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Chapter 116: Chapter 116: Chapter 111: Genius i

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Chapter 116: Chapter 111: Genius i

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Not long after returning to the East Saint base via the teleportation array, Yu Changchun hurriedly visited.

Seeing Wang Ba intact, albeit a bit dishevelled, he was surprised and overjoyed:

“I knew it, you are a person blessed with good fortune.”

Although Wang Ba was not in a particularly good mood, he still managed to conjure up a smile:

“Elder Yu is joking. If 1 truly had good fortune, I would already be a disciple within the Sect.”

Yu Changchun didn’t bother with pleasantries, saying with a hint of emotion:

“I heard about everything from Uncle Master. It was truly dangerous this time! Who knew that elder of Jingyue Mansion had such a treasure like the Desolate Holy. 1 heard a few real Masters from Pleasure Dao who went there all died, Pleasure Dao surely shot themselves in the foot this time.”

There was no concealment of his joy at Pleasure Dao’s misfortune in his words.

It was clear that even though they were from the same sect, he couldn’t stand Pleasure Dao.

“1 must also thank elder Yu for speaking highly of me in front of Mr. Bai.”

Wang Ba quickly bowed in gratitude, then couldn’t help but ask:

“Elder Yu, may I ask what exactly is the Desolate Holy and how does it have such great power?”

“Specifically, I’m not entirely clear either. 1 only know that this Desolate Holy can shock the soul and separate the cultivator’s spiritual sense from their physical body. If the spiritual sense is weak, just a casual sweep with it can completely destroy their soul, leaving only a hollow shell of the body behind. As for Qi Refining cultivators once they get swept by it…. I think you probably know it better than I do.”

Yu Changchun shared what he knew.

This information shocked Wang Ba.

He didn’t expect the Desolate Holy, which easily killed so many Qi Refining cultivators, was not particularly adept at killing, but rather at separating souls. It was just that Qi Refining cultivators were too weak, and even without being specifically targeted, they would still be easily killed.

This reminded him again of Su LingLing and Yun Caixiang, who died in Jingyue Mansion.

This left Wang Ba feeling melancholic.

But Yu Changchun didn’t notice his mood and laughing heartily, he said:

“This time, Pleasure Dao has suffered badly, Fairy Dao wasn’t treated much better. Although that Master Jiang earned a lot of credit, but 1 heard that he forced himself to assimilate a female cultivator in Foundation Establishment who wasn’t compatible with him on his mission. It seems that he will need some time to recover.”


Yu Changchun’s words sparked some interest in Wang Ba.

He couldn’t resist thinking of the attractive hostess of Jingyue Mansion, Yun jing.

“Well… there’s no harm in telling you. After all, Martial Uncle Bai Yu has taken notice of you, so in the future, there’s a high chance you could become a disciple within the sect.”

“Of course, you must keep this to yourself. If the internal patrol of the sect learns about this, you will be held accountable.”

Yu Changchun seemed a bit hesitant, but soon found a reason to share the secrets of Fairy Dao with Wang Ba.

“Fairy Dao is strange. It’s called Fairy Dao but is actually practiced by men.”

Yu Changchun kept up the suspense.

Thinking of Master Jiang from Fairy Dao, Wang Ba immediately nodded in agreement.

Yu Changchun continued:

“In the early stages, there’s not much difference between the cultivation of Fairy Dao and normal cultivation. However, once they reach Foundation Establishment, their bodies become as flexible as water. At the same time, they also look for a female cultivator who is compatible with them, using various methods to make them quickly grow. Once their cultivation base becomes close to or even exceeds their own, they will assimilate themselves into her body.”

“After assimilating, they not only absorb her essence and cultivate their own, but their body also entirely transforms into the appearance of the women they have assimilated.”

“When their body gradually recovers to its original form, it means that assimilation is complete and they can proceed with the next assimilation.”

Yu Changchun couldn’t help but exclaim: “Honestly, even though Fairy Dao is quite disgusting, its growth rate is extremely fast. The only issue is that finding enough compatible female cultivators is too hard. And if they assimilate with an incompatible female cultivator, oy! They’re really asking for trouble!”

