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Chapter 11: 11 Chapter 11 Yin's Government Established! _1

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11 Chapter 11 Yin’s Government Established! _1

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“Huh? It seems that my lifespan has increased a bit.”

Wang Ba sharply noticed an intricate detail.

Previously, when he used the Body Strengthening Scripture, he had 125.1 years of lifespan left.

However, the next morning, it changed to 125.3.

Although it only increased by a small 0.2 years, it still caught his attention.

“I only read the ‘Book of the Yin God’s Grand Dream’ last night. Besides that, I didn’t do anything.”

“Reading a book naturally won’t increase my lifespan, so it must have been before… Could it be the Spirit Chicken?”

After pondering over it, only the Spirit Chickens and spirit rice could have such a miraculous effect.

After all, food rich in Spiritual Energy could prolong the lifespan of a mortal, which makes sense.

Though the increase was not much, it was still a pleasant surprise.

Who would complain about having too much lifespan?

Wang Ba naturally wasn’t exempt from this either, especially given he was a big consumer of lifespan. Though 0.2 years were few, they still count!

“It seems that eating a Spirit Chicken as a mortal isn’t a loss after all.”

“Even more, I only ate a chicken leg. Maybe eating the entire chicken might yield better results.”

Wang Ba felt a bit better.

Only then did he finally focus on the ‘Book of the Yin God’s Grand Dream’.

Having studied it overnight, although there were still lots of places he didn’t understand and he had not started cultivating yet, in general, he felt like he had entered the door.

“This cultivation method involves picturing the ‘Yin God’ in the center of the eyebrows. Consistent visualization and diligent cultivating over a hundred years of effort can lead to the opening of the ‘Yin’s Government’.”

“This is the first stage of this cultivation method.”

“Once the ‘Yin’s Government’ is opened, the Power of the Yin God can be conceived.”

“Owning this power can make a small figure inconspicuous and a larger figure eclipse the sky, with the ability to blur reality.”

“Though it doesn’t have any offensive capabilities, it is a unique method of self-protection.”

“Now that I have learned it, I have an extra skill for my CV. But there is one issue… what is this ‘Yin God’? The gold paper doesn’t explain it, how should I visualize it?”

Wang Ba rubbed the short whiskers on his chin and was deep in thought.

After pondering for a long time, he finally decided to turn his attention to the panel.

“Forget it, since this cultivation method has already appeared on the panel, it means that it can be mastered by consuming lifespan.”

“Moreover, this cultivation method seems to suit me quite well. Unlike the Body Strengthening Scripture, it doesn’t require nine times the time, but just 113.7 years.”

113.7 years may seem like a lot, but mastering the ‘Book of Yin God’s Grand Dream’ requires a hundred years of effort.

While the Body Strengthening Scripture could be mastered by an ordinary person in just one year, he had to consume nine years of lifespan.

That’s nine times as much!

In comparison, the ‘Book of Yin God’s Grand Dream’ is indeed more suitable for him.

After weighing the pros and cons, Wang Ba had no more hesitation and chose to ‘consume’.

[Lifespan -113.7 years!]

Within his body, he vaguely felt a sense of weakness, as if he had just been drained of all his energy!

The next second.

Wang Ba suddenly widened his eyes.

At the center of his eyebrows, a crimson lotus suddenly emerged!

The moment this crimson lotus mark appeared, it quickly twisted and spread wildly, like a devil clawing and gnashing its teeth.

However, this spreading crimson mark was only twisting at the center of his eyebrows.

Finally, it slowly morphed into an indistinguishable shape of a crimson figure sitting cross-legged.

Once the crimson figure formed, it immediately transformed into a beam of crimson light and shot straight into the middle of Wang Ba’s forehead.

At the same time.

Wang Ba felt a chill at the center of his eyebrows!

A crimson figure automatically appeared in his mind.

His mind followed the figure in contemplation.

Vaguely, he felt the center of his eyebrows swelling and strengthening rapidly. It kept growing and strengthening!

Until it could no longer grow or strengthen.

He suddenly heard a crisp breaking sound from his eyebrows.

It was as if a new world was being created from chaos!

His eyebrows suddenly opened up!

Without any explanation, Wang Ba instantly understood.

A hundred years of hard work were accomplished in an instant.

The Yin’s Government was established!

Following the opening of the Yin’s Government.

Wang Ba felt as though everything had changed.

Everywhere appeared colorful and vivid.

He saw the ants crawling on the window bars, the trembling hairs on their legs, and the countless pores on the hairs…

He saw the Spirit Chicken outside the window, a rooster, whose scent was different from other roosters. It emitted a scent of longing, especially when it looked at the hens…

He saw the faint mist in the air, red, white, green… countless in number. Yet, this mist didn’t hinder his vision, it seemed transparent, it was everywhere, just very thin.

