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Chapter 104: Chapter 104: Chapter 102: Low Roar i

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Chapter 104: Chapter 102: Low Roar i

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The agreed time for the transaction was set.

Watching the Yan cultivator hurry away, Wang Ba’s mood also plummeted.

Although the Yan cultivator had only spoken of rumors.

But now that the rumors were circulating, and the other party has been so serious, Wang Ba felt that the sect’s recruitment was probably 80 or 90% possible.

“It seems that it’s time to find Yu Changchun…”

Wang Ba murmured in his heart.

As the number of Spirit Chickens he provided became more and more stable, Yu Changchun’s cultivation was also gradually reaching a crucial moment.

The last time he saw Yu Changchun, only his eyeballs remained visible on his face.

The rest of his flesh had all been refined into his bones.

The sight of him was bone-chilling.

For this reason, Yu Changchun had specially cultivated a spell to hide his appearance.

At a glance, one could only see a blur.

Wang Ba originally did not want to disturb him, but hearing suddenly about the recruitment mission, a matter of life and death, he had no choice but to both him.

After swiftly pondering in his heart, he quickly came to Deacon Hao’s house who was in charge of renting the Lingshui Couryard.

“Wang, today is not the day to pay the rent, what brings you here?”

Deacon Hao asked curiously.

Shidong House, Mulou House, and Lingshui Courtyard all fell under the management of Deacon Hao, and since Wang Ba routinely paid his rent and was quite generous, he had gradually become acquainted with this deacon.

Wang Ba smiled and replied: “Today I want to pay you a little more rent.”

Saying this, he joyfully handed over several spirit stones.

Deacon Hao lightly weighed the spirit stones in his hand and laughed: “It seems our friend Wang has finally decided to move.”

Wang Ba laughed and promptly handed over one hundred and twenty spirit stones.

Due to the pressure on the market from the newly constructed residence in the West Garden market, the price of the Lingshui Courtyard had lowered a bit.

Having received the spirit stones, Deacon Hao quickly brought Wang Ba to a courtyard that seemed somewhat familiar.

“What a coincidence, this courtyard just had its previous tenants leave a few days ago. The previous occupant was a cultivator in the Fairy Dao. He had set up quite a few formations conducive to cultivation here. You only need to fill in some spirit stones and you’ll be able to use them. It’s a bargain for you.”

Deacon Hao said, smiling.

Wang Ba repeatedly thanked him, deep in thought.

It seemed that Lin Yu had been taken in as a disciple by a cultivator of the Fairy Dao.

It sounded fitting.

That being said, he hadn’t seen Lin Yu for a while and he didn’t know the state of her cultivation now and whether she had officially become a cultivator within the sect.

Of course, Wang Ba himself felt that Lin Yu’s rate of cultivation should be far slower than his own.

After all, any bottleneck he encountered in his cultivation was directly overcome with his lifespan.

The rest of the time, all he needed to do was wholeheartedly refine his mana.

There was no need to train his mana control and no need to tirelessly compress his mana, which was both time-consuming and laborious.

With the spiritual energy in the Mulou House, coupled with the unlimited supply of Spirit Chickens and Spirit Turtles every day, Wang Ba’s increase of mana could be described as rapid.

Otherwise, there was no way he could have progressed from Stage III of Qi Refining to Stage VIII in only three years.

However, his progress recently had to slow down somewhat.

After reaching Stage VIII of Qi Refining, the amount of spiritual energy that needed to be refined increased drastically.

And the spiritual energy in the Mulou House could no longer keep up with his demand. This was because the lower grade Spirit Chickens and Spirit Turtles were gradually becoming ineffective for him.

Switching to middle-grade Spirit Chickens and Spirit Turtles would still work.

Sadly, he had consumed quite a few middle-grade Spirit Chickens and Spirit Turtles in these three years, with only a portion left for breeding.

Another noteworthy point is that, aside from refining mana every day, he also persistently focused on the Yin God.

