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Chapter 113: Chapter 113: Chapter 109 Pleasure Dao i

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Chapter 113: Chapter 109 Pleasure Dao i

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The sudden change on the central island shocked everyone present, catching them off guard.

High in the sky, the old woman from Jingyue Mansion, controlling the red silk cloth easily suppressed Lu Yuansheng and revealed a cold sneer:

‘Hehe, didn’t expect this, did you? Ever since your Tianmen Cult decimated the Jinhong Sect overnight a hundred years ago, the various major sects of my Jiang State have made a pact to mutually protect each other, especially from events like today!”

“Sadly, those who came are just some foundation establishment juniors, but no matter, after clearing out you heretics of the demon Dao, we will together exterminate all the Tianmen Cult’s establishments within Jiang State.” The old woman, having now openly declared war against the Tianmen Cult wasn’t one to be indecisive, so was putting in her full effort, not giving any chances for survival.

She pressed down with the red silk cloth, wrapping it around Lu Yuansheng, as the dragon-headed cane, suddenly grew larger. It struck down on Lu Yuansheng like a heavenly pillar.

Lu Yuansheng was immediately forced to retreat step by step.

At the same time, within the central island, several awe-inspiring figures flashed briefly, appearing in the sky.

The heresy cultivators who had spent a long time in the Jinhong outpost, when they saw these few individuals, could not help but exclaim loudly.

“It’s the Deputy City Lord of Yinglong City!”

“And the Third Elder of the Dahe Sword Sect!”

“The Second Master of Daofei Palace is here too…”

Several people who were supposed to be thousands of miles away, but who had unexpectedly appeared together, suggested something obvious to everybody. Clearly, the Tianmen Cult’s plan to sneak attack Jingyue Mansion was known long in advance.

Those with keen sight had already started scanning the surroundings, waiting for the best moment to escape.

However, Wang Ba no longer retreated.

He had the ‘Bone Array’ bone fragments given by Bai Yu on his body. As long as he was still within the formation, he could try to resist a powerful enemy with the help of the array.

Although he might not necessarily be able to hold off.

But if he were to escape from the formation, he would probably be killed instantly by those immortal masters of the Golden Core.

He didn’t have the confidence that he could escape from the pursuit of an immortal master of the Golden Core.

It would therefore be needless to say how he would choose.

Right now, he could only hope that Lu Yuansheng still had some tricks up his sleeve.

After all, the scene of Lu Yuansheng possessing the Nascent Soul level power briefly four years ago was still clear in his mind.

Although the number of immortal masters of the Golden Core was many, they might not necessarily be a match for Lu Yuansheng.

There were quite a few people who shared Wang Ba’s thinking.

That’s why, even though the faces of these heresy cultivators were all pale, they were still struggling to keep their composure.

“These little demons sure are calm…”

The Third Elder of the Dahe Sword Sect swept his gaze over the cultivators below, slightly surprised, and then a cold smile appeared on his face.

The next moment.

He pointed towards the void with his sword fingers.

Countless sword Qi flew out from his fingers!

“Form a formation!”

A cultivator yelled without delay!

However, when an immortal master of the Golden Core executes an attack, how could these Qi refining cultivators possibly evade it easily.

Many cultivators who couldn’t dodge in time were immediately beheaded!

Only a few cultivators who were inside the formation, relying on the power of the formation, managed to barely fend off the sword Qi.

Wang Ba felt the strand of sword Qi passing by his ear and his heart leaped.

Even though this strand of sword Qi was immediately blocked by the Bone Array, Wang Ba still couldn’t help but feel a lingering fear.

But there was no time for dread. In the sky, the Second Master of Daofei Palace, with a faint smile on his face, said:

“Your sword Dao seems to have improved, Brother Ge. It makes me itch to try. Now, take a look at my technique ‘Flower Burial’.”

With that, he waved his sleeves, and graceful flowers emerged from the void, turning into a shower of petals that fell down. Hidden within each petal was a lethal threat.

However, having learnt from the earlier disaster, the remaining cultivators immediately formed a formation. As a result, the casualties were greatly reduced.

The Deputy City Lord of Yinglong City frowned and said:

“Gentlemen, we should hasten to eliminate these demon Dao cultivators to avoid long nights and many dreams. After that, we should swiftly obliterate the Tianmen Cult’s confines and cleanse the cultivation world in the Jiang State!”

His words immediately gained approval from the others.

The others were about to agree and second him.

Just then, there was a dramatic change in the situation between the old woman from Jingyue Mansion and Lu Yuansheng.



The body of the old woman from Jingyue Mansion flew past them quickly.

The Deputy City Lord of Yinglong City and others showed an astonished expression on their faces.

They were all then drawn towards a terrifying aura, which held their attention, making each of them turn and look in its direction.


The Class III magic tool, Red Silk Cloth, was effortlessly torn into two.

The blood-colored giant skeleton broke free from the Red Silk Cloth.

The frightening aura of mana was clearly emanating from the blood-colored skeleton!

“Immortal master of Nascent Soul!”

The men who were just talking and laughing suddenly changed their faces!

An immortal master of the Golden Core, seeing that the situation was not good, immediately tried to escape.

However, in the next second, a slender blood-colored hand bone easily pierced through his Dantian and this hand bone was actually holding a flickering golden core!

Under the horrified gaze of a few of the immortal masters of the Golden Core, the hand bone gently closed and crushed the Golden Core!


The light that rose up in an instant was so bright that people could hardly open their eyes.

After the explosion of the Golden Core though, the hand bone was unharmed. It then turned into fragments of bones and formed a bone chain, which then returned back to the blood-colored skeleton.

At this moment, when it was one against many, this blood-colored skeleton was like a godly demon!

Watching the stunning changes happening in the sky within the blink of an eye, Wang Ba couldn’t stop the shock in his eyes.

Especially towards Lu Yuansheng.

Compared to when he destroyed the East Saint Sect four years ago, Lu

Yuansheng’s control of the blood-colored skeleton had undoubtedly improved significantly.

No wonder the Tianmen Cult had the confidence to let Lu Yuansheng, a foundation establishment cultivator who hadn’t even reached the Golden Core, bring a group of heresy cultivators to destroy Jingyue Mansion which had an immortal master of the Golden Core.

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