They leisurely passed through the window sill, the table, his own body, unhindered.

Bowing his head, he saw the mist condensed on a stone the size of his little finger in his palm – it was a four-part lower grade spirit stone.

“This is spiritual energy?!”

Wang Ba suddenly understood!

“Can I see spiritual energy?!”

According to rumors, those with spiritual roots could perceive spiritual energy, and attract it into their bodies, gradually strengthening and growing, to achieve immortal foundation…

And now, he could actually perceive… no, see spiritual energy!

Wang Ba couldn’t help but widen his eyes.

Without any hesitation, he raised his hand to grab the mist.

However, his palm passed through the mist without any resistance.

“No, I should attract it!”

Wang Ba quickly withdrew his hand, trying to attract the arrival of the spiritual energy.

However, no matter how he tried, the spiritual energy seemed to pass through him as if separated by a world.

This made him anxious, watching the spiritual energy slip away; he was extremely unwilling.

However, he quickly thought of a solution.

He quickly found the casserole used to stew chicken, clearly seeing thick pure white spiritual energy continuously emanating from it.

Regardless of the heat, he quickly began to eat the chicken in the pot.

Then he impatiently looked at his stomach.

As expected.

His stomach was like a chimney, with spiritual energy continuously spilling out from it.

It still passed through.

But during the process, Wang Ba keenly observed that a very small portion of the spiritual energy was intercepted by his body.

Then it followed a dense network of invisible channels to every corner of his body, a part was absorbed by his body, a part gathered at his lower abdomen for a while, eventually converging at his forehead.

Without a doubt, these invisible channels were the meridians.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have a spiritual root, even if the spiritual energy passed through his lower abdomen’s Dantian, it eventually slipped away.

It was absorbed by the ‘Yin’s Government’.

But even the ‘Yin’s Government’ could barely absorb the spiritual energy roaming inside him, let alone the spiritual energy diffusing in the air.

“I still need a spiritual root!”

Wang Ba couldn’t help but shake his head.

If he had a spiritual root, he could probably absorb most of the spiritual energy from this spirit chicken.

But now, the spiritual energy he retained was probably not even one percent.

However, perhaps because the spiritual energy in his body had somewhere to go, it didn’t take long for him to vaguely feel a sense of hunger creeping up.

He was not alarmed and, instead, was pleased. He lit firewood and reheated the leftovers from last night.

He then ate a lot in one breath.

After eating more than half of the spirit chicken, the leftover porridge was finished too.

Watching the spiritual energy spill out from his stomach, Wang Ba, after trying to cultivate with the Body Strengthening Scripture but with no results, simply let it be.

After breakfast, he began to get busy.

Because there were so many spirit chickens in the villa, he didn’t dare to let the people bringing chicken feed come in, so he lifted it from below the villa himself.

But perhaps because he had made considerable progress with the Body Strengthening Scripture and his physical health had improved a lot, he didn’t even feel tired, even when carrying a large bucket of chicken feed weighing forty to fifty pounds.

“Old Hou, I need two buckets of feed today.”

With the man delivering chicken feed who was on good terms with him, Wang Ba handed over a Precious Chicken egg to him and said with a chuckle.

All 22 Precious Chickens had undergone their transformation, and their appetite had decreased. He no longer needed to get a large amount of chicken feed, two buckets were enough.

“Alright! If you need more feed next time, tell me in advance. The ‘Purification House’ has a lot of extra, and Old Yang, who is in charge of the feed, is swearing every day!”

Old Hou happily accepted the egg. Delivering chicken feed was pure hard work, there wasn’t much to earn. Unlike those who raise chickens like Wang Ba, although they lived a tight life, they could adjust a bit by selling some chicken manure.

If they were lucky, they could even sell some eggs.

Wang Ba had an idea after hearing this and casually asked:

“Which feed has been recently overflowing?”

“Spirit stone powder, waste Qidan materials, and discarded spirit insects… too many to count!”

Old Hou counted on his fingers.

“The immortals must be making great progress then!”

Wang Ba said, laughing.

Upon hearing this, Old Hou pursed his lips, lowered his voice: “I don’t know whether their skills are progressing or not, but recently, the immortals seem to be very busy, it is said that young immortals are going to some big conference. Recently, it’s said that the deacons at the outer ‘Merit Room’ are all dizzy from being so busy.”

Wang Ba wanted to ask more, but Old Hou shook his head and pointed upwards.

He didn’t ask anymore.

The immortals’ methods were mysterious, who knew if they could hear their secret discussions, so he dared not say too much.

But Wang Ba had a thought in his heart.

The immortals were all busy?

Did that present an opportunity for him?

However, he couldn’t think of any opportunity at the moment, so he just kept killing chickens and eating them every day.

After a few days, he successively discovered two good things.

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