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Chapter 108: Chapter 108: Chapter 106 Many Spirit Beasts i

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Chapter 108: Chapter 106 Many Spirit Beasts i

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The news from Yun Caixiang made Wang Ba’s heart skip a beat.

He couldn’t help but recall seeing a middle grade Armored Giant-head Turtle back in the day at the Fengyang Market.

It was massive in size, and seemed similar to the top grade mutated Spirit Turtle Fantong.

But unlike Fantong, who naturally excels at Water Style spells, what people praised about the Armored Giant-head Turtle was its incredible defensive power.

Wang Ba had always thought that if one day he could use the Armored Giant-head Turtle as his scapegoat, the results would be beyond his imagination. That’s why he asked Bu Chan and the others to keep an eye out for it before.

Unfortunately, he had never again seen a trace of the Armored Giant-head Turtle in the market all this time.

If Yun Caixiang hadn’t suddenly mentioned it, he might have forgotten the existence of this turtle.

However, the teleportation array hadn’t arrived at its opening hours yet, so all Wang Ba could do was pack his restless heart and patiently remind Bu Chan and the others.

He even took the opportunity to explain some key points in cultivation to them.

Now that he had reached the eighth layer of Qi Refining, he was able to offer some guidance to them from a higher perspective.

This earned him the unexpected and admiring gazes of Bu Chan and the others.

They had always been unclear about Wang Ba’s cultivation status, as he had rarely shown them.

So they had assumed that he would be at most on the fourth or fifth layer of Qi Refining.

After giving them some advice, Wang Ba granted them entry authority to the Lingshui Courtyard.

There were three cultivation rooms in the courtyard, one for him and enough for two people in each of the other rooms.

Having lived together for several years, he hoped that all four of them could safely survive this calamity.

He felt he had done what he could, and what followed would depend on their own fate.

After handling these matters, he took another batch of lower grade Spirit Chickens, whose lifespans had been drained, to the spirit beast store to sell and exchanged them for some spirit stones.

The owner of the spirit beast store already knew him, so the price he offered was very low.

The truth was, his own costs were much lower than the price the shopkeeper offered.

But considering that he might need to spend a large amount of spirit stones in the near future, he chose to sell them anyway.

Another ten plus days passed, and the opening date of the teleportation array finally arrived.

Wang Ba gritted his teeth and paid one hundred and twenty lower grade spiritual stones to step onto the teleportation array leading to Jiantao Station, along with some other cultivators.

A feeling of severe pain as if his bones were shattering.

When Wang Ba opened his eyes again, he was already in a teleportation array filled with foreign aura.

The cultivators around him dispersed, some with stranger in their eyes, some apparently having a destination in mind.

They all left.

Wang Ba stood in the middle.

Through the light screen of the teleportation array, he could see a towering sword-shaped mountain range far away. A huge waterfall seemed to fall from the sky, making a loud rumbling sound.

It was a stunning spectacle.

“Jiantao Station… The name truly suits the scene.”

Wang Ba didn’t have the time to admire the sight, so he handed a few spirit stones to a watcher of the teleportation array, who quickly briefing him on the general situation of Jiantao Station.

“This Jiantao Station was originally the seat of a sect named ‘Jiantao School’ of Yan State, which was destroyed by our Sect Hierarch decades ago and established as our Sect’s third station.”

“The terrain of this country is dangerous with many fierce lands around, but it is rich in various kinds of spiritual medicines and spirit beasts…”

“You’re asking about the market of heresy cultivators? Oh, you mean the ‘Taosheng Market’? It’s not far from that Jiantao Mountain.”

Following the direction the other party pointed, Wang Ba quickly rushed to the market.

The teleportation array only opens for one day. If he still wanted to return to the East Saint Sect station, he would have to catch the last round of teleportation on the same day.

Otherwise, he would have to wait until next month.

It didn’t take him long to see the ‘Taosheng Market’. The rumbling noise from the distant Jiantao Mountain echoed like thunder, hence the name ‘Taosheng Market’.

The market was noticeably larger than the one at East Saint Sect.

And it was bustling, clearly more popular.

From the mouth of the teleportation array watcher, Wang Ba learned some of the reasons for this.

