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Chapter 106: Chapter 106: Chapter 104 Strong Body Sutra Level il l

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Chapter 106: Chapter 104 Strong Body Sutra Level il l

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Wang Ba was somewhat bewildered.

Ever since he was forced to enter the Tianmen Cult, he knew it was a ruthless demon sect that devoured people without spitting out the bones.

But he didn’t really have a clear understanding of it.

In nearly four years of membership, due to his focus on cultivation and raising chickens, he hadn’t truly integrated into the Tianmen Cult.

Therefore, he had never truly faced the brutality of the demon cultivators.

But at this moment, he finally experienced it tangibly.

In the transparent, bright red elixir, a baby was crying helplessly.

Next to him, the shopkeeper cultivator was gloating over his success:

“This Blood Pill, not to mention anything else, is extremely difficult to gather the main ingredient alone, the four-column pure Yin Destiny infant girl. It was only when we captured a group of mortals two years ago, forced them to couple on a particular day, and then extracted the infants from their wombs at the Yin hour of a Yin day… We managed to get a batch of suitable female infants. After giving them to the Alchemist of the Elixir Dao, we were lucky to get these few…”

Some around him understood the efficacy of the Blood Pill, while others didn’t. Upon hearing this, their faces softened momentarily with regret.

The shopkeeper scanned everyone’s expressions without reacting, continuing thus:

“Under normal circumstances, this pill is only for inner sect cultivators or heresy cultivators who have made great contributions. Its potency far exceeds that of the same grade elixirs, yet it has no detrimental effects. As long as it can be supplied, it can be consumed without restriction!”

The cultivators, whose faces previously showed a hint of regret, were suddenly excited!

“Shopkeeper, cut the crap, just name your price!”

“Exactly, I’ll take all these boxes!”

However, the shopkeeper smiled and said:

“My friends, according to our shop’s old rules, rare elixirs are not sold directly, only auctioned. The starting price for this pill is 50 lower grade spirit stones per pill, and each increase in price must be no less than 5 spirit stones!”

The elixir store suddenly turned rowdy and intense.

Amid the mounting bids, Wang Ba quietly left the elixir store.

Glancing back at the signboard, Wang Ba felt a complex mix of feelings.

If he didn’t have the lifespan transfer ability, maybe one day, he too would go against his principles. Just like the people in the elixir store at that moment; they would go crazy for a pill that annihilates human decency.

However, it was precisely because he had such an ability that he could keep moving forward in his own way.

Perhaps, the greatest significance of the lifespan transfer ability for him is that it allowed him to choose his own way of cultivation, maintaining his final line of decency.

And such longevity might be the longevity he truly desired.

Several days later.

Wang Ba stood outside the chicken farm, just seeing off a cultivator who came to trade for Spirit Chickens when he saw a figure descending from the sky. “Wang my friend!”

“Ha ha, Yan, you finally arrived. I thought you had other plans.”

Wang Ba looked at the hurriedly approaching cultivator named Yan and smiled.

Cultivator Yan’s face tightened immediately: “Wang, you didn’t sell all the Spirit Chickens intended for me, did you?”

“Indeed, our friend Zhou just took twenty more Spirit Chickens than anticipated.”

Wang Ba was honest.

Yan’s face instantly changed.

Immediately after, he heard Wang Ba say: “However… I’ve prepared your fifty Spirit Chickens in advance.”

Yan was overjoyed at once, and kept bowing: “Thank you, my friend! Good friend!”

Having said that, he promptly handed a storage bag to Wang Ba.

It contained a pile of lower grade Spirit Stones, along with several upper grade Armor Talismans, Sword Qi Talismans, Soul Controlling Talismans…

The upper grade Sword Qi Talisman in particular surprised Wang Ba. He hadn’t found a suitable offensive Magic Tool when previously at the Magic Tool Store and thus hadn’t bought anything.

However, now that he had the Sword Qi Talisman which excelled at attack, he barely had some means of counterattack.

