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Chapter 112: Chapter 112: Chapter 108 Inside Support !

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Chapter 112: Chapter 108 Inside Support !

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No matter how he mobilized his five senses, he couldn’t perceive the slightest movement outside.

Apart from him, others seemed to also be in the same situation.

Someone attempted to use their mana to sense outside the boat, but was immediately stopped by a foreign voice.

“Do not act recklessly!”

Even those who had connections dared not act anymore, they quickly sat quietly, waiting for arrangements by cultivators of the Tianmen Sect.

With the impending battle, no one had the mood to chat, thus silence fell upon the space of the small boat.

Wang Ba also had no inclination to talk, he simply meticulously inspected the items prepared in his storage bag and Spirit Beast bag once again.

After an unknown amount of time, the space within the small boat was filled again with the foreign voice from earlier.

“Everyone, get off!”

Before the voice fell, the light screen covering the top of the small boat dissipated instantly.

Wang Ba and others finally saw the outside world.

The sky was already dark.

They were facing a lake, clear as a mirror.

Reflecting the lonely moon in the sky.

In the lake was a central island, with delicate and exquisite palaces erected on it.

The style of the palaces contrasted greatly with towering palaces inside the East Saint Sect, it had a bit more sense of petty bourgeoisie.

What shocked Wang Ba was, around the lake, there was a formation set up with occasional birds aiming to catch fish in the sea, they crashed into the formation mid-air, instantly turning to a wisp of blue smoke.

Not only that, there were cultivators seen flying up and down over the palace on the central island.

“Are Lu Yuansheng and Bai Yu planning to launch a raid? This formation looks very powerful… Could it be that they’re preparing to use the lives of heresy cultivators to fill in?”

With this conjecture flashing in Wang Ba’s mind, his face filled with concern.

“Everyone, get off!”

The foreign voice echoed again.

Everyone woke up from their trance and cautiously stepped off the boat.

What surprised Wang Ba was, these many cultivators appeared outside the formation, yet the cultivators within Jingyue Mansion seemed oblivious.

Leaving these heresy cultivators from outside the sect to surround the entire Jingyue Mansion.

At the same time, Lu Yuansheng, the Chief Deacon of the Tianmen Sect, stood with his hands behind him, hovering in the sky, looking down at the entire Jingyue Mansion. His face was indistinct, no expression could be discerned, but gave out a feeling that he seemed to be smiling.

“Let’s begin.”

Said Lu Yuansheng in a low voice.

The next moment.

As if receiving some signal.

The huge formation covering the sky above the Jingyue Mansion, mysteriously began to flicker!

Following Bai Yu, Wang Ba and others, watched this immense and intimidating formation crumble into fragments in just a few instances!

Shock! Dumbstruck!

After a brief silence.

A staggering wave of mana pressure surged from the central island, swiftly sweeping the heresy cultivators outside the lake.

Wang Ba was also struck by the pressure, his face turning pale instantly, with no intention of resisting.

It’s a Golden Core cultivator!

Simultaneously, a furious woman’s voice echoed:

“DongQiyu, it’s you!!”

“I’ve treated you well these past three years, even wanting to pass on the position of Sect Master if you were to break through Foundation Establishment. Why have you betrayed me!?”


Wang Ba was taken aback.

He had been speculating that the other party was a solo traveller, never considering that they had somehow infiltrated Jingyue Mansion, becoming a mole planted by the Tianmen Cult.

No, more than just a mole, this person almost became the Master of a Sect!

Even though it was merely the leadership of a small sect, becoming a Sect Master in a sect filled with female cultivators was the crux of countless people’s dreams.

Just then, an aged female voice rang out from the central island, ripe with indignation:

“Yunjing, are you not awake yet?! You’ve fallen into his trap!”

As she spoke, a hunched old woman leaning on a dragon-headed cane appeared in the air above the central island, a male cultivator tied up floating behind her.

With unsteady steps, she stood defiantly in mid-air, surveying the surroundings, subtly exerting her domineering presence.

“Tianmen Cult?”

“We had no enmity in the past, and no grievances recently. Why are you attacking my Jingyue Mansion?!”

The elder’s voice, fraught with frustration, apparent confusion, and deep caution.

A hundred years ago, the then-flourishing Jinhong Sect was abruptly massacred by the suddenly emerged Tianmen Cult. At that time, she was still at the middle-stage of Foundation Establishment and had already witnessed the power and mystery of the Tianmen Cult.

She had once considered moving Jingyue Mansion elsewhere.

Unfortunately, all the famous mountains and rivers, places abundant with Spiritual Energy, were already occupied. Without a suitable place, moving the sect would be like stepping onto the path of decline.

Moreover, the Tianmen Cult had not acted again thereafter, which gave her a false sense of luck.

But she did not expect that this day would finally arrive.

With the old woman’s appearance, Lu Yuansheng, who had been waiting in the dark, came forward and stepped not too far in front of the old woman.

Upon seeing Lu Yuansheng, the old woman’s face immediately darkened:

“Does the Tianmen Cult look down on my Jingyue Mansion in this manner? You are just a Foundation Establishment cultivator, although nearing the Solidifying Pill, you are not qualified to talk with me!”

“Call your real decision-maker over!”

Upon hearing the old woman’s words, Lu Yuansheng didn’t get angry but calmly said:

“I am giving you a chance, incorporating your mansion into our Sect and becoming a Heresy Cultivator of our Sect. As a preferential treatment, I will mention this to the Sect Hierarch and seek a casual Elder position for you.” “Preposterous!”

“Although Jingyue Mansion is a sect of female Cultivators, none of us are afraid of death!”

The old woman shouted angrily, her dragon-headed cane prodded at the empty air, a terrifying Mana fluctuation rose up, and immediately a piece of red silk rolled towards Lu Yuansheng!

“Alt, it’s about time!”

Instead, Lu Yuansheng laughed. He flicked his black sleeve and chunks of blood and bones flew out from his sleeve, quickly gathering around him.

Bai Yu, who had been watching the whole time, gave an order:

“All Heresy Cultivators, charge in formation!”

As soon as his words fell.

All the Heresy Cultivators spontaneously gathered into a formation, swiftly rushing towards the central Island!

Wang Ba activated his bone fragments, positioned himself in the formation, and carefully landed at the back.

Although the current situation appeared to be in favor of the Tianmen Cult, one’s life is only one after all, he could never be too cautious.

What seemed strange to Wang Ba was that not many cultivators came out from Jingyue Mansion on the central island. When they encountered Heresy Cultivators, they collapsed on contact, turning around to flee without hesitation.

This made him feel that something was off, and subconsciously, he dropped back a bit more.

Just then.

From the central island, a sudden pillar of light rose.

Immediately thereafter, several shocking Mana fluctuations rose. Each one seemed to be no less than that of the old woman from Jingyue Mansion.

The previously composed Bai Yu was stunned on the spot!

The faces of the surrounding Heresy Cultivators turned pale in an instant!

Jingyue Mansion had set up an ambush!

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