Unlike the East Saint Sect, where the upper echelons escaped with a large number of pillars, decades ago when the Tianmen Cult broken the Jiantao School, aside from the extermination of the upper echelons, the lower level cultivators were almost completely preserved.

As a result, there were numerous Left Dao cultivators in Jiantao Station and the market seemed much more bustling.

The prices of most merchandise were considerably lower than in the East Saint Sect, especially spiritual medicine and spirit beasts.

However, due to the issuance of a call-up notice, the prices in Taosheng Market were also impacted and many saw an increase.

Wang Ba had anticipated this and he decided to prioritize visiting the magic tool store.

After a quick browse, he reluctantly settled on a set of flying needle magic tools.

Each of these flying needles had the power of a middle-grade magic tool, but when twelve were used in formation, they could barely exhibit the effect of an upper-grade magic tool.

It could barely be considered as an upper-grade magic tool, albeit its demands for operation were extremely high.

Wang Ba didn’t have too many choices, so he spent nearly three hundred Spirit Stones on this set of magic tools.

After leaving the magic tool store, he made a beeline for the spirit beast store.

The moment he stepped in, he was elated to see a few familiar spirit beasts.

A shell as black as pitch, which resembled an armor, its defense capability was obviously extraordinarily strong.

It was the Armored Giant-head Turtle Wang Ba had been hoping to find.

What’s more, there was not just one. Inside, there were around ten different sizes of Armored Giant-head Turtles.

At the sight of this, Wang Ba calmly asked, “May I inquire, shopkeeper, how much are these Armored Giant-head Turtles?”

The shopkeeper glanced at him, then offhandly replied, “The younger ones cost two hundred and thirty Spirit Stones each, the older ones cost four hundred and fifty each. However, the larger ones have already been reserved by adherents of the Pleasure Dao.”

Why would followers of the Pleasure Dao want these?

Wang Ba was slightly confused, but he soon remembered another use of the Armored Giant-head Turtle, which left him speechless.

Seems like even Demon Dao cultivators were obsessed with strengthening their Yang energy.

Without hesitation, Wang Ba bought all four of the younger Armored Giant-head Turtles.

The shopkeeper was caught off guard and looked at Wang Ba’s lower body with confusion.

Wang Ba:

What the hell kind of look was that?

Just when he was about to leave, Wang Ba suddenly paused.

He couldn’t help but walk over to a cage.

“Mountain Moving Ape: This ape is only three years old and matures in fifty years. After surviving the ‘Minor Heavenly Thunder Tribulation’, it will grow into a Class II lower-grade spirit beast, capable of moving mountains and earth, possessing astonishing Divine Power and naturally mastering the ‘Mountain Collapse Earth Split’ spell…”

“Selling Price: 72 Middle-Grade Spirit Stones”

Looking at the small ape sitting with its eyes closed in the cage, Wang Ba was itching to buy it.

A spirit beast that could grow to the Foundation Establishment Stage, how far would it progress if it achieved Lifespan Breakthrough?

Wang Ba didn’t know, but he was dying to find out.

Unfortunately, 72 middle-grade Spirit Stones was beyond his means.

However, it did open up a new line of thought for him.

If Stage 11 Foundation Establishment spirit beasts were expensive, could he buy some Class 1 top-grade combat spirit beasts and then employ the Lifespan Breakthrough to obtain a batch of Foundation Establishment Stage spirit beasts?

Wouldn’t this be much easier than painstakingly raising Phantom Chickens?

With this thought in mind, Wang Ba was incredibly excited.

He quickly circled the spirit beast store a few times.

Eventually, he found a few spirit beasts he was quite satisfied with.

Green-eyed Patterned Tiger, Black Armored Scarlet Snake, Dawn Chicken…

And after comparing their prices, he regretfully found that all the wealth he’d brought was only enough to buy one, with a little left over.

After much deliberation, Wang Ba chose to buy the Dawn Chicken.

Later, he wandered in the market for a while to buy a few small things he found to be somewhat useful.

He actually managed to buy a disposable magic tool: ‘Thunder Seed’.

This treasure was astonishingly powerful, capable of injuring even a Qi Refining Stage X cultivator if they were caught off guard.

Wang Ba cherished his purchase and put it away carefully, then hurried back to the Teleportation Array. After enduring a period of waiting, he finally returned to the East Saint Sect Station..

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