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Chapter 118: Chapter 118: Chapter 112 New Varieties, Foundation Establishment Pill_2

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Chapter 118: Chapter 112 New Varieties, Foundation Establishment Pill_2

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Raising chickens, turtles, and Cultivating in the Lingshui Courtyard.

It was very simple yet fulfilling.

Aside from Cultivating in the Lingshui Courtyard and undertaking some freelance tasks, Bu Chan would occasionally come to the poultry farm to help take care of the spirit field.

However, Wang Ba vaguely felt that there was something unusual in the way Bu Chan looked at him at times.

Wang Ba didn’t think too much about it.

All other matters were handled by the human puppet.

Yu Changchun would also drop by from time to time and chat with him about the latest happenings in the sect.

For example, the Acting Elder of the Talisman Dao requested the Sect Hierarch to personally preside over the ‘Inherited Talisman Contest’, inviting all eligible Talisman Makers to participate.

The first round of selection has already concluded.

Oddly enough, there appeared to be a surprising number of talents in talisman making among the Heresy Cultivators.

Among them was a cultivator with the surname Yan who Wang Ba was somewhat familiar with.

Another example, the East Saint’s base has recently become unsettled.

Cultivators with unknown backgrounds have been frequently snooping around the periphery of the base, even going so far as to attack Heresy Cultivators. Quite a few Heresy Cultivators have been assaulted while they were out.

The most infamous among these attackers was a cold-hearted female Cultivator who excels in the Sword Dao, who had killed many Heresy Cultivators. She was known among the Heresy Cultivators as the ‘Widow Maker’.

This drew the attention of the Qi Refining disciples from the Pleasure Dao within the sect, who declared their intention to subdue this female evil cultivator, but so far there has been no news.

No one knew whether they had subdued her or had been subdued by her…

Listening to Yu Changchun’s stories, Wang Ba took it all as entertainment.

He had long decided that unless he was sure he could break free from the constraints of the Spirit Sending Sign, he would not easily leave the Tianmen Cult’s territory.

If he could avoid trouble, he would do so at all costs.

Only if there were mandatory tasks or summons that necessitated his departure would he leave.

However, Yu Changchun’s frequent appearances left Wang Ba somewhat puzzled.

It was clear that the other man was only a step away from Foundation Establishment, yet he hadn’t secluded himself to make a final push, and was instead frequently wandering around aimlessly.

“You wouldn’t understand that, friend.”

Yu Changchun shook his head, his single eye on his fuzzy face looking exceedingly bizarre:

“To establish the Foundation, one must achieve perfection in essence, qi, and soul. Only then, aided by the Foundation Establishment Pill, can one make a breakthrough and form the root of immortality.”

“If any one of essence, qi, or soul is not perfect, one could easily run out of steam, fail at the last moment, or even give rise to a Heart Demon, leading to a loss of control of mana, resulting in injury or death.”

“As I switched to following the Blood Bone Dao, my soul and blood essence have fused into my blood and bones. 1 just need to harmonize my mana with them and then take the Foundation Establishment Pill.”

“The difficulty is much lower than that for most people. But even so, this last step is incredibly challenging.”

“My current lackadaisical attitude is intended to keep my mind calm and align my essence, qi, and soul.”

When Wang Ba heard Yu Changchun talking about his experiences with the Foundation Establishment, he quickly tuned in.

Although he was currently at Qi refining stage VIII, given his current progress, he estimated he would be able to smoothly reach stage IX in another year or two.

Breaking through to the Foundation Establishment realm would probably happen within ten years.

He wasn’t sure if his ability to consume his lifespan to facilitate breakthroughs would be effective for the important hurdle of Foundation Establishment. Hence it was best to make preparations on all fronts early.

When he heard about the ‘Foundation Establishment Pill’, Wang Ba couldn’t help but ask curiously:

“May 1 ask where one could purchase this Foundation Establishment Pill from the market?”


At this, Yu Changchun couldn’t help but laugh.

“How do you think I got my Foundation Establishment Pill?”

“It was given to me by the sect!”

“Why did they give me a Foundation Establishment Pill? This is because 1 had previously infiltrated the East Saint Sect and risked my life to complete a crucial mission.”

