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Chapter 10: 10 Chapter 10 'Yin's Great Dream Sutra' Level 1!_1

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10 Chapter 10 ‘Yin’s Great Dream Sutra’ Level 1!_1

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Feeling the surging power within his body and the gradually solidifying muscles.

Wang Ba had the intention to advance “Body Strengthening Scripture” to Stage IV.

But he still resisted.

“What if, after the breakthrough, Deacon Li notices it?”

“How would I explain it?”

“Breaking through the first three stages, it’s vaguely plausible given talent, but having practiced even the fourth stage, that’s a bit too much…”

After all, the total time to get past the first three stages doesn’t even match the time consumed for the fourth stage.

“No! I have to be more cautious!”

“I’m only thirty now, not old yet, there’s plenty of time left, I can’t rush.”

Thinking left, thinking right, thinking yet again.

In the end, Wang Ba still gave up the temptation to swiftly practice “Body Strengthening Scripture” to Stage IV.

However, having so much lifespan just sitting there made him feel a bit unwilling.

If resources couldn’t be transformed into personal power, then it’s a waste.

It completely didn’t justify the risk he took in selling a Spirit Chicken.

“Right! Old Sun’s gold paper does record a cultivation method.”

Wang Ba suddenly thought of “Book of Yin God’s Grand Dream”.

This cultivation method consumes a lot of time.

But the effectiveness is vaguely defined, only stating that it can confuse people’s minds, the specific effects can only be known by the practitioner.

Previously, Wang Ba didn’t want to waste his lifespan on this.

But now, as the “Body Strengthening Scripture” can’t be lightly activated, apart from the “Book of Yin God’s Grand Dream”, he had no other choice.

“The more skills, the more routes.”

Wang Ba comforted himself.

The only problem is that this method is not currently on the panel.

Obviously, he has not yet started.

But this is easy to handle, after fermenting the chicken feed, feeding, and cleaning, he will have plenty of time to ponder.

“Right, Shopkeeper Lu just gave me a bag.”

Wang Ba suddenly remembered this, quickly took out the bag and gently poured it on the table.


A light blue irregular stone as small as a little finger and a pile of radiant red rice fell on the table!

“Is it a Spirit Stone…is this Spirit Rice?!”

Wang Ba couldn’t help holding his breath, held the Spirit Stone in his palm, and examined it closely under the dim candlelight.

The uneven Spirit Stone flickered with a dreamy glow under the flickering candle light.

Its quality was no less inferior to the top diamonds of previous times.

This was the first time he held it in his hands.

Before, he had only seen it from a distance, to say he didn’t envy it, would be impossible.

Now, he even had the opportunity to play with this kind of immortal treasure.

This feeling was like he, a child in a previous life, finally had a long-desired razor.

That was not just a razor.

And this, it was more than just a Spirit Stone.

Taking a deep breath, he calmed the waves in his heart.

Wang Ba, having regained his calm, carefully grapped a handful of Spirit Rice.

He had seen it many times in the grocery store.

But he never dared to buy it.

He didn’t have the money to buy it.

Unlike regular rice, which is two taels of silver per kilogram.

This Spirit Rice was priced starting with Spirit Stones.

The cheapest was one kilogram of Spirit Rice for two-points of Spirit Stone.

It looked no different from the rice in front of him.

He carefully packed up the Spirit Rice on the table, weighing it and it seemed to be about one kilogram.

“This Shopkeeper Lu really knows how to do business!”

Wang Ba secretly sighed.

Three Spirit Stones were traded for 22 Spirit Chickens, and he even threw in a kilogram of Spirit Rice.

Although it was the cheapest, if a normal person wanted to sell it, they would definitely go to Lu’s Grain Shop.

With a shake of his head, he caught a male Spirit Chicken and drained the remaining lifespan from it, gaining 0.4 years of life. Then, without warning, he promptly slit its throat, draining its blood…

Afterward, he boiled water to pluck feathers, setting aflame the feathers he’d plucked, washing the chicken clean before placing it in a clay pot, filling it with water, bringing it to a boil over a high flame, and then simmering it over a low flame.

He started up another pot, taking a tael of Spirit Rice and ordinary rice to make porridge.

If it were only Spirit Rice, he would be reluctant to use it.