Upon learning about this bizarre cultivation method, Wang Ba’s eyes opened wide in shock and he felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

But he just couldn’t recall where he’d seen it before.

Seeing this, Wang Ba asked a question that had popped into his mind earlier: “Elder Yu, what did you mean when you said Mr. Bai has his eyes on me…”

“You don’t need to call me elder, just call me your friend. I heard from Uncle Master; you quietly cultivated to the Qi Refining Stage VIII. When did you change your cultivation method? 1 never noticed it.”

Yu Changchun was astonished.

Wang Ba quickly explained: “1 didn’t intentionally hide it from you… Friend. I completely gave up the time dedicated to cultivating spells and focused on refining mana, that’s why 1 progressed faster.”

“No need to explain, being able to forge ahead to Qi Refining Stage VIII without cultivating spells shows your talents are extremely high. Hardcore cultivation isn’t necessary when one has natural talent. It’s clear that you didn’t need to grind your control over spells, thus you don’t have to worry about cultivation bottlenecks. With such talent like yours, it seems like a bit of a waste to remain in our school.”

Yu Changchun waved his hand and spoke genuinely.

This left Wang Ba feeling rather lost for words.

He never thought there would come a day when he would be called a genius.

But maybe, only a genius could cover up the fact that he didn’t have a cultivation bottleneck.

He didn’t keep discussing with Yu Changchun about whether he was a genius or not.

And Yu Changchun finally answered Wang Ba’s earlier question:

“Uncle Master is someone 1 trust fairly within the sect, he’s reasonable and keeps his promises. Unlike other elders. When 1 transitioned to Blood Bone Dao, 1 caused him a lot of trouble, so 1 gifted him a jar of your Crystal Spirit Peach Wine a few days ago.”

“He really enjoyed it, so when 1 asked him to help look after you, he immediately agreed.”

Wang Ba nodded upon hearing this.

Indeed, Mr. Bai was a man of his word. At least the bone fragment he sent out in advance indirectly helped several cultivators share the damage from Desolate Holy, which prevented him from having to waste a scapegoat opportunity.

“Right, another thing. Can you make Talismans?”

Yu Changchun suddenly asked.


Wang Ba hesitated, then shook his head and asked: “Why do you ask, Friend?”

He wanted to learn.

However, Talisman Dao isn’t something you can learn from reading a book. You have to follow an experienced Talisman Maker, build a solid foundation bit by bit, and progress gradually to achieve anything.

In this, you not only have to be willing to work hard, but also need to have the talent for it.

He wasn’t sure if he had such talent, but to take time out of his cultivation to learn and make talismans seemed unjustifiable.

He figured it would be better to rush to a high realm first, and then slowly fill in these gaps later.

The more advanced the realm, the easier it is to learn these skills.

Yu Changchun wasn’t surprised when Wang Ba shook his head.

Being able to cultivate to the Stage VIII Qi Refining within a short span of three to four years, while rearing and breeding large quantities of Spirit Chickens, had already astounded him.

If Wang Ba was also skilled in making talismans, he feared he wouldn’t be able to resist turning Wang Ba into a Human Puppet.

It was only a passing thought that had prompted him to ask. Yu Changchun waved his hand and said:

“Elder Jin of the Talisman Dao has fallen during his recent outing, leaving behind only an inherited talisman. Only a cultivator skilled in making talismans can inherit it, be it a cultivator from within the cult or a heresy cultivator.”

“I was thinking, if you happened to possess such skills, you could try. After all, even if you don’t become an elder by inheriting the talisman, you would no longer be considered a heresy cultivator. You wouldn’t have to worry about being assigned mandatory tasks or conscription in the future.”

“Can 1 get back the Spirit Sending Sign?”

Wang Ba suddenly asked.

“Spirit Sending Sign?”

Yu Changchun stared at him and immediately shook his head, “You don’t think that only heresy cultivators use a Spirit Sending Sign, do you?”

