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Chapter 117: Chapter 117: Chapter 112: New Variety, Foundation

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Chapter 117: Chapter 112: New Variety, Foundation

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What would happen if a Phoenix-feathered Chicken and a Dawn Chicken were to mate and produce offspring?

Wang Ba was filled with curiosity.

But when he saw the egg hatching, he got somewhat unexpected results.

Just born, other chicks are usually a soft, pale yellow.

But this hybrid chick, it had gray feathers.

Other than that, it didn’t seem any different from a normal Spirit Chicken.

As usual, Wang Ba did some tests first and surprisingly found out that this hybrid chick wasn’t just upper grade as he predicted, it was, in fact, a top-grade Spirit Chicken.

That was quite a pleasant surprise for him.

After patiently waiting for a few more days, he infused it with Lifespan.

After being infused with Lifespan and given plenty of chicken feed, the chick began to grow visibly faster, transforming almost every day.

Then gradually, Wang Ba noticed abnormal things about this chick.

It never made a sound.

Even when it was obviously hungry and hunting for food, it never made a ‘cluck cluck’ noise.

What’s more, it never mingled with other Spirit Chickens. It liked being alone, even if its mother, Jia 9, came to see it, it wouldn’t pay any attention. It seemed a bit dazed.

It was even more antisocial than the notoriously introverted Jia 12 and Jia 13.

However, it was very fond of staying near Wang Ba, especially when he was sitting, it would jump on his lap, poke its head in his arms, pecking gently all over.

Basically, wherever Wang Ba would go, it would follow.

“Another problematic chicken…”

Wang Ba massaged his temples, feeling somewhat troubled.

But after caring for it for such a long time, he didn’t have the heart to give up on it just yet.

A little later, the chick’s appetite finally returned to normal.

This also signified the end of the Lifespan Breakthrough.

Unfortunately for Wang Ba, despite the fact that this hybrid chicken appeared to have more Spiritual Power than the Dawn Chicken, and the color measured by the Spirit Light Talisman was blue bordering on purple, it still hadn’t successfully reached the Foundation Establishment stage.

Its appearance, too, left something to be desired.

Just like its father, the Dawn Chicken, it had an all-black body with a large red crest on its head. Perhaps it inherited some good features from its mother, Jia 9, so that amidst the black, there was a hint of dazzling multicolor.

“Could this be considered multicolored black?”

Wang Ba tried to see the lighter side of things.

He casually gave this new breed of chicken a name—The Black-feathered Chicken.

He did a simple test of its fighting capability. Perhaps because its mother Jia 9 wasn’t a natural fighter, the Black-feathered Chicken’s combat ability was also weak.

The only commendable part might be its black feathers.

Regardless, when Jia 12 went into action, and bit the Black-feathered Chicken for a long time, it couldn’t pluck out a single feather.

Unable to hold himself back, Wang Ba had the vicious Jia 13 enter the ring. This time, Jia 13 did manage to break the Black-feathered Chicken’s skin, causing a lot of blood to flow.

But what surprised Wang Ba was that even with blood flowing, it remained silent.

The look in its eyes remained glazed.

It was as if it wasn’t the one getting bitten.

“This won’t do, not even knowing to dodge or fight back in the arena…”

Wang Ba was originally hopeful, sensing maybe the Black-feathered Chicken had some hidden abilities.

But after several tests, he was immensely disappointed.

What was even more disappointing was that during a physical check-up of the Black-feathered chicken, he found that it was neither male nor female.

“No wonder it looks like a rooster but never crows…”

Only then did it dawn on Wang Ba.

This implied that there was reproductive isolation between the Phoenix-feathered Chicken and the Dawn Chicken.

Even if offspring could be produced, they were like mules, without reproductive capacity.

This mating attempt was a failure.

After contemplating it, Wang Ba still chose to record this mating occurrence:

[Black-feathered Chicken: top-grade Spirit Chicken, with a lifespan of around 180 years, defense slightly higher than that of the Dawn Chicken which is also a top-grade Spirit Chicken, low attack power, seemingly low intelligence, no reproductive ability, other abilities unknown…]

On the path of breeding, failure is a common occurrence. Only by learning to summarize and learn from experiences can one go further.

Although the Spirit Chicken outcome was disappointing, there was some good news with the Spirit Turtles.

When Wang Ba was counting the number of Spirit Turtles, he was fortunate enough to witness a live turtle show.

The main characters were Fantong and the four Armored Giant-head Turtles that had been in the pool for almost three months.

After Wang Ba infused them with Lifespan, these four female Armored Giant-head Turtles had all successfully transformed into upper-grade Spirit Turtles.

He had to say, the black and white intertwined, creating a 4.5-degree visual impact, far surpassing the fast-paced separation of the Spirit Chickens. Anyway, Wang Ba found it quite interesting to watch.

With a bit of regret, he watched Fantong finishing up with several Armored Giant-head Turtles, but there seemed to be no sign of stopping.

It was a pity Wang Ba couldn’t get more Armored Giant-head Turtles, male ones in particular. Otherwise, not only could they mate with Fantong, but the Armored Giant-head Turtles could also breed higher-grade turtles like the Spirit Chickens.

Compared with the unstable breeding of Spirit Chickens, even though the hatching cycle of the Spirit Turtles was much longer, it was much more stable. “I guess I should still try to get some more Spirit Turtles when the opportunity arises…”

Wang Ba made a mental note of it.

However, having learned from the failure of the Black-feathered Chicken, Wang Ba didn’t hold out much hope for the breeding between Fantong and the Armored Giant-head Turtles.

With a calm attitude, he decided to take things one step at a time.

Soon, Wang Ba threw himself back into his Cultivation.

His Mana was steadily increasing.

Actually, ever since he completed the last recruitment, his life regained its previous tranquility..

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