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Chapter 103: Chapter 103: Chapter 1011

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Chapter 103: Chapter 1011

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Wang Ba wasn’t in a rush to go to the Lingshui Courtyard.

The reason was that the eggs laid by Jia 7 started to hatch and he was keen to check if there were any new ‘Phantom Chickens’ among these newly born chicks.

By Phantom Chickens, he meant poultry with astonishing speed and lethal mouth and claws, a term he used to refer to the mutant breed of Jia 7.

Honestly, he initially thought the birth of Jia 7 was a random occurrence, and its abilities could not be passed on.

Surprisingly, Jia 9, another mutant Spirit Chicken, hatched a male Spirit Chicken of breathtaking beauty.

Instantly, Wang Ba grasped that the capacity of being a mutant could also be inherited.

The chance of this happening, however, was extremely low.

Despite the near-constant mating of Jia 9, and even with some female Spirit Chickens incubating Jia 9’s eggs, only one chicken was hatched in this way.

Whom Wang Ba named ‘Jia 10’.

Being a rooster, Jia 10’s beauty was clearly a notch above its mother’s.

Wang Ba also coined a name for this variant: Phoenix-feathered Chicken.

Unlike Jia 9, Jia 10 was exceedingly haughty, holding all the Spirit Chickens in the chicken farm in utter disdain.

This trait was very much reminiscent of Jia 5.

Both were extremely conceited, preferring to pine away in solitude rather than favor any hens.

Jia 10 was even more excessive than Jia 5, as the latter did finally favor some hens eventually.

Jia 7 was in fact bred by Jia 5.

After Jia 10 had grown for half a year and done nothing but eat and wander, Wang Ba got so mad that he let Jia 7 teach Jia 10 a lesson.

Unexpectedly, it seemed to open a new world for Jia 10.

The more he got beaten, the happier and more energetic he became.

Ever since, he orbited around Jia 7 every day.

Sometimes when Wang Ba took Jia 7 to the Mulou House to do Cultivation, Jia

10 would station himself at the entrance of the chicken farm and watch dumbfoundedly.

Even Jia 7 couldn’t resist the resilience and good looks of the Phoenix-feathered Chicken and fell for him not long after.

Thus, the birth of Jia 11 was simply a matter of time.

Upon birth, Jia 11 was an upper grade Spirit Chicken, evidently exhibiting a greater battle power than Jia 7.

Unfortunately, even after the input of Lifespan, Jia 11 remained an upper grade Spirit Chicken.

Indeed, as the process moved on, it got harder and harder to make significant progress.

What left Wang Ba speechless was,

after around half a year, the grown-up Jia 11 easily defeated Jia 10 with his martial prowess. Afterwards, he forcibly favored Jia 7 several times.

Wang Ba could not bear to witness this.

However, perhaps because they were both Phantom Chickens, the probability of giving birth to more Phantom Chickens seemed to have increased.

In the following six months, Jia 7 gave birth to two more Phantom Chickens.

One of them was Jia 12, who was assigned to the gate-keeping duty by Wang Ba because of its unsociability.

The other one…

Wang Ba cast a glance at Jia 13 in his Storage Bag that had a collar on its neck.

This fellow was not only unsociable but exceedingly aggressive, with an extremely potent attack power.

Immediately after its birth, it pecked its fellow chicks to death, compelling Wang Ba to isolate it.

Perhaps due to Wang Ba gifting it some Lifespan, it was slightly friendlier to Wang Ba, but only to a limited extent.

Wang Ba had no choice but to travel to the market to purchase a ‘Spirit Beast Collar’ that was designed to prevent Spirit Beasts from revolting.

“Was there a breeding issue due to the close blood relation?”

Both Phantom Chickens exhibited extreme personality issues, leaving Wang Ba no choice but to attribute it to this.

Normally, mating the offspring with their mother is a standard practice in breeding, but Phantom Chickens are mutant breeds and perhaps the common logic does not apply to them.

