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Chapter 110: Chapter 110: Chapter 107 - The Call Begins_2

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Chapter 110: Chapter 107 – The Call Begins_2

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Of course, these questions could only be answered when he returned.

And the premise is that he can return safely.

Although he had done all the necessary preparations, he couldn’t help but feel a little nervous when he saw the heresy cultivators scattered around the Jinhong Sect’s base.

“Hurry up, gather up over there, at the station gate!”

The guard of the teleportation array kept urging.

Wang Ba didn’t dare to dawdle and followed the crowd towards the station’s gate.

Before he came here, he had already understood the situation through some heresy cultivators teleported from the Jinhong Sect’s base.

The Jinhong Sect’s base is a sect in the Jiang State called the ‘Jinhong Sect’, but more than a hundred years ago, it was taken over by the previous Tianmen Sect Hierarch. Now a hundred years have passed, and this place has been managed like a fortress.

Despite the passing of a hundred years, there are still not few heresy cultivators in this station.

Only because the descendants of the heresy cultivators left by the Jinhong Sect were also bound by the Tianmen Sect’s Spirit Sending Sign and could not leave.

Either strive to become a cultivator of the Tianmen Sect with all your strength, or to be oppressed for generations by the Tianmen Sect.

This is the choice the Tianmen Sect gives to all cultivators.

In essence, there is no other choice.

In a short while, Wang Ba arrived at the gate with the crowd.

Compared to the grand gate of the East Saint Sect, the station gate of the Jinhong base was a golden glow, like an arch, spanning both sides of the ravine in front of the Jinhong base.

At this moment, the ravine was densely packed with people.

At first glance, apart from a very small number of Tianmen Sect cultivators wearing red and black robes, the rest were all heresy cultivators dressed differently.

Among these cultivators, there are quite a few who were in the Foundation Establishment stage, though very few.

After all, for cultivators in the Foundation Establishment stage, it’s not a difficult task to accumulate merits quickly and breakthrough to Rank V.

So the mainstream was still a group of Qi refining cultivators.

Wang Ba scanned over and found dozens of Qi refining Stage X mana auras, releasing unabashedly and even recklessly.

They separated, each surrounded by a group of cultivators.

There were also a few loners, among them a blue-robed man with a face full of sword scars, shaped like a sharp sword, and a bald man dressed in blood, who seemed to be soaking in a sea of blood, who instantly attracted Wang Ba’s attention.

Not only because of their strong aura, which was obviously a notch above the people around them, but also because they were all wearing the red and black robes of the Tianmen Sect.

“I wonder which disciple of the inheritance they belong to…”

Wang Ba was a bit curious, but he knew little about the inheritances of the Tianmen Sect, so he soon turned his attention to other people.

Among the crowd, he recognized several acquaintances from the East Saint Base, who were currently gathered around a youth dressed in white with a cold demeanor.

Although he had never seen him before, Wang Ba managed to guess his identity at the first glance.

One of the top ten disciples of the East Saint Sect’s outer sect in the past, Meng Randao.

His aura was not as strong and aggressive as those two loners, but it wasn’t much different either.

What puzzled Wang Ba, however, was that among the cultivators in the East Saint base, apart from Meng Randao, he didn’t see any stronger guys.

“Did Dong Qiyu not come? Or is he among these few loners?”

Wang Ba was a bit puzzled.

This Dong Qiyu was the mysterious Leftist Cultivator who had come first in merit points during the first compulsory mission within the sect three years ago, surpassing both Meng Randao and Jing Kuang.

Although he had barely heard any news about him in the following three years, he felt that there was at least a 90% chance that he was also a Qi refining Stage X cultivator.

However, anything could happen in three years, and Wang Ba didn’t pay too much attention to it.

What caught his sight, though, was Jing Kuang.

This man, who was ruthless and deadly, who callously killed his own brothers to take credit, did not seem to have changed much since three years ago.

However, his temperament had inexplicably shifted towards a cold and ruthless direction.

His aura seemed to be even more menacing than the first time Wang Ba had met him.

There were also some people following him, but their numbers were not large. Upon careful observation, it was clear that the positioning of these people was intriguing, seemingly forming a defensive stance, and the object of defense was none other than Jing Kuang.

“it seems this guy’s reputation has gone bad.”

Wang Ba shook his head slightly, enjoying the sight.

In addition to that, he also saw Bu Chan and the other three.

However, what comforted Wang Ba was that Su LingLing, along with the other three, were following behind a Tianmen Sect cultivator at the moment. They seemed to be quite highly regarded by that Tianmen Sect cultivator.

Subsequently, he also surprisingly saw Mrs. Xu, the daoist partner of Chen Mian, who had been killed by Jing Kuang.

However, compared to three years ago, her eyes seemed like water, her figure and appearance were like a ripe peach, her clothes were bold, and almost invisibly added a few mesmerizing worldly charms.

When she saw Wang Ba’s gaze sweeping over, she was surprised at first, and then through the crowd, she showed a ghostly seductive smile.

But Wang Ba felt a chill in his heart. The Power of the Yin God in his Yin’s Government started vibrating, as if feeling a threat from somewhere unknown.

He inexplicably thought of the Pleasure Dao mentioned by Yu Changchun before.

He also remembered his warning.

“Fellow Daoist, be careful and don’t get too close to the allure of women.”

So that’s what he meant.

Avoiding her gaze, Wang Ba didn’t look at Mrs. Xu any further.

Seeing Wang Ba turned his head unperturbed, a look of surprise flickered across Mrs. Xu’s face.

She had now turned to practice the Demon Dao cultivation method, progressing rapidly, and was now a Qi refining Stage VII cultivator.

Just now she smiled slightly, but she used all her skills. Unexpectedly, even another Qi refining Stage VII cultivator could not resist falling under her spell.

She never expected that this little cultivator, whom she didn’t take very seriously back then, seemed unaffected, which surprised her greatly.

However, she didn’t have time to think much about it. At this moment, a figure in black flew from afar, landing on top of Jinhong.

Looking down at the cultivators below, his tone was devoid of any emotion:

“My name is Lu Yuansheng, Chief Deacon of the Tianmen Sect.”

“This recruitment is entirely under my control. Obey orders, and ban disobedience. I will only say it once. Whoever disobeys, whether it’s inside the sect or heresy, will be executed!”


Feeling the terrifying aura of the Chief Deacon, no one dared to slack off below and responded in unison.

The cultivator in black nodded slightly, and at this time, a Tianmen Sect cultivator with a vague face came out from behind the cultivator in black and said:

“Everyone, I am Bai Yu of the Blood Bone Dao, and I am now in charge of personnel dispatch. Those with the names I read, follow me.”

After saying this, he began to call out names from memory without the need to look at any papers.

“Yuan Qisheng, Zhang Xiaoyang…”

“Li Fengyuan… Mu Huan…”

“Wang Ba!”

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