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Chapter 109: Chapter 109: Chapter 107: Recruitment Begins _1

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Chapter 109: Chapter 107: Recruitment Begins _1

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“Senior Brother, is this the Armored Giant-Head Turtle?”

In the chicken farm, Bu Chan curiously watched Wang Ba take out four turtles from the Spirit Beast Bag, their shells were pitch black.

Wang Ba nodded, promptly stored the four Armored Giant-Head Turtles in his

Lifespan, then released them into the pond.

Soon after, Bu Chan was again surprised when Wang Ba pulled out a Spirit Chicken from his bag. It was completely covered in jet black feathers that were extremely fluffy, except for its comb which was blood-red in color.

“What kind of chicken is that? It’s so ugly, isn’t it?”

“Don’t underestimate it, this fella is known as the ‘Dawn Chicken.’ It wards off evil spirits and promotes peace of mind. It’s a top grade Spirit Chicken.”

Wang Ba said with a smile.

Then he put this large black chicken in a separate chicken pen.

Thinking for a bit, Wang Ba simply let Jia 12 step down from the roost to compete with the Dawn Chicken.

Unafraid of the higher level of Spiritual Power exerted by the Dawn Chicken, the moment Jia 12 entered the ring, its comb became engorged with blood. Its typically aloof eyes seemingly filled with violence.

It glared at the Dawn Chicken, then spread its wings, raising its neck high, ready for battle.

The Dawn Chicken, being a top grade Spirit Chicken, was not faint-hearted. It has battle capabilities and it was not retreating, instead it moved towards Jia 12.

In just a blink of an eye, Wang Ba only saw a faint afterimage. Jia 12 arrived later but made the first move. Surprisingly, with a swift, lightning-fast motion, it darted to the side of the Dawn Chicken, then pecked it!

The Dawn Chicken clearly didn’t react in time. It stiffened, as Jia 12 pecked at its neck.

However, to the surprise of both Wang Ba and Bu Chan, when Jia 12 pecked, it only managed to pull out a single black feather.

The Dawn Chicken acted as though it didn’t feel it, and even took the opportunity to bite back.

Jia 12 yelped in pain and immediately returned the bite.

Thus, the scene turned into what Wang Ba found frustratingly amusing – a ‘chicken pecking match’.

Of course, while they might look like ordinary chickens, a peck from these

Spirit Chickens would likely instantly kill any Qi Refiner of the seventh stage or below. Even a middle grade Armor Talisman wouldn’t help.

An upper grade Armor Talisman could perhaps withstand it for a while, but under the relentless pecking of the Phantom Chicken, it wouldn’t last long.

Seeing that the two chickens were evenly matched and seemed to fight more ferociously as time passed, Wang Ba hurriedly stopped the battle.

After a quick check, it appeared that though both chickens seemed evenly matched, in reality Jia 12 was covered in blood while the Dawn Chicken only lost a few feathers, almost completely uninjured.

After testing, Wang Ba roughly understood the abilities of this Dawn Chicken.

“Its speed.Js significantly slower compared to the Phantom Chicken, and its strength is also a bit weaker, but its fluffy feathers look soft but are extraordinarily tough, able to withstand even the peck of Jia 12…”

“It is said to be naturally effective against ghosts and evil, but we don’t have a

way to test that now.”

In short, the Dawn Chicken’s type clearly leans towards high defense and low attack. It might be weak on the offensive in head-to-head fights, but it would make a good personal meat shield.

However, what dissatisfied Wang Ba was that, although it was top grade Spirit Chicken, it should theoretically hold an absolute advantage against Jia 12, an upper grade Spirit Chicken. But now, its combat power was not satisfactory.

Eventually, Wang Ba stored this male Dawn Chicken in his Lifespan.

Afterwards, he released it in the chicken farm so that it could get acquainted with the other Spirit Chickens.

He then went back to his cultivation.

Bu Chan worked for a while and then went to cultivate at Lingshui Courtyard with Yun Caixiang.

A few days later.

Wang Ba saw the Heavenly Gate Order vibrating in his Storage Bag and hurriedly took it out.

On the Heavenly Gate Order, words emerged on a light screen, it read:

[Recruitment has begun!]

[All Heresy Cultivators, gather at the ‘Golden Rainbow Outpost’ in three days!] [Failure to arrive on time, those who haven’t exhausted their three chances will have one deducted, penalized with 500 Merit points!]

[Those who have exceeded their three chances will be executed!]

[During the recruitment period, all gains belong to you, this law was personally approved by the Sect Hierarch, those who violate it will be confused by a demonic curse and die!]


Wang Ba stood, his face calm.

“It’s finally here!”

Three days later.

Wang Ba stood amidst the group of the last cultivators to arrive at the Golden Rainbow Outpost, looking around.

He quietly felt some relief in his heart.

He had planned to go to the Golden Rainbow Outpost early, making full use of the free teleportation offered during the recruitment period, strolling around its market.

But what he didn’t expect was that the Dawn Chicken happened to mate with Jia


However, understanding dawned on him; after all, a chicken as ugly as the Dawn Chicken would obviously not be able to resist the allure of Jia 9, a veritable fairy among chickens.

Due to his doubts about whether the Dawn Chicken could successfully mate with Jia 9, a Phoenix-Feathered Chicken, and lay a fertilized egg, Wang Ba ended up patiently waiting for three days.

Just when he was about to lose patience with waiting, Jia 9 finally laid an egg.

However, there was only one.

What astonished Wang Ba was the fact that the egg laid by Jia 9 had numerous black patterns crawling across its eggshell.

It was entirely different from the previous Red-Skinned Spirit Chicken eggs.

Wang Ba couldn’t help but be filled with curiosity about the chick inside this egg-

According to past experiences, the grade of the offspring usually the average of the grades of the parent Spirit Chickens.

That means, this chick, crossbred from a Dawn Chicken and a Phoenix- Feathered Chicken, will likely be a top grade Spirit Chicken from birth.

Combining the characteristics of the Phoenix-Feathered Chicken and the Dawn Chicken, it’s hard to speculate on what this little chick would look like and what abilities it would possess.

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