Another reason leading Wang Ba to this suspicion was,

that the growth of Jia 13 took Wang Ba by surprise.

Both in terms of its physical size and its fluctuation of Spiritual Power far exceeded any of the Spirit Chickens or Spirit Turtles in the chicken farm.

Even in front of Jia 12, it clearly stood a head taller.

Wang Ba could only think of one possibility under such circumstances.

After testing it with a Spirit Light Talisman, the blue light confirmed this.

“Jia 13 is a top-grade Phantom Chicken, rivaling Stage X Qi refining!”

This is his real trump card now.

With Jia 13, even if he can’t win a fight at Foundation Establishment, he at least has the power to fight.

Of course, the fighting style of Phantom Chickens is quite rudimentary. Besides incredible speed and power, their weak defense makes them highly intolerant to mistakes. They are only suitable for surprise attacks.

Unlike the upper grade mutant Spirit Turtle—Fantong—that possesses the ability to manipulate the Water Style Spiritual Energy.

Fantong’s ability to freely transform water into ice, Wang Ba, who primarily cultivates the Water Style, envied deeply.

After all, in order to ascend to a higher stage faster, Wang Ba had given up on cultivating fighting spells, and his cultivation on Water Style Spells was far less proficient than Fantong’s.

The birth of Fantong was also an accident.

Since the Blue Fire Fruits planted by Bu Chan and others had successfully grown two years ago, which solved the issue of feeding the Spirit Turtles,

Wang Ba started to rush the Spirit Turtles to maturity.

In order to ensure a suitable temperature to not affect the mating of the Spirit Turtles, he even purchased a Constant Temperature Array to surround the pond.

The effort was not in vain; in just two years, the number of Spirit Turtles jumped from just over a hundred to nearly a thousand.

However, perhaps due to frequent breeding between close relatives, unlike Spirit Chickens, these offspring Spirit Turtles displayed various degrees of defects on their bodies.

Such as missing eyes, albinism, or even two-headedness and so on…

When Wang Ba first dug Fantong out from the sand, he thought it was an albino Spirit Turtle.

Unexpectedly, it immediately spat a water jet at him.

Though the attack was incredibly weak, Wang Ba was instantly aware of Fantong’s extraordinary nature.

So he began to take care of it meticulously.

Moreover, Fantong demonstrated a unique potential that set it apart from other Spirit Turtles.

It was originally a middle-grade Spirit Turtle, but after Wang Ba infused it with Lifespan, it successfully evolved into an upper grade.

As a result, Wang Ba’s chicken farm now accommodates Jia 11, Jia 12, and Fantong, these three upper-grade Spirit Beasts capable of combat, as well as Jia 13, a top-grade Spirit Chicken.

While this might not be first-rate among rogue Cultivators outside the sect, with these current circumstances, he finally had some support at hand.


Wang Ba emerged slightly disappointed from behind the small wooden house.

From the batch of eggs laid by Jia 7, no Phantom Chickens were hatched.

But he was used to it.

After exchanging a few words with Bu Chan, he left the chicken farm and headed straight for Mulou House.

“Oh! Friend Wang, off to have fun at Mulou House again?”

“Hehe, just idle. I’m going to practice for a bit.”

As he passed through the market on his way, Wang Ba encountered some familiar Cultivators and casually chatted with them.

Upon hearing this, they put on suggestive smiles.

With the release of many side tasks under the Heavenly Gate Order, even though the rewards for the Heresy Cultivators’ tasks are minimal, it had undeniably broadened the income sources for these Cultivators.

Resulting in previously rare places like Mulou House gradually becoming places rented out by penniless female Cultivators to ‘entertain’ other male practitioners in exchange for resources for Cultivation.

Even more so after a Foundation Establishment master from Tianmen Cult opened up new accommodation in the former location of the West Garden market and induced a Class II lower-grade Spiritual Lineage.