Due to the tremendous benefit that the Spirit Turtles brought upon the Power of the Yin God, a droplet of Yin God’s Power was quickly filling up the Yin’s Government in his body.

However, now that he was a cultivator, there was no need to disguise himself, so there was currently no use for the Power of the Yin God.

Wang Ba didn’t feel regretful; he could vaguely sense that there might be deeper secrets within the “Yin’s Great Dream Sutra”.

It was just that he was not yet capable of uncovering them at this moment.

After calming his emotions, once Deacon Hao left.

Wang Ba took a stroll around the courtyard.

Although it was a single courtyard, the space was not very large, only consisting of three rooms.

As Deacon Hao mentioned, two of the rooms were specifically arranged with formations.

Wang Ba didn’t know much about formations, but he could vaguely perceive that they were Spirit Gathering Array, Calm Heart Array, and so on.

All these were meant to aid in cultivation.

Of course, the use of these formations required Spirit Stones to drive them.

Wang Ba didn’t activate them immediately, instead, he applied on himself the upper-grade Armor Talisman and an upper-grade Soul Controlling Talisman that he had previously exchanged with the cultivator named Yan.

The former could prevent his body from being breached.

The latter could withstand a small amount of soul attacks.

Despite this, Wang Ba was still uneasy, so he brought out Jia 13.


Jia 13 glared fiercely at Wang Ba, before quickly calming its gaze under the effects of the spirit beast collar, eventually settling down.

Looking at this, Wang Ba shook his head slightly.

Jia 13 might be comparable to a Stage X Qi refiner, but in terms of intellect and character, it was even inferior to the first generation of Spirit Chickens.

This was indeed a significant flaw.

Luckily, Wang Ba had positioned it as a surprise attack spirit beast, and all it needed to do was to seize an opportunity for a one-strike kill; intelligence really didn’t matter much in his case.

With the protection of the two top-grade talismans and Jia 13, Wang Ba activated the formations.

What surprised Wang Ba was that all the formations inside were either upper-grade or top-grade.

“It seems like Lin Yu’s Master is not ordinary at all…”

With this fleeting thought, Wang Ba adjusted his physical and mental state and began his cultivation.

Soon, he couldn’t help but open his eyes, filled with surprise.

“The concentration of spiritual energy is so intense!”

“It’s seven to eight times higher than at the Mulou House!”

“Cultivating here, if I can have middle-grade Spirit Chickens, Spirit Turtles as aids every day, probably in one year at most, 1 can reach the peak of Stage VIII.”

This speed was already quite fast.

But Wang Ba was still somewhat unsatisfied.

If things remained peaceful over the next three years, it would be fine, but the words of the cultivator named Yan caused him some anxiety.

After refining the spiritual energy for a while, Wang Ba quickly left Lingshui Courtyard, used a teleportation talisman, and hurried to the core area of the former East Saint Sect.

Looking at the occasional cultivators flying swiftly by, enveloped in dense black light, Wang Ba couldn’t help but consider something silently.

“When 1 get a chance, 1 should also get myself a magic tool. If anything happens, it’s faster to fly in the sky than running on the ground.”

In the past three years, he had focused entirely on cultivation, putting effort only into Spirit Chickens and Spirit Turtles while ignoring everything else.

As a result, many Qi refiners at Stage VI had started preparing magic tools for themselves, while Wang Ba had already reached Stage VIII of Qi refining but still did not have a magic tool of his own.

Thinking of this, he subconsciously touched the invisible bead between his ribs.

With his current mana, he still couldn’t activate this bead. Wang Ba was very confused as to why Zhao Feng put this bead on him.

While he was thinking.

He saw the giant gate ahead.

The mountains, palaces, and clouds behind the gate were exactly as they used to be.

This once-East Saint Sect’s gate was now one of the many settlements of the Tianmen Cult.

What caught Wang Ba off guard was that deep in the clouds, he saw a purple spirit beast giving off muted roars of desperation..

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