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Chapter 107: Chapter 107: Chapter 105 Jingyue Mansion i

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Chapter 107: Chapter 105 Jingyue Mansion i

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His Spiritual Root had made some progress.

Although it was still the Four Spirit Roots, as long as his cultivation speed increased, he would have satisfied his needs.

After several days of continuous diligent cultivation,

The arrival of a Sound Transmission Talisman finally stopped his cultivation.

“Yu Changchun wants to meet me?”

“Could it be that he already found out about the recruitment news?”

Wang Ba’s eyes shone immediately.

He didn’t waste time, quickly packed up his things and left Lingshui Courtyard to head towards the agreed-upon location.

This time it was not in front of the mountain gate but in a tea house in the market.

“The ‘Heart-inquiring Tea’ here is tasteless, but the wonderful part is that it can examine our consciousness and clear the dust in our hearts. It is quite beneficial for our soul as Qi Refining cultivators.”

“Come, have a taste.”

In a private tea room,

The indistinct face of Yu Changchun was pouring a cup of tea for Wang Ba with a smile.

The tea was colorless and tasteless. If it wasn’t for the tea residue at the bottom of the cup, Wang Ba would almost think it was an ordinary cup of boiling water. Despite this, Wang Ba was still a bit skeptical.

Although he had never been to this tea house before, he had heard that the Spirit Stone consumption in this tea house was not low.

It was hard to imagine that Yu Changchun, known for his thriftiness, would be willing to invite him for tea in such a place.

However, there was no trace of anomaly on his face, so he took a small sip.

Just as he was trying to distinguish the taste with his taste buds, Wang Ba was suddenly shaken.

He felt a profound feeling assaulting his mind, questioning his heart.

Wang Ba couldn’t help closing his eyes, carefully feeling the doubts brought about by the ‘Heart-inquiring Tea’ on his own path.

However, Wang Ba’s Dao-heart was firm, and the heavy doubts couldn’t shake his innermost being in the slightest.

Only because he has been cultivating so far, though he felt oppressed, he never violated his own beliefs.

Soon, that profound feeling slowly turned into a warm sensation and melted into the center of his eyebrows.

In an instant, nearly two hundred drops of Power of the Yin God unexpectedly appeared in the Yin’s Government in the center of Wang Ba’s eyebrows.

“Good! What great tea!”

Wang Ba suddenly opened his eyes and couldn’t help but praise it.

A cup of spirit tea equaled more than a month’s worth of his cultivation, with the daily consumption of Spirit Turtle. Indeed, it was a rare good tea.

“It seems you are genuinely destined to become a cultivator.”

Seeing this, Yu Changchun couldn’t help laughing loudly. He raised his hand to touch his beard, only to realize there was nothing there and regretfully put it down.

Seeing Wang Ba’s puzzled expression, he explained with a smile:

“This tea is profound. Although it can replenish your soul, the prerequisite is that your Dao-heart is unobstructed, round and self-satisfied, able to withstand heavy questioning. Otherwise, you’ll think there’s no taste in this tea water, similar to white water, naturally, you won’t feel it’s a good tea.”

“Unfortunately, this spirit tea can’t be drunk many times, or it will lose its effects.”

Wang Ba suddenly understood, realizing that the Heart-inquiring tea has such particularities.

He hastily exclaimed:

“This… This tea must be priceless, my friend indeed spent a lot!”

“Hehe, you’re mistaken about that. I owe it to you for the privilege.”

Yu Changchun seemed to imply something.

Wang Ba was a little puzzled immediately.

Seeing this, Yu Changchun outright clarified:

“The Crystal Spirit Peach Wine you made was given by me to an associate of the Blood Bone Dao not long ago. He greatly appreciated it, and gave me a Guest Command of this tea house.”

“Do you still have this Crystal Spirit Peach Wine?”

Hearing these words, Wang Ba was a bit surprised. The one whom Yu Changchun addressed as an associate was undoubtedly a Foundation Establishment Competitor.

The unexpected approval from a Foundation Establishment Competitor for the merely Class I Crystal Spirit Peach Wine was indeed surprising to Wang Ba.

He didn’t dare to neglect and fetched it. Only one small jar was kept, and the other two jars of spirit wine, which were not many in number, were all taken out.

