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Chapter 115: Chapter 115: Chapter 110 Desolate Holy, Life and Death _1

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Chapter 115: Chapter 110 Desolate Holy, Life and Death _1

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The holy light fell on Wang Ba!

However, at the same time, the bone fragments in Wang Ba’s hand also lit up along with the other bone fragments.

The bodies in the bone array faintly revealed a shared formation barrier.

After being hit by the holy light, the formation barrier quickly dispersed the force.

Despite this, a considerable amount of power was still remaining when the holy light struck Wang Ba.

Wang Ba only felt that the ‘Holy Heart Mirror’ in his heart was thundering, emitting a bright light, then it shattered suddenly!

All five senses rapidly became blurry.

The world in front of him was collapsing, full of colorful lights, spinning and swaying.

A roar sounded in his ears.

Strange smells and unidentifiable odors were streaming in his nostrils.

Incomprehensible tastes were in his mouth and he felt a peculiar sensation in his palm…

It was like an extremely weird force was inverting and stripping his soul from his body!

Right at that moment.

Wang Ba felt a shake from a familiar place in his body.

Suddenly, his senses started to recover, and his consciousness returned to his physical body…

In the Yin Government, the long-accumulated power of the Yin God was being consumed insanely!

Drops of crimson fluid were disappearing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In just the blink of an eye, one third of it had disappeared!

At this point, the consumption of the power of the Yin God was abruptly stopped.

Coming back to reality, Wang Ba quickly looked around.

At this moment, less than half of the people in the bone array were still standing.

Furthermore, in the distance, a large number of heretic cultivators surrounding the central island had silently fallen to the ground, their life or death unknown.

What shocked Wang Ba was that the Pleasure Dao disciples, who had just dared to make a Golden Core master their cauldron with their Foundation Establishment base, and Yunjing, were all gone without a trace.

He didn’t know if they were killed or if they had escaped.

What…what was that ability?!

Wang Ba stood dumbfounded, his eyes full of horror.

Above the sky at that moment, the cold voice of Lu Yuansheng rang out:

Supreme Elder Mi Lan of the Jingyue Mansion is dead! Everyone from the Jingyue Mansion, surrender quickly!”

After a brief silence, a voice filled with grief and anger rose from the central island:

The Mansion Master is dead, the Supreme Elder is dead, we have received the grace of the Jingyue Mansion for many years. Even as a female cultivator, we will not live alone!”

With that said, hundreds of Qi Refining disciples flew out from the central island, including several Foundation Establishment cultivators.

Lu Yuansheng no longer hesitated, gave a cold snort.

Below, Bai Yu, who had just escaped by luck, immediately shouted:

Everyone, attack!

A faint white light was rising on the horizon.

Wang Ba looked away from it and scanned the ruins in front of him.

The lake that seemed like a mirror last night was now full of pits, and the central island was littered with broken walls everywhere, no longer retaining its beauty.

Heretical Cultivators dredged up the entire central island like locusts.

A group of female captives stood by the road with vacant eyes, while a few red- robed Tianmen Cultivators casually appraised each woman as if they were livestock.

They casually decided the future of these women in a joking manner.

Occasionally, Wang Ba could hear some Pleasure Dao cultivators lecturing heretical cultivators:

The female cultivators with good looks, high spiritual roots, and high cultivation bases should be kept as cauldrons.”

The ones of lesser quality, if they have decent spiritual roots or any special constitution, can be traded with the Fairy Dao.”

The ones of even lesser quality, if they still have decent cultivation, can be sold to the Puppet Dao to be made into human puppets.”

The worst ones can only be given to the Blood Bone Dao as bone sources…

Brother, what about male cultivators?

A low-grade female cultivator from Tianmen Cult couldn’t help but ask.

She instantly attracted the playful smiles of the other Pleasure Dao male disciples.

Naturally it’s the same, sister. For the specifics, come talk to me privately.

The brother said seriously.

There was a burst of laughter immediately.

The whole scene seemed to be joyous and harmonious.

If they didn’t look at the broken bodies around them, that is.

Wang Ba passed these people, saw this scene, and felt extremely complicated.

However, he didn’t have the time to sigh, his eyes continuously scanning the surroundings.

He was worried about the safety of Bu Chan and the others.

Not long after the light fell, his footsteps paused slightly.

In the ruins ahead lay a body covered in blood, but still recognizably beautiful, lying quietly amidst the ruins.

The cut at the bottom half of her body was very smooth, as if a block of tofu had been neatly cut in half.

Not too long ago, this female cultivator, Mrs. Xu, was trying to charm him with her seduction arts and now she lay silent.

Remorsefully shaking his head.

All right and wrong, grudges and gratitude, all dissipated with her death.

Wang Ba activated his mana, gently covering her with the surrounding soil.

However, he didn’t get far before he saw someone re-digging her body out and placing it into a storage bag. He didn’t know what they were going to do with it.

Wang Ba sighed, deciding not to interfere.

Not long after, he finally spotted two familiar figures.

It was Bu Chan and Shen Fu.

However, Bu Chan was squatting on the ground at this moment, his face full of grief.

A tremor seized Wang Ba’s heart.

A foreboding feeling washed over him.

He hurriedly paced over.

Quickly, he spotted two teenage girls lying on the ground among the ruins, as peaceful as if they were asleep.