As for the Spirit Chickens.

Keeping them would cause more harm than good.

After all, Deacon Li visits once a month. If he were to hide a few chickens, it wouldn’t be obvious. But with so many Spirit Chickens, he would definitely be discovered.

So, when he was bartering with Shopkeeper Lu, he had already decided how to dispose of them.

He would eat them himself.

It was just twenty-two chickens, after all.

A mortal woman going through the postpartum period could consume thirty in a month, he could certainly manage this feat.

Though it was indeed quite wasteful.

If he really couldn’t finish them all, he would find a way to sell them in a distant market.

After all, he certainly couldn’t keep the chickens in the estate.

After simmering over a low flame for a few Shichen, by the time he lifted the lid, a rich aroma hit his nose.

It needed no other seasoning. All he had to do was sprinkle a little salt, and the sweet fragrance of the chicken filled his mouth and nose.

Especially the underlying Spiritual Energy, drawing in just one breath almost made Wang Ba ascend on the spot.

It was fortunate that the estate was isolated, with vast, deserted land all around. Otherwise, it would have drawn attention from many.

Wang Ba didn’t hold back at all either.

He served himself a bowl of bright red Spirit Rice, poured a bowl of chicken soup with chicken meat, and chicken blood tofu.

The chicken was soft and tender in texture, while the blood tofu was smooth on the palate.

Most importantly, even though he had no Spiritual Root and was unable to absorb the Spiritual Energy, the rich Spiritual Energy within the Spirit Chicken was still surging within his body!

Faintly, he felt as if his Body Strengthening Scripture had also advanced somewhat.

Even though the advancement was minuscule.

Nevertheless, it was a pleasant surprise for Wang Ba.

“No wonder immortals take this as spirit food, it truly is extraordinary!”

After just eating a chicken leg, Wang Ba already felt very full.

He only managed to eat half a bowl of spirit rice, and no matter what, he couldn’t eat any more.

Despite the fact that the moment the Spirit Rice entered his mouth, it gave off a delightful fragrance that greatly whetted his appetite.

But the Spiritual Energy was too abundant, and as a mortal, Wang Ba indeed couldn’t handle it.

“This is problematic, with twenty-two chickens, I definitely won’t finish them all in a month.”

“Moreover, there isn’t even a full month left until Deacon Li’s next visit.”

With his belly full of food, Wang Ba fell into worry.

In fact, let alone twenty-two Spirit Chickens in a month, even if he could finish five in a month, it would already be an impressive feat.

Just like right now, after finishing his meal, he felt extremely energetic and believed that even if he went without food and drink for three days, he wouldn’t feel hungry.

In fact, he was so alert that even when the moon reached its peak in the sky, its moonlight spilling over his bedside, he didn’t feel the slightest bit drowsy.

As he was unable to sleep from tossing and turning, he simply got up and lit a lamp to read the “Book of Yin God’s Grand Dream”.

Even though he had read it before and could hardly remember much, there were still some impressions left in his mind. So, even when the characters were too small to read clearly, he could quickly remember them.

He read through each line and paragraph from the beginning to the end repeatedly, understanding each word.

He didn’t know if it was because he had eaten the Spirit Chicken, but that night Wang Ba felt incredibly alert and felt as if he possessed the ability of an eidetic memory.

It wasn’t just that he could quickly understand the meaning of the things he read, but when he thought back, he could remember everything at once.

So, he immersed himself in reading, not realising the passing of time until the crow of a rooster.

Only then he realised he’d been engrossed in the profound content of the gold paper.

Looking out of the window, the sky was already turning light.

“A whole night has passed.”

The cool wind of early morning that carried a hint of aroma curled into his narrow room.

Wang Ba rose from the table, stretching, and feeling surprisingly fresh. He didn’t know if it was due to the Spirit Chicken, but having sat there the entire night, he didn’t feel the slightest bit of soreness in his waist.

Even more surprisingly, he felt nothing but alert and invigorated.

Most importantly, after a whole night of hard work, he had made some progress.

[Consumable Item: First Layer of the “Book of Yin God’s Grand Dream,” accounting for comprehensive qualifications and physique, requires 113.7 years.]

[The current lifespan of the body: 125.3 years].

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