Seeing this, Yu Changchun couldn’t help but laugh: “I knewyou would still have some, haha!”

“This time it’s really gone.”

Wang Ba shook his head helplessly.

Yu Changchun directly popped open the clay seal in front of him, poured a little pink wine into a tea cup, and then couldn’t wait to pick up the wine cup and savor it delicately.

Although Wang Ba couldn’t see the other party’s face, he still felt the enjoyment of the other party.

After a long time, he reluctantly put down the tea cup.

He then sealed the wine jar and put it into the Storage Bag.

Yu Changchun couldn’t help but sigh:

“Alt, although the Blood Bone Dao progresses really quickly, it doesn’t have much fun. I’m glad I’m not interested in women. Otherwise, if I were to cultivate the Blood Bone Dao like those people in the ‘Pleasure Dao’, it would be more unbearable than killing them.”

“Pleasure Dao?”

Wang Ba couldn’t help but prick up his ears.

There are quite a few legacies within the Tianmen Cult, and there are as many as twenty-four systematic ones reportedly.

Apart from that, there are numerous broken inheritances from the plunder of other sects.

But overall, the twenty-four legacies are considered the most.

However, even though Wang Ba had been a Heresy Cultivator for nearly four years, the Tianmen Cult took their internal inheritance very seriously, and he rarely heard about these twenty-four heritages.

If it wasn’t for his close relationship with Yu Changchun, he might not have the chance to know about the inside stories of Blood Bone Dao, Puppet Dao and Soul Dao.

Therefore, when he heard Yu Changchun mention a somewhat unfamiliar name, he immediately became interested.

Yu Changchun, however, seemed not to respect this inheritance much, and said mockingly:

“But they don’t need to cultivate any Blood Bone Dao. As long as there are male and female cultivators in this world, they have plenty of cultivation resources.”

You should be careful not to get too close to women casually.”

Upon hearing this, Wang Ba had a vague understanding.

He couldn’t help but think of those flirtatious female cultivators in Mu Lou’s house.

However, Yu Changchun didn’t say much more, but talked about another thing that was of utmost concern to Wang Ba:

“The information you asked me to help investigate earlier was handled by the uncle master of the Blood Bone Dao who I mentioned. He is in charge of this time’s recruitment.”

“He told me that the recruitment has been set, and will take place in twenty days. The target has also been selected; it is a female Golden Core Sect located in ‘Jiang State,’ known as ‘Jingyue Mansion.'”

“However, this sect doesn’t possess strong members. The strongest one, the Supreme Elder, has only just entered the Golden Core stage.”

The person responsible for commanding this operation is the Chief Deacon, who, coincidentally, was from your former sect.”

Lu Yuansheng?

Upon hearing this, Wang Ba instantly remembered the black-robed cultivator he saw at the East Saint Sect the night it was shattered.

He also couldn’t help but remember another figure that was even more familiar.

“Senior Brother Zhao…”

Forcing back the urge to touch the bead in his abdomen, and doing his best to smooth out the turmoil in his heart, Wang Ba asked with curiosity:

“What is Jiang State? And why target a female cultivator sect?”

“Jiang State is a country where our Sect has set up a station, quite far from your Senchenfu. It is said that even if a Golden Core Craftsman tries to fly there at full speed, it would take more than a decade to arrive.”

Yu Changchun shook his head. “As for why they want to attack a female cultivator sect… This is something I don’t know. Most likely, it’s instigated by the people of Fairy Dao and Pleasure Dao since they always need female cultivators.”

Fairy Dao?

Wang Ba vaguely felt as though he had heard it somewhere before.

But what he cared more about was the timing of this operation.

“Twenty days later, just in time for next month’s Teleportation Array.”

There weren’t many things he could use in the market of the heresy cultivators in the East Saint Sect’s premises, so he wanted to check out other markets.

Perhaps he would come across a useful artifact.

After chatting with Yu Changchun for a while, Yu Changchun reiterated several times that he would ask his uncle master to look after Wang Ba.

Naturally, Wang Ba expressed gratitude.

In reality, he clearly understood that Yu Changchun was mostly doing it because of the free Spirit Chickens Wang Ba provided.

And judging from how Yu Changchun had behaved in the past, Wang Ba didn’t dare hope for too much.