Wang Ba then handed over the Spirit Chickens, which had most of their lifespans drained, to Yan.

After checking the count, Yan frowned slightly: “Friend… something is not right with the count, why have you given me twenty more?”

Wang Ba smiled faintly: “Of course 1 wouldn’t give it to you for free. 1 was hoping you could sell me some of your spare talismans. I won’t exploit you, I’m willing to trade them with Spirit Chickens based on the market price.”

Upon hearing this, the cultivator surnamed Yan was overjoyed. “Really?”

“Isn’t the Spirit Chicken already in your hands?”

Wang Ba said with a smile.


“Wang is straightforward!”

The cultivator surnamed Yan was also quite decisive, rummaging in his storage bag for a while, before handing several stacks of talismans to Wang Ba.

“This is the upper-grade True Thunder Talisman… This is…”

The cultivator surnamed Yan carefully explained each item to Wang Ba.

Wang Ba did a quick calculation and, sure enough, based on market prices, he gave the other party a few more Spirit Chickens.

The cultivator surnamed Yan happily accepted the Spirit Chickens, earnestly saying:

“Fellow Daoist, if there is such a thing in the future, please be sure to call me.”

Wang Ba immediately took the opportunity to make a simple agreement with the cultivator surnamed Yan. If there were surplus talismans, he would be willing to exchange them for Spirit Chickens.

The cultivator surnamed Yan agreed immediately.

In his view, raising chickens was much more troublesome than drawing talismans. Most importantly, the growth of Spirit Chickens required time. It was extremely worthwhile to exchange talismans that could be drawn within half a day for Spirit Chickens that took several years to mature.

As for Wang Ba, the talismans of the cultivator surnamed Yan were much better than those on the market, and what he had to give up were nothing more than some low-grade Spirit Chickens that he didn’t need and couldn’t sell at high prices.

Both parties felt they had got a great bargain.

Watching the cheerful departure of the cultivator surnamed Yan, Wang Ba was equally exhilarated.

In addition to the magic tools, talismans, and elixirs that he had traded for, the Spirit Chickens that had been traded away had also provided Wang Ba with their final value before leaving.

[Current Lifespan…]

[Current Lifespan +207 years]

[Current Lifespan +243 years]

[Current Remaining Lifespan: 9666.7 years]

Over the course of three years, as he continually used his lifespan to hasten the maturity of the Spirit Chickens and Spirit Turtles, as well to break through bottlenecks, his consumption of lifespan was immense.

Now, he had finally amassed the 9216 years of lifespan needed for Stage XI of the Body Strengthening Scripture.

Overwhelmed with indescribable joy, he didn’t hesitate at all and chose to consume it.

[Current Lifespan -9216 years]

[Current Remaining Lifespan: 450.7 years]

Body Strengthening Scripture, Stage XI, completed!

With the consumption of his lifespan,

Wang Ba faintly felt his sensitivity to Spiritual Energy seemed to have quietly changed.

His perception of the four types of Spiritual Energy seemed to have become clearer.

Wang Ba thought for a moment and took a Spiritual Root Talisman out of his storage bag.

After activating his Mana, the Spiritual Root Talisman quickly transformed into streams of light, shooting up into the sky.

The colors were still the same four.

However, compared to the last time, not only were there five full streams of blue representing Water Style, but the sixth one was also faintly taking shape.

Not just Water Style, but Earth and Wood Styles also changed from one stream to two.

Only Fire Style had no change—it still only had one stream.

“The Spiritual Roots of Water, Earth, and Wood Elements all had some improvement.”

Wang Ba was somewhat surprised.

After thinking for a bit, he directly went to the Lingshui Courtyard, entered the Cultivation Room, and closed his eyes to convert the surrounding Spiritual Energy into Mana.

It wasn’t long before Wang Ba opened his eyes in surprise.

“The speed of Mana conversion has increased by about ten percent!”

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