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Chapter 105: Chapter 105: Chapter 103 Blood Pill i

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Chapter 105: Chapter 103 Blood Pill i

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It was a purple spirit beast, none other than Fanming.

Looking closely, one could faintly see that it was bounded by somber ropes hidden in the clouds, immobilizing it completely.

It could only struggle weakly, roaring its low cries.

Wang Ba didn’t know much about this Fanming, but even at this great distance, the sight of its purple figure gave him a suffocating feeling.

Such a powerful creature, whose single feather could once kill a master cultivator at foundation establishment stage, was now struggling under Tianmen Cult’s domination.

It was not hard to imagine that if Tianmen Cult hadn’t intended to subdue it, this Fanming might have been already refined by the unrivaled Hierarch of Tianmen Cult.

Wang Ba shook his head regretfully and enviously.

He then turned his head away, unwilling to look anymore.

As a professional chicken breeder, seeing such a divine chicken stirred his instincts.

He even had a foolish idea of breeding it if possible.

Unfortunately, such a divine tool would require an immense effort even for the Immortal Master of Nascent Soul, Tianmen’s Hierarch, to subdue. He was just a low-level Qi refining cultivator, utterly unqualified. How could he?

Out of sight, out of mind.

Standing in front of the mountain gate, he activated the Sound Transmission Talisman.

Soon, the talisman transformed into a streak of light and darted into the mountain gate.

Wang Ba stood in front of the mountain gate, patiently waiting.

There was no sign of Yu Changchun, who might be cultivating or busy with some affairs.

Just when he was about to leave, he unexpectedly saw a vaguely familiar figure in the crowd, leisurely flying towards him on a magic tool.

“Hmm? Lin Yu?

After more than two years apart, Lin Yu, once soft and charming, now exuded a gusty aura.

Surrounded by a group of female cultivators with varying temperaments, she seemed animated and spirited, occasionally letting out bell-like laughter while in conversation.

Cultivators have sharp senses. Lin Yu also noticed Wang Ba at the moment he noticed her.

Her sharp, sword-like gaze swept over him, causing a faint prickling sensation on his body!

Wang Ba was taken aback.

At the sight of Wang Ba, a former acquaintance, Lin Yu paused her conversation momentarily.

Wang Ba quickly concealed his surprise and greeted her with a smile, upon noticing that Lin Yu had noticed him.

Seeing the crowd around them, he then initiated a greeting, “Lin Yu…”

But Lin Yu merely responded with a courteous smile, “Hello.”

Then with her attention back on with her friends, they all began to speed up on their magic tools, passing by Wang Ba in a rush.

“…Eldest Sister, who is that heresy cultivator? He didn’t show any respect…”

“He’s just an old acquaintance…”

“…Better not to associate with him…”

Listening to the voices carried by the wind, Wang Ba was at a loss for words.

After more than two years apart, they didn’t have any common topics anymore.

Their unfamiliarity was expected.

With a sigh, Wang Ba didn’t feel much, after all, Lin Yu was nothing more than a slightly acquainted old friend to him.

What surprised him was Lin Yu’s rapid cultivation progress.

That barely perceivable prickling sensation made him realize that Lin Yu’s cultivation base might be far higher than his, which was incredible.

The reason he was able to quickly cultivate to Stage VIII was due to him using lifespan breakthrough to bypass the bottleneck, and a constant supply of resources from the spirit chicken.

Although Lin Yu had the support of Tianmen Cult, her cultivation sped from Stage V to Stage VIII in such a short time, which was somewhat exaggerated even if she was cultivating with a demonic cultivation method known for its speed.

Unless she was following the Blood Bone Dao like Yu Changchun, which clearly wasn’t the case judging by her delicate and lovely complexion.

“Perhaps Lin Yu has some exceptional talent; that’s why her master values her so much,” thought Wang Ba.

Wang Ba didn’t dwell on these thoughts. He collected himself and hurried to South Lake using a teleportation talisman.

However, he hadn’t gone far when a transmission talisman was fired towards him, landing in his hand.

Upon hearing the message in the talisman, Wang Ba suddenly halted.

“Yu Changchun wants me to wait for him?”

After pondering for a moment, he turned back and headed toward the mountain gate.

It wasn’t long before a familiar figure emerged from the cloud-covered mountain peak on a magic tool.

“Master Yu.”

Wang Ba quickly greeted him with a bow.

“No need for formality, my friend!”

Yu Changchun, his face obscured, raised his hand with a jovial grin.

After the brief exchange of pleasantries, Wang Ba took out a jar of spirit wine from his storage bag and said with a smile:

“This is the spirit wine brewed with this year’s Crystal Spirit Peaches. It has just come out of the cellar, so I brought it to you for your tasting immediately.”

“Oh, it just came out of the cellar this year?”

Yu Changchun was pleasantly surprised. He quickly accepted the Peach Wine from Wang Ba. Without considering they were outside the mountain gate, he directly removed the seal of the wine jar.

Immediately, he withdrew the spell concealing his face, revealing a face with just one eyeball remaining and the rest turned into blood and bones, took a big gulp directly from the jar.

Seeing Yu Changchun’s remaining eyeball, Wang Ba pondered thoughtfully.

The pink peach wine glided past Yu Changchun’s blood-colored teeth and slid down his jawbones and throat…

It was quickly absorbed by the surrounding blood and bone.

A satisfied sigh came from Yu Changchun.


“Your Crystal Spirit Peach Wine is one of the very few things I can still taste!”

“The other spiritual wines you can buy may have more Spiritual energy, but they are tasteless.”