“By the way, if you brew Crystal Spirit Peach Wine later, I hope you could keep it for me, I have an important use for it.”

Yu Changchun said again.

Understanding his intentions, Wang Ba promptly wrote down the recipe for the Crystal Spirit Peach Wine, only to be outright rejected by Yu Changchun.

“I’m accustomed to being alone, and I don’t have the time and energy to do these things. The brothers in the sect may look respectable, but frankly, I don’t trust them much. Only you, I consider my confidant.”

Yu Changchun stood up, looked out the window with his hands behind his back, and there was no expression on his face.

But Wang Ba inexplicably felt the sincerity in his voice.

For the first time, Wang Ba was silent.

Yu Changchun didn’t mind. After chatting with Wang Ba for a while, he left casually.

Wang Ba sat in the teahouse for a while, then also left.

In the following days, apart from cultivating his mana and contemplating the power of the Yin God like clockwork, Wang Ba received guests who were there to exchange Spirit Chickens.

These people were all here for the Spirit Chickens.

They were among the very few heresy cultivators who still persisted in their original cultivation methods.

But there were fewer and fewer such people.

However, without a doubt, those who could still persist were mostly talented, able to earn enough Spirit Stones for their own cultivation.

Just like the Yan cultivator from before.

As a result, although the number of people coming to exchange for the Spirit Chickens diminished, Wang Ba received some precious items.

For instance, a cultivator with the surname ‘Gao’ exchanged an upper grade ‘Wood Armor Talisman’ for over a hundred Spirit Chickens with Wang Ba.

The Wood Armor Talisman was restrained by fire-style spells, but it was far superior to the Armor Talisman of the same grade when dealing with other four-style spells.

Exchanging over a hundred Spirit Chickens for a Wood Armor Talisman, Wang

Ba felt that it was a great deal.

He also got many other treasures like magic tools, talismans, and even elixirs.

Even though most of them were of no use to him, they could be given to Bu Chan, Shen Fu, and others.

It was just in time that Shen Fu broke through to Stage IV a few days ago.

Without being stingy, Wang Ba directly prepared a set of magic tools, talismans, etc. that he had obtained from other cultivators for the four people.

“Senior Brother… I can’t accept these with a straight face!”

Shen Fu looked ashamed.

He’d only managed to break through to Stage IV due to the resources provided by his senior brother, and as soon as he came out, he had to accept gifts from his senior brother again.

Moreover, all of them were expensive treasures, among which were many precious middle-grade, and even high-grade magic tools, talismans, etc.

How could Shen Fu feel at ease?

“If you’ve lost face, then you’d better start practicing properly so you can help Senior Brother sooner.”

From the side, Su LingLing began to mock.

Shen Fu glared at her but didn’t say anything.

He understood that although Su LingLing had a foul mouth, she was considering his interests.

Yun Caixiang silently accepted the treasures given by Wang Ba. She didn’t usually talk much and therefore lacked presence among them, but she always followed Wang Ba’s lead.

Bu Chan and Su LingLing accepted them openly. The former had always been helping Wang Ba to manage the spirit fields and the cultivation of the Spirit Turtles for free, so she felt justified.

Meanwhile, the latter had consistently helped maintain the spiritual lineage. As her cultivation base increased and she continually attracted surrounding spiritual energy, the spirit field had advanced to Class I middle grade half a year ago. This made a significant contribution to the high-yield of Blue Fire Fruit.

So, accepting Wang Ba’s gift, she felt no guilt.

After the four of them had accepted the items, Wang Ba then conveyed the news he heard from Yu Changchun about the Sect’s recruitment to them.

Their faces turned pale with shock.

They were all just low-level heresy cultivators, their cultivation bases commonly at Stage III. The highest among them, Shen Fu, had just barely reached Stage IV.

Once they were recruited to the battlefield, they would likely face a nine-in-ten chance of survival.

The air instantly became heavier.

Even the always lively Su LingLing was silent, looking worried and uneasy.

In contrast, the usually silent Yun Caixiang suddenly spoke, providing Wang Ba with a piece of news that made him surprisingly happy:

“Senior Brother, I heard from a cultivator who teleported from ‘Jiantao Station’ that the market in Jiantao Station seems to have the Armored Giant-head Turtle you’ve been searching for.”

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