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Chapter 114: Chapter 114: Chapter 109 Pleasure Dao_2

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Chapter 114: Chapter 109 Pleasure Dao_2

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At the moment of crisis, the Deputy City Lord of Yinglong City hurriedly said:

Everyone, do not lose your footing!

A Foundation Establishment Competitor managing to unleash Nascent Soul power, such an act against heaven’s will, inevitably has many limitations, and certainly won’t last. Once time passes, we will undoubtedly win!”

Exactly! What Lord Ling said is very true!

The seven of us with Friend Cultivator Mi, as long as we stand together and persists, we will ultimately achieve victory without fighting.”

The Third Elder from the Dahe Sword Sect also joined in the discussion.

These people were all prominent figures of their Sects, with keen vision and rich experience.

Their analysis found Lu Yuansheng’s major flaw in just a few words.

However, the bloody skeleton didn’t seem rushed, standing leisurely in mid­air, and said casually:

Fellows, aren’t you curious about where the Golden Core cultivators of our Sect have gone?”

Upon hearing this, the faces of the seven Golden Core Cultivators looked at each other, with an ominous feeling in their hearts.

Following that, a sound transmission talisman flew towards the Deputy City Lord of Yinglong City.

The bloody skeleton did not intercept it.

The deputy city lord of Yinglong City opened the talisman and his expression soon turned ugly.

After a moment of silence, he turned around and left!

Fellow Cultivator Ling, you, what are you doing…

The old woman from Jingyue Mansion, as pale as paper, hastily came forward, but was startled to see the Deputy City Lord leaving without any hesitation which left her panicked.

The Deputy City Lord of Yinglong City hesitated slightly, then turned and said regretfully:

Friend Cultivator Mi… My Yinglong City is currently under siege by six Golden Core cultivators from Tianmen Cult… I ask for your understanding!”

Saying this, he disappeared right there on the central island, his aura vanished alongside a pillar of light.

Soon after, two more Golden Core Cultivators, upon receiving their sound transmission talismans, apologized profusely and hurriedly left.

All of a sudden, three Golden Core Cultivators left, leaving the remaining four feeling unsettled.

Seven people working together might be able to oppose him for a short time, but now that only four were left, the danger was rising exponentially.

After each of them sent out several powerful talismans, the remaining four unceremoniously chose to leave.

Fellow Cultivator Li, Fellow Cultivator Zhu… You, you are short-sighted! Don’t you understand the principle of ‘when the lips are gone, the teeth will be cold’? If my Jingyue Mansion is gone, you will be next!”

The old woman from Jingyue Mansion showed her anger and despair.

The four of them all sighed upon hearing her words.

They were not fools, how could they not understand the serious consequences of fleeing in the midst of battle?

But defeat was already in sight. They had thought that they were one step ahead of Tianmen Cult, but they didn’t expect the opponent to have known their plan long ago, and countered it, merely making a feint.

Thinking back now, the news they received from the Heresy Cultivator was most likely leaked intentionally by the Tianmen Cult.

Once they consumed a lot of time here, their own Sects might be attacked by the opponent.

And if they rushed back, then giving up on Jingyue Mansion was inevitable.

Choosing between their own Sect and others’, there was no need to choose at all.

Soon, all four of them disappeared into the Teleportation Array.

The bloody skeleton idly watched them leave, without any intention to stop them.

As soon as they left, the blood and bones on his body began to fall off weakly.

You… you tricked us!”

The old woman first froze at the sight, then her face became even uglier.

But she immediately clenched her teeth and said, “Doesn’t matter! You’re just a Foundation Establishment Competitor, as long as I kill you, I can take disciples and leave Jiang State!”

Upon hearing this, Lu Yuansheng remained indifferent, his tone full of mockery: “Kill me, then flee Jiang State?”

Ha! How naive!

Junior Brother Jiang, aren’t you going to make your move yet?

Junior Brother Jiang?

The old woman was stunned.

The next moment, her face changed dramatically!

She turned abruptly to see a violent explosion of light suddenly shining from the position of the Teleportation Array on the central island!

Under the sweep of the Golden Core Cultivator’s Spiritual Mind, she immediately saw a familiar figure next to the explosion.


The old woman stared in disbelief.