After consuming an entire pot of wine at once, Yu Changchun’s features once again became blurred.

Upon hearing this, Wang Ba immediately handed over another.

However, a hint of pain etched onto his face: “Sir Yu, I didn’t brew much. You’ll have to drink it sparingly.”

“Ha! So thoughtful of you.”

Upon seeing another pot of wine, Yu Changchun was overjoyed, and without any hesitation, he promptly tucked the pot of Crystal Spirit Peach Wine into his Storage Bag.

Having procured another pot, Yu Changchun felt satisfied and laughed, “Hehe, I suspect you didn’t visit just to deliver me wine, did you?”

“Hehe, I knew I couldn’t keep it a secret from you, Senior Yu.”

With that, Wang Ba relayed the information he had heard from cultivator Yan to Yu Changchun.


Yu Changchun appeared contemplative: “I’m not entirely sure about that. It’s a crucial moment for me now, so 1 haven’t been paying much attention to the goings-on within the Cult.”

“But don’t worry, I’ll ask around. Once I have accurate information, I’ll immediately inform you.”

“Thank you, Senior Yu.”

Wang Ba quickly thanked him.

Yu Changchun waved his hand: “There’s no need for thanks. Our friendship shouldn’t require such formalities.”

“However…” Yu Changchun said with a grave expression, “If there really is a conscription, you should stock up on talismans, magic tools, and other items to protect the Dao. These items’ prices will likely skyrocket soon.”

“This happened a few years ago when a conscription order was issued against the East Saint Sect.”

“Also, you should urgently think of ways to rapidly increase your cultivation base. Once the conscription begins, it’s either against other sects, some families, or the Rogue Cultivator market…”

“Once the war starts, you heretic cultivators will need to be on the frontline.”

Of course, if you survive, you’ll reap considerable benefits. All the possessions and gains from those on the front lines will belong to them, and nobody within the cult will fight them for it.”

“After every conscription, some people accumulate a lot of Merits, allowing them to become disciples within the Cult.”

“For you, while it’s dangerous, it also presents a rare opportunity.”

Yu Changchun explained earnestly to Wang Ba.

Wang Ba took his words to heart.

The two of them conversed a little longer before Wang Ba took the initiative to take his leave.

Yu Changchun did not detain him. His cultivation had reached a crucial stage, and he was not willing to distract himself with other matters.

Wang Ba took Yu Changchun’s advice and hurried to the market.

However, he observed that the prices for talismans and magic tools had already increased significantly.

“It looks like the Cult’s conscription order is indeed real. I wonder where the upper echelons of the Tianmen Cult have set their sights on this time.”

This time, unlike before in the East Saint Sect, Wang Ba didn’t foolishly wait for the prices of these materials to drop. Instead, he promptly decided to make a purchase and gritted his teeth to buy a Class I upper-grade “Holy Heart Mirror”, an upper-grade “Jade Armor”, and an upper-grade “Feihuang Ruler”.

The Holy Fleart Mirror could protect his soul, the Jade Armor could protect his physical body, and the Feihuang Ruler was a rare flying magic tool. It had no attacking or defending ability, but it was incredibly quick.

With these three items, Wang Ba’s survival ability increased significantly.

He thought about buying an attack-capable magic tool, but after looking for a long time, he didn’t find a suitable one.

“I’ll have to visit other stations when I have time.”

In three years, his Heretic Cultivator’s authority had reached Stage III, which allowed him to use the Tianmen Cult’s Teleportation Array to travel to other stations.

However, each usage requires prior appointment, and the price is steep. The next scheduled teleportation won’t be until next month.

He also went to the talisman store, but unfortunately, the prices there were too high, and the effect was not as good as those made by cultivator Yan.

“We’re trading in a few days, so 1 don’t need to buy talismans for now.”

After thinking about it, he made a rare trip to an elixir shop.

Elixirs have obvious effects, but they also come with plenty of side effects. They can lead to weak foundations, elixir poisoning that corrodes the body or even the Dantian, difficulty in breaking through to a higher realm afterwards, or even the risk of Heart Demons appearing during a major realm breakthrough, leading to loss of control over Mana and violent death.

Under normal circumstances, after consuming an elixir, one has to try their best to remove the elixir poison and spend a certain amount of time stabilizing their foundation.

And they are also very expensive.

Wang Ba gets daily supplements from the Spirit Chicken and Spirit Turtle, which have no side effects and don’t require time to stabilize the foundation. The speed is actually not that slow, so he is not particularly interested in elixirs.

But now was different from the past; if he could quickly improve his cultivation base, even a little elixir poison might be bearable.

He could slowly cleanse it later if necessary.

However, when he walked into the elixir shop, he found, to his dismay, that most of the elixirs on the shelf were already sold out.

The remaining few elixirs – thanks to the cultivators’ clamoring – had their prices souped up to the sky.

Even so, they were quickly snapped up.

He was inexplicably reminded of a similar scene he had witnessed in the market of the East Saint Sect.

But what surprised Wang Ba was that despite the elixirs being sold out, the shop’s customers did not disperse. Instead, they were all looking expectantly towards the shop owner.

The shop owner didn’t disappoint them and announced loudly:

“Ladies and gentlemen, the Elixir Dao’s secret treasure ‘Blood Pill’, which you’ve been waiting for a long time, has finally arrived!”

Soon, the shop owner took out several boxes from the back.

He opened one of the boxes to reveal a somewhat transparent red elixir.

What left Wang Ba in stunned silence was that through the somewhat transparent elixir, he saw a baby weeping inside….

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