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Chapter 119: Chapter 119: Chapter 113: Price Increase, Spiritual Cook_i

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Chapter 119: Chapter 113: Price Increase, Spiritual Cook_i

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Yu Changchun did not realize anything, but tried to persuade earnestly: “Fellow Daoist, do not rush. Our Tianmen Cult has indeed many speedy cultivation methods, but if you proceed too rapidly now, you will slow down afterwards.”

“Just think, in our Tianmen Cult, we have twenty Gold Core Elders in public, but only the sect hierarch has truly achieved the Nascent Soul.”

“Within our cult, there are four true methods that lead directly to the Nascent Soul.”

Upon suddenly hearing such secretive information, Wang Ba was surprised but also had a vague suspicion in his heart:

“Could it be because of the rush in the beginning and slow down afterwards you mentioned?”


Yu Changchun nodded his head and said:

“I will not smooth things over, among the twenty-four legacies of our Tianmen Cult, more than half lean to the Demon Dao. As long as the resources are adequate and the affinity is right, one can grow and breakthrough rapidly.” “But why is the Immortal Master of Nascent Soul only the sect hierarch?” “Because the cultivation methods within our cult are indeed easier to break through Foundation Establishment and Core Formation than the traditional methods, which is why we can cultivate so many Gold Core Daoists.” “However, once you really enter the Gold Core, it gets harder and harder. Every step is a difficulty, every phase is a hurdle. Without extraordinary talent, sufficient resources, and great willpower, it’s hard to make progress.” “To be honest, if I hadn’t seen that establishing my foundation would be difficult, I wouldn’t have chosen the Blood Bone Dao.”

“The method of Puppet Dao might seem wicked to outsiders, but the cultivation methods of Puppet Dao are the legitimate Dao of Five Elements. My cultivation base is also painstakingly cultivated step by step with no falseness.” “Unfortunately, my talent is limited…”

Regret filled Yu Changchun’s one eye.

Upon hearing this, Wang Ba felt a sudden realization and a touch of sympathy. Yu Changchun clearly knew the drawbacks of the Demon Dao cultivation methods, but unfortunately, due to his limited talent, he had no choice but to switch to the Blood Bone Dao.

But it was because of this that he had afterwards asked Wang Ba to raise spirit chickens for him.

Every bite and every sip, was it not just like this?

However, Wang Ba met the conditions stated by Yu Changchun for establishing the foundation without a Foundation Establishment Pill, apart from his talent and spiritual root which was not quite compatible. The hardest condition ‘never having used an elixir’, he fit perfectly.

Throughout his cultivation journey, he really hadn’t used one, not even bought one.

He did plan to buy a few elixirs from the elixir store before, but unfortunately, the elixirs in the store were sold out at the time, leaving only the Blood Pills which he was reluctant to use.

In the end, he didn’t buy anything and left.

Through various unexpected events, he managed to find another opportunity. “The unity of Soul, Essence Yuan, and Mana… These are things that take time.” And what he is least afraid of is something that takes time.

Yu Changchun came and left.

Wang Ba was focused on cultivating, but after a few days, an old acquaintance came knocking on his door.

“A rare guest, a rare guest. Weren’t you preparing for the Inherited Talisman Competition? How do you have time to visit me?”

Wang Ba asked curiously.

The visitor was the old customer of the chicken farm, the cultivator with the surname Yan.

Now, Yan had a radiant face and was full of energy, a stark contrast to the bitter expression he had during the draft. Obviously, he had made some gains during this period.

In response to Wang Ba’s teasing, he didn’t mind and laughed:

“Fellow Daoist Wang, stop teasing me. I came to you to buy spirit chickens. I’ve eaten all the spirit chickens from before, and now that I’m about to breakthrough, I need to buy some more.”

“All eaten? So soon?”

Wang Ba was slightly startled, Yan had bought many spirit chickens from him. He bought more than seventy in one go back then. After the draft, having presumably benefited a lot in Jingyue Mansion, Yan bought nearly a hundred more.

It had been less than two months since those purchases, and he was here to buy again. The rate at which he consumed the spirit chickens was rather astounding.

However, these thoughts only flickered briefly in Wang Ba’s mind.

A look of surprise appeared on his face as he said, “You’re about to breakthrough? Congratulations, congratulations! After your breakthrough, I’m afraid you’ll be the top talisman maker among us of the left path in the East Saint Station.”

Yan was at the same Stage VIII as him.

Since he now said that he was about to breakthrough, evidently he was about to step into the ranks of Stage IX.

Qi refining becomes more difficult the further one goes, and naturally there are fewer people.

In Stage IX, among the disciples of the left path in East Saint Station, he would only rank below a dozen or so people.

Yan’s own skill at making talismans was not low, so it was not an exaggeration to call him the top talisman maker in the East Saint Station.

“I dare not accept such kind words.”

Upon hearing this, Yan quickly waved his hand, but his slightly self-satisfied expression still betrayed his true thoughts.

After a brief exchange of pleasantries, Yan asked, “Fellow Daoist, do you still have spirit chickens here? I need at least a hundred this time.”

This number wasn’t much for Wang Ba, but he still frowned upon hearing it:

“You want so many at once? Can they be divided into batches?”

“I’m afraid that won’t work.”

Yan shook his head repeatedly.

Wang Ba suggested giving him fifty now and the rest in a few days.

As a result, after some hesitation, Yan still shook his head.

Wang Ba seized the opportunity to ask why.

Under his persistent questioning, Yan finally revealed the situation.

It turned out that there was a spiritual cook in Jiantao Station who specialized in condensing large amounts of spirit food.

After being concentrated, spirit food is not only able to ensure that most of the beneficial parts for cultivators are retained, but also allows cultivators to consume more in a shorter time.

This is why the cultivator surnamed Yan could eat so many Spirit Chickens so quickly.

Of course, the fees of this Spiritual Cook are also extremely expensive. If divided into two times, even the cultivator surnamed Yan would feel extremely distressed.

“There is such a profession as spiritual cook…”

Wang Ba was suddenly tempted.

Although his recent cultivation speed, with the blessing of the Lingshui Courtyard, was not too slow.

However, due to the unstable output of middle-grade Spirit Chickens and the near uselessness of the lower-grade Spirit Chickens for him, he hadn’t eaten Spirit Chickens for a while and was only consuming Spirit Turtles.

If he could get the help of this Spiritual Cook to concentrate a large quantity of the lower-grade Spirit Chickens, the lower-grade Spirit Chickens would regain their value for him, aside from providing lifespan.

Having received this useful piece of information, Wang Ba didn’t stall any longer. With a helpless expression on his face, he said,

“Fine. Since you are a regular customer and in the midst of a breakthrough, even if it affects the subsequent breeding of my chicken farm, I can’t delay you.”

The cultivator surnamed Yan was overjoyed and hurriedly took out a storage bag, which contained a whopping four hundred Spirit Stones and a stack of upper-grade talismans.

Wang Ba was taken aback: “Did you give too much?”


The cultivator surnamed Yan responded as if it were only natural, “In today’s market, a lower-grade male Spirit Chicken costs eight Spirit Stones. For a hundred, it’s eight hundred Spirit Stones. I’m giving half of the Spirit Stones and replacing the other half with talismans at the same market price… If you feel that you are losing out, could you give me some more time to make more talismans for sale, all to be replaced with Spirit Stones?”

Eight Spirit Stones for a lower-grade male Spirit Chicken?

The spirit