“In reality, all cultivators within the Tianmen Cult, even those from Soul Dao, have left their soul aura on Spirit Sending Signs. One copy is stored in Soul Dao while the other is deposited with the Sect Hierarch.”

“Frankly speaking, you are aware of the behaviors of our Cult’s disciples. Can you expect them to go all out for the Tianmen Cult?”

Yu Changchun spoke mockingly, “Given everyone’s selfish nature, it’s pretty good if they don’t turn around and betray the Tianmen Cult.”

“Hence, the Spirit Sending Sign is one of the ways to keep everyone in check.”

“Of course, I understand your feelings. Before, 1 was just like you, always feeling uneasy knowing that my life is in someone else’s hands. However, as long as you don’t betray the Tianmen Cult, and as long as you don’t fail three or more missions or conscriptions, you have no reason to worry. For as long as I’ve been a member of the Cult, 1 only know of a handful of people who have died for reasons other than these two.”

Wang Ba subtly nodded, feeling a bit disappointed.

However, he soon regained his composure, and after a chat, he went to the chicken farm, picked up twenty Spirit Chickens, and gave them to Yu Changchun.

The death of Su Lingling and Yun Caixiang had a significant impact on Bu Chan and Shen Fu.

Wang Ba could clearly feel that Bu Chan’s cultivation attitude was much stronger than before.

On the other hand, Shen Fu’s condition concerned Wang Ba.

This once cold-hearted but warm-hearted youth now resembled an ice cube, and difficult to approach.

Although he would smile when Wang Ba and Bu Chan approached him.

This only added to Wang Ba’s worry.

Shen Fu soon started taking on a lot of optional missions from Heavenly Gate Order, and other than when he was cultivating at Lingshui Courtyard, he was practically invisible.

Wang Ba wasn’t sure how to console him.

Soon, the merit leaderboard for this conscription was released in the market.

The leaderboard only recorded Qi Refining Cultivators, making no distinction between Cult members or heresy Cultivators.

Since the Heavenly Gate Seal supervises, anyone with a record of killing or breaking formation would earn merit points.

Without surprise.

The first place was Dong Qiyu, who had secretly opened the defensive array of the Jingyue Mansion!

His Merit Points reached a whopping 5,ooo, and in total, he accumulated over 20,000 points.

It had already surpassed the requirements for Rank V.

Unfortunately, to become a genuine Cult disciple, one not only needs to fulfill the merit conditions but also needs to complete at least two conscriptions.

Yet now, Dong Qiyu is already a quasi-Tianmen Cult disciple.

The second and third places, however, were relatively unfamiliar names.

[Sword Demon Dao – Zongmeng]

[Butcher Dao – Xiong Haitian]

Wang Ba was involuntarily reminded of that night at the central island of Jingyue Mansion, where two figures were fighting in the crowd, looking like demons or gods.

One was a lone traveler in blue, probably Zongmeng, a disciple of the Sword Demon Dao.

The other was a bald, burly man in a blood-red robe, likely Xiong Haitian of Butcher Dao.

In his opinion, these two were unquestionably the strongest among the Qi Refining Cultivators.

He soon spotted some familiar names.

Meng Randao, ranked 15th.

Jing Kuang, 112th place.

The cultivator with the surname Yan, ranked 569th.

Shen Fu, ranking 2862th.

Bu Chan, ranked 3007th.

As for Wang Ba, he was, apart from the negative ones, among the few at the very end.

Wang Ba wasn’t surprised by this.

Even though he had participated in the battle, he had remained on the periphery of the action and barely used his mana.

The ranking was quite accurate.

Wang Ba didn’t pay this much mind.

For him, completing the conscription was enough. With regard to merit, he could obtain it in a safer way rather than by taking risks.

Of course, this conscription did not leave him empty-handed. As others were fighting in the front, he followed behind and picked up quite a few storage bags.

Most of them were valueless, but there were two that seemed to be sealed by spiritual sense, and he was unable to open them temporarily.

The ripple caused by the conscription in Wang Ba’s life gradually subsided.

And after patiently waiting for a full two months.

The egg that Jia 9 and the Dawn Chicken had laid after mating finally hatched..

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