Places like Lingshui Courtyard, which were once unattainable residences, have lost their previous shine.

Nowadays in this area, apart from Lingshui Courtyard which still fares well, the rest of the places, without saying much, are rarely visited by Cultivators focused on their Dao.

More serious Cultivators have moved out one after the other.

Hence, Wang Ba, who enters and exits Mulou House daily, has become a somewhat peculiar character.

Especially as his reputation for good chicken rearing among the Heresy Cultivators gradually increased, acquaintances who often exchanged Spirit Chickens with Wang Ba would tease him about this.

Wang Ba didn’t mind this at all.

He even played along a little himself.

A Cultivator full of weaknesses hardly raises people’s vigilance.

“Oh right, friend Wang, could 1 exchange more Spirit Chickens from you…”

One of the Cultivators that had just been joking with Wang Ba glanced around to make sure there were no Tianmen Cult Cultivators and then whispered.

Without changing his expression, Wang Ba asked: “How many do you need, Yan?”

“Fifty, do you have them? If not, thirty will do.”

The Cultivator with the surname Yan was looking somewhat eager.


Wang Ba frowned slightly.

This number was, of course, not too much for him.

But for a Qi Refining Stage VI Cultivator, it might be a bit much.

At present in the market, a lower grade male Spirit Chicken costs around 5 Spirit Stones.

This price is considerably higher than the stable prices inside the East Saint Sect.

The main reason is that using Spirit Chickens to enhance Mana is extremely inefficient and doesn’t satisfy the rapid Cultivation needs of Tianmen Cult Cultivators, so the Cult doesn’t have the incentive to rear chickens on a large scale.

Apart from Yu Changchun, who thought of obtaining free Spirit Chickens from Wang Ba to solve the resource problem for practicing Blood Bone Dao, the vast majority of Tianmen Cult Cultivators do not waste their Spirit Stones on Spirit Chickens.

Therefore, the source of Spirit Chickens primarily depends on purchasing from the Jiuling Sect and other rogue Cultivators.

And the Cultivators who wish to buy Spirit Chickens are mostly rogue Cultivators with East Saint Sect origins.

They practice Orthodox Cultivation Methods, their progress is slow and they prioritize steady development.

Therefore, Spirit Chickens, possessing the ability to gradually strengthen their foundations, are naturally their first choice.

However, as more and more rogue Cultivators switch to the Demon Dao practice of Tianmen Cult, the actual number of people coming to trade Spirit Chickens with Wang Ba is decreasing.

So when an order for fifty Spirit Chickens came in, Wang Ba obviously wouldn’t miss it.

“Naturally, I have them, but are you planning to exchange with Spirit Stones,


After considering for a moment, Wang Ba started speaking.

“Where would 1 get so many Spirit Stones, half with Spirit Stones at most, the other half with the upper-grade Talismans 1 made.”

The eyes of the Cultivator with the surname Yan were full of reluctance.

“That’s excellent! Friend Yan’s Talisman crafting skills are unparalleled. I’m afraid you’ll be promoted to a top-grade Talisman Maker soon. At that time, you might even be favored by the sect.”

Wang Ba didn’t hesitate to compliment.

That being said, this Cultivator named Yan’s craftsmanship in making talismans is indeed remarkable.

Unexpectedly, the Cultivator with the surname Yan shook his head and sighed:

“Sigh, Top-grade Talisman Maker, I have to get through this ordeal first before

1 have any hope.”

Wang Ba laughed indifferently:

“Hehe, what kind of ordeal could delay Yan’s progress? Why not be more optimistic?”

The Cultivator with the surname Yan shook his head again:

“You’re joking, Friend. I’ve asked around other bases, once sect recruitment begins, we rogue Cultivators will be in peril, if not facing certain death. Can you tell me to be relaxed…Friend? Friend?”

At this moment, Wang Ba looked extremely serious:

“Yan, did you just say….the sect recruitment is about to begin?”

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