“Out of the thousands of bones on Chief Lu’s body, nearly a hundred of them were hidden piece by piece in the bodies of these miscellaneous workers by me.”

“Even before Chief Lu joined the sect, I already infiltrated the East Saint Sect!”

“Even so, with such a great contribution I had made, I merely received only two Foundation Establishment Pills.”

“Do you think it’s possible to buy a Foundation Establishment Pill in the market?”

In the end, Yu Changchun sighed:

“If it really were for sale, there wouldn’t be dozens of Qi Refining Stage X Cultivators in the sect, all waiting for that one Foundation Establishment Pill.”

“It wouldn’t be so hard for you Heresy Cultivators to become disciples of the sect.”

Hearing these words, Wang Ba gained a clear understanding of the value of the Foundation Establishment Pill.

Even the Cultivators in the sect had to wait in line, which indicated its rarity.

Not to mention a Heresy Cultivator like him.

After thinking about it, Wang Ba was hopeful and asked:

“Dare I ask, if there is no Foundation Establishment Pill, could one still establish their foundation relying solely on the perfection of essence, Qi, and soul?”

Unexpectedly, after thinking carefully, Yu Changchun nodded seriously:

“Naturally, it’s possible.”

Seeing Wang Ba’s surprised face, laughter could be seen on Yu Changchun’s vague face:

“If your Spiritual Roots are exceptional, you have never taken any elixir, your soul is strong enough to reach the threshold of Foundation Establishment, your Essence Yuan is abundant and cannot be further increased, and your Mana is strong, your foundation is solid… fulfill these conditions 1 mentioned, then indeed it’s possible.”

“Hehe, without mentioning anything else, given how fast you’ve been Cultivating, can you say that you’ve never taken any elixir?”

There was a subtle change in Wang Ba’s expression.


However, he quickly covered it up and asked with a puzzled look, “1 can understand the Spiritual Roots part, but why doesn’t taking elixir affect the Foundation Establishment?”

“It’s very simple, Foundation Establishment is the first step towards immortality. The most important thing is to cleanse the physical body, making it pure and flawless. Even the level of one’s life becomes different, which is the only way to build the foundation for immortality.”

“Once you have taken the elixir, more or less elixir poison will accumulate in your body. It is actually difficult for a Cultivator to completely eradicate it by oneself. Even if you have taken too much elixir, it will also affect the perfection of essence, Qi, and soul. In that case, you could only rely on external forces like the Foundation Establishment Pill to forcibly cleanse.”

Yu Changchun explained earnestly.

At this point, he no longer looked down on Wang Ba, but treated him completely as an equal.

“But… the Foundation Establishment Pill is also an elixir. Wouldn’t it also have elixir poison?”

Upon hearing this, Wang Ba couldn’t help but ask in confusion.

Yu Changchun helplessly said:

“Of course, that’s why the foundation achieved with the Foundation Establishment Pill still has flaws.”

“But, that’s something inevitable. Having flaws is still better than being a Qi Refining Cultivator for a lifetime.”

A look of longing suddenly surfaced in his one-eyed face:

“I have heard that in ancient times, there were Cultivators who realized the way of heaven and earth and managed to establish their foundation overnight, without any elixirs. This is known as ‘Heavenly Dao Foundation Establishment’. Only by establishing the foundation with this method can it be a supreme path’s foundation.”

“It is said that some large sects’ personal disciples, from the moment they start Qi Refining, do not use elixir at all. They feed on superior spirit food and cleanse their bodies with Spiritual Energy day and night. They also can establish their foundation without the need for a Foundation Establishment Pill. This can be considered a clever way to achieve Heavenly Dao Foundation Establishment.”

Yu Changchun couldn’t hide his admiration, but he immediately sighed and shook his head:

“However, these things are far too far away from us and unlikely.”

“After all, Breakthrough Pills, Qi Refining Pills… you know that using these things will affect you in the end, but you can’t resist the temptation to take them.”

“Just like you, you reached Qi Refining Stage VIII so quickly, you must have taken quite a few elixirs, right?”

Wang Ba’s expression was strange: “Uh….”

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