Meanwhile, Dong Qiyu, who had been ignored by everyone in mid-air, broke free from the ropes of his magic tool and rushed towards Lu Yuansheng.

Chief Lu…

However, the old woman didn’t care about Dong Qiyu at all. Instead, she watched in disbelief as the figure of a woman slowly rose into the air.

Yunjing… no, you are not her! Where did you take her?!

But the woman manifested an expression of forthcoming tears: “Mother, don’t you recognize me? I’m your daughter… Yunjing!”

You deserve to die!

The old woman’s eyes were filled with murderous intent, and she struck out in fury.

With her discernment, how could she not recognize that her daughter, the head of Jingyue Mansion, probably met an untimely end.

And such an event unfolded right before her very eyes!

The methods of the Tianmen Cult are enigmatic and insidious, virtually impossible to guard against.

‘Yunjing’ displayed a panicked expression: “Mother, why… why did you attack me so viciously… However, when I swallowed your daughter bit by bit, the feeling was truly… exquisite…”

The expression of panic on her face morphed into a strange smirk.


Upon hearing of her daughter’s plight, the old woman despaired. With a powerful thrust of her dragon-headed cane, it surged instantly, striking at ‘Yunjing’.

This time, Yunjing’s expression finally changed as she rushed to activate her

Magic Tool for protection while urgently saying:

Senior Brother Lu, and those from the Pleasure Dao, aren’t you going to act?!

Upon hearing this, Lu Yuansheng surprisingly didn’t respond, but instead stood in the distance, not uttering a single word.

Hehe, if Junior Brother Jiang doesn’t speak, how dare we take actions beyond our mandate?”

A voice suddenly rang out.

Before the voice died away,

Several Foundation Establishment figures from Pleasure Dao seemingly trod on magic tools, appearing from the rear of the heresy cultivators.

They quickly formed a formation, and immediately countless frivolous sounds assaulted the old woman from all directions.

Seeking death!

The old woman flew into a rage, lifting her hand was yet another strike of her cane.

To use such lowly, lustful tactics against her was a blatant insult!

However, what she didn’t expect was that perhaps due to her earlier serious injury caused by the enigmatic, black-robed cultivator,

These frivolous sounds pierced through her defenses and reached her ears like a persistent malady.

In a split second, her mind became clouded with endless desires, her eyes instantly becoming blurred…


Seeing the old woman’s movements slow down, ‘Yunjing’ let out a sigh of relief, her face instantly filled with disgust:

The methods of your Pleasure Dao are truly nauseating, do you plan to cultivate such an old hag into a cauldron?”

Heh, she is a Golden Core expert after all. Turning her into a furnace… what would be the harm in day after day of shared delight?”

The handsome, perverse young man leading the Pleasure Dao glanced greedily at ‘Yunjing’, speaking suggestively:

The skin that Junior Brother Jiang has assimilated is quite attractive… I, unlike everyone else, am not picky. I am willing to join Junior Brother…”


Before he finished speaking, Yunjing put away her Magic Tool with murderous intent in her eyes.

Hehe, I was just joking. Junior Brother, why take me seriously.


The handsome, perverse young man dusted off his sleeve and chuckled softly.

However, just at that moment.

The old woman of Jingyue Mansion, who had just slowed down, surprisingly regained clarity in her eyes.

Then in her eyes, fury completely erupted:

Impudent children! You’re truly courting death!

As she spoke, it seemed as if she had made a resolute decision. She suddenly took out a jet-black skull from her Storage Bag.

Biting her teeth, her hand touched the top of the skull. In the blink of an eye, her already frail, skeletal frame drastically emaciated, and she was nearly reduced to a mummy!

‘Yunjing’ and several people from the Pleasure Dao all turned pale!

All made hast to retreat!

And then the next second.

From the skull’s hollow eye sockets, two strands of pitch-black divine light shot out, instantly spreading in all directions towards ‘Yunjing’ and several people of Pleasure Dao…

At the side, Lu Yuansheng who had not spoken all this time, not only did not panic when he saw this scene, but instead nodded slightly as if he finally confirmed something.

The intelligence was correct. It really is the ‘Desolate Holy Light’!”


Wang Ba saw the divine light that shot out from the skull. A sense of extreme danger instantly surged up in his mind!

However, it was too late.

Amidst the sky full of black divine light.

Out of the blue, one directly targeted him!

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