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Chapter 111: Chapter 111: Chapter 108: Internal Support_i

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Chapter 111: Chapter 108: Internal Support_i

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When his name was called out,

Even though he knew he was a nobody in the cult and wouldn’t attract any attention, Wang Ba still felt a jolt in his heart.

Bai Yu paused slightly and looked at him as if he had noticed something, surprise flickering in his eyes.

At the same time, the black-robed cultivator Lu Yuansheng, hearing Wang Ba’s name, also turned his head slightly, his gaze sweeping over Wang Ba.

Feeling the gazes of these two cultivators, Wang Ba felt like needles piercing his back, he lowered his head and quickly walked past.

Fortunately, not many people noticed this scene.

It wasn’t long before Bai Yu stopped calling names.

Wang Ba was surprised. He had thought that everyone would be assigned into groups, but he didn’t expect that only a small number of individuals were called by name.

“The rest of you can form a formation and move on,”

Bai Yu said, and then he took the group of people whose names had been called and left the crowd.

Wang Ba looked around and saw that those whose names were called included men, women, the elderly, and the young and there was no commonality between them.

At this point, Bai Yu said straightforwardly,

“You all are here because of various connections you’ve made, but the war to destroy the sect has always been dangerous, and I can’t guarantee your survival. Remember to follow me, and if I have the power, I will naturally help you.”

If so, is everyone related here?

However, he didn’t rely on anyone for connections. Could it be that…

Wang Ba immediately thought of Yu Changchun.

During their last meeting in the teahouse, Yu Changchun did mention asking

his uncle to look after Wang Ba.

Wang Ba didn’t take it seriously back then, but now he realized that Yu Changchun really did pull some strings for him.

As Bai Yu was speaking, he tossed out fragmented white bones which landed in the hands of the assembled individuals.

“This is the ‘Bone Array’… as long as you hold a piece of bone and excite it with mana, you can naturally form a formation, which can give you a bit more hope to survive when charging.”

He then called out a few more names,

To Wang Ba’s surprise, his name was still included this time.

Bai Yu had a brief conversation with each of the cultivators whose names had been called.

When he came to Wang Ba, before Wang Ba could say anything, Bai Yu already laughed and said,

” Are you the Wang Ba who brewed the Crystal Spirit Peach Wine? Changchun mentioned you a few times in front of me.

Wang Ba suddenly relaxed hearing these words, he quickly realized that this Bai Yu was that Uncle Blood Bone Dao mentioned by Yu Changchun.

He also recalled,

On the night when the East Saint Sect was broken, he had planned to escape from the East Saint Sect through a tunnel, but at the mouth of the tunnel, he encountered people from the Tianmen Cult.

And the one who commanded to destroy the tunnel, was this Bai Yu.

Of course, he wouldn’t dare to show any resentment at this moment.

Instead, he put on an overwhelmed and incoherent manner, “This… I’m so honored… to be mentioned by the elder…”

“Hehe, don’t be too humble, but you don’t seem like what Changchun said, only at Stage IV or V of Qi refining.”

Bai Yu looked at Wang Ba meaningfully, which made his hairs stand on end!

As expected!

It’s too difficult to hide one’s true cultivation base in front of a Foundation Establishment Cultivator.

Even though Wang Ba had anticipated this, his heart still shook when his secrets were seen through.

Bai Yu seemed to perceive Wang Ba’s nervousness and he shook his head lightly and said,

“You don’t need to be too nervous, we in the Tianmen Cult may have no taboos, but we’re too lazy to covet the fortunes of a Qi refining cultivator.”

“Moreover, there are plenty of people in the Tianmen Cult who cultivate faster than you.”

Even though Wang Ba showed relieved expression on his face, he didn’t relax at all inside.

Just as Bai Yu said himself, the cultivators of the Tianmen Cult have no taboos. They might not covet on the surface but couldn’t guarantee they wouldn’t act out of temptation.

However, it seemed that Bai Yu was really not interested in the fact that Wang Ba reached Stage VIII of Qi refining so quickly, and instead asked about something else,

“Is there any more of this Crystal Spirit Peach Wine?”

Wang Ba was slightly startled and quickly replied, “I have! I have a small jar left!”

He immediately took out the last small jar of Crystal Spirit Peach Wine from his storage bag and presented it with both hands.

He explained, “This Crystal Spirit Peach Wine was brewed from the fruits of a spirit plant I planted myself. Since there is only one tree and not many fruits, I didn’t make much.”

Bai Yu’s eyes brightened up seeing the wine jar.

He nodded slightly but didn’t directly open the jar to drink like Yu Changchun did; instead, he put it inside his storage bag.

He then satisfactorily said to Wang Ba,

“Very good, if you can survive this time, I will reward you generously!”

This phrase wasn’t very reassuring!

Although Wang Ba was speechless in his heart, he still expressed a grateful look on his face.

Soon, Bai Yu fell silent, and Wang Ba also wisely excused himself.

A moment later, Bai Yu rose into the air, looking down at the cultivators and loudly proclaimed,

“Fellow cultivators, follow me and destroy the sects to become immortals and establish a path of our own!”

The cultivators below responded with a thunderous applause.

In an instant, numerous small and light boats flew out from Bai Yu’s sleeves.

All the cultivators were taken in,

And Wang Ba, along with the other connected individuals, were included in one of the small boats.

At the same time, a powerful being in the Golden Rainbow Camp quietly took action, and in a blink of an eye, the light boats above the valley vanished without a trace.

Wang Ba was in the light boat, shrouded by a light screen, completely unable to see anything outside.

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