saint Sect!

From then on, the path to immortality would be in sight!

“Phew—Calm down! Calm down!”

“Don’t lose control out of arrogance.”

“With such miraculous results of this Cultivation Method, the requirements must not be low.”

“First, let’s read more.”

Wang Ba took a deep breath.

He tried to calm his excited mood.

He then carefully continued reading.

“Eh, there are no specific requirements for this Cultivation Method, it just takes some time?”

Wang Ba was incredibly surprised.

He hastily read on.

“The first stage will take a year to cultivate, so that means I’d have to be in my forties or fifties to nurture a Spiritual Root, but that’s not unacceptable…”

“Hmm? The second stage takes two years, and the third stage will take four years…”

As he read, Wang Ba’s face gradually changed!

Geometric progression!

Without even thinking, the time needed to reach the tenth stage immediately came to his mind.

512 years!

He couldn’t believe it and quickly turned to the next page.

His heart sank as he saw the numeral written in the book, he stood there motionless as if struck by lightning!

His guess was right!

The tenth stage really required 512 years!

The thirteenth stage even required a staggering 4,096 years!

Such a length of time far exceeded even the lifespan of immortals!

Though the book also stated that those with high qualifications could take much less time to cultivate.

However, looking at these words, Wang Ba could only smile bitterly.

To cultivate the first stage to the tenth stage, 1023 years were needed.

What kind of qualification could reduce the gap of a millennium?

He did not believe he could accomplish it!

Even if he could cultivate a Spiritual Root within a few decades, what’s the point?

The lifespan of a mortal is only a hundred years!

What could he use to refine Qi and establish a foundation?

At this moment, he swelled with a sense of utter hopelessness.

Nevertheless, he finally gave up completely.

He stood there, stunned, for quite a while.

After a long time, he took a deep breath and sighed.

Like he wanted to spit out all his ambitions and unwillingness.

The hard-won “Body Strengthening Scripture” was casually tossed under his bed by him.

And what he had in his hands now was the yellow paper containing points on how to raise chickens…

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