Shen Fu, bloodshot eyes, was kneeling by the side, tightly clutching a dead hand.

It was Su LingLing’s hand.

Seeing Wang Ba, Bu Chan fought back tears and said, “The black divine light that shot out earlier… LingLing and Caixiang, they were both hit by it…”

Wang Ba couldn’t help but recall their smiles and laughter when they were alive.

A wave of grief surged in his heart.

But he could only suppress his sadness and comfort them.

Unable to hold back any longer, Shen Fu wept bloody tears:

LingLing, she has just become Dao partners with me. We promised to achieve immortality together….”

Hearing Shen Fu, Wang Ba and Bu Chan remained silent.

Reminiscing Su LingLing’s past fondness towards Shen Fu, in hindsight, it was clear intense feelings had already taken root.

Thinking of this, Bu Chan couldn’t resist stealing a glance at Wang Ba, a hint of impulsivity stirring in her heart.

Not too long after.

The Tianmen Cult and Heresy Cultivators, responsible for the cleanup of the entire Jingyue Mansion, finally embarked on the boat home.

This time, the boat didn’t need to keep concealed.

Wang Ba stood on the boat, feeling the breeze against his face, silently stared at the shrinking lake.

Perhaps for some people, this was a painfully unforgettable experience.

However, for the Tianmen Cult, it was probably just a typical expedition.

In the southwest of Fenglin Continent.

In an endless black swamp, a giant god statue with twenty-four arms sat silently in the depths of the swamp.

Stepping off the teleportation array, Lu Yuansheng flew right under the statue and proceeded towards the heart of the statue.

Soon, the voice of Sect Hierarch Ning Daohuan came from above the statue:

Do you have the object?

Pupil has it.

Lu Yuansheng respectfully took out the black skull he had seized from the Jingyue Mansion and offered it with both hands.

The black skull seemed to be drawn by some force, flying straight into the statue.

Soon, the satisfied voice of Ning Daohuan rang out:

Not bad, as expected, the Desolate Holy Light, you have done well.

With this Desolate Holy Light, even if we lack the God-Sealing Bell, I expect we can still manage to use part of Fanming’s primordial spirit’s power.”

Hearing Ning Daohuan’s words, Lu Yuansheng quickly bowed and said:

Pupil has sinned. Four years ago, I failed to obtain the God-Sealing Bell, I have failed your trust.”

Hehe, where is your fault? You are my chosen successor, if not for your ploy, even if I used secret techniques, confronting East Saint Sect’s Class IV Fanming Array would still have a high price.”

Ning Daohuan consoled him with a laugh, but soon his tone became serious:

However, this operation… we did lose a Jin Dan Elder.

Upon hearing this, Lu Yuansheng appeared puzzled, “How is that possible? The elders were only there to cause a distraction, right?”

Indeed, that was the original plan, but to our surprise, those small Sects from Jiang State were quite bold. After detecting our deployment, they left a Jin Dan cultivator each and immediately huddled using the Teleportation Array. Elder Jin of Talisman Dao was caught unprepared…”

Ning Daohuan sighed lightly.

We underestimated these old-fashioned people.

Although the Tianmen Cult has plenty of Jin Dan cultivators, the sudden loss of one still caused distress to him.

Hierarch, the Sects in Jiang State are much weaker than those in Chen State. Why not we conquer them, take over Jiang State!” Lu Yuansheng suggested.

It’s not that simple.

Ning Daohuan’s voice was tinged with a rare hint of helplessness:

Not to mention the surrounding large countries which have been eying Jiang State, if the Tianmen Cult really attempts to unify Jiang State, it will disrupt the balance among the several large nations. I am afraid it will invite the siege of major Sects from the other large cities.”

Furthermore, didn’t you wonder why there is such a large distance between each of our Tianmen Cult locations?”

Why not consolidate our strength, unify a country, make it our foundation, then expand outwards?”

Not that we don’t want to, but we just can’t!

At these words, Lu Yuansheng felt a jolt.

These were naturally questions he had wondered about, but he hadn’t given them much thought.

But looking at it now, there seemed to be hidden circumstances.

However, Ning Daohuan didn’t explain it further. After giving a few instructions, he slowly said:

Once the new Elder of Talisman Dao is chosen, prepare for the next operation.”

Lu Yuansheng had a chill in his heart, hesitated for a moment and then bowed and said: “Master, many Heresy Cultivators were lost this time. Most of the people in Jingyue Mansion were killed in battle, not many were added. Is it a bit too fast to prepare for the next operation now?”

We have no choice but to hurry…

Ning Daohuan’s voice didn’t carry its usual dominance; instead, there was a touch of fatigue:

The Incense Fire Dao in the southeast is increasingly rampant. Refugees keep pouring into the northwest from other continents. Our peaceful days here won’t last long.”

Maybe in ten years, maybe in a few decades….

As for the Heresy Cultivators… issue a command to all regions, increase prices for all the items by at least 20%, arrange the rest as you see fit. Firstly, slow down their advancement as official disciples, and besides, I will ask a few Elders to capture some independent Rogue Cultivators from various places. Your most important task now is still the next operation.”

Disciple understands.

Lu Yuansheng bowed respectfully.

After he said his goodbyes, he left.

Before leaving the teleportation array, he glanced at the God statue, seemingly lost in thought.

Is the next target… Mountain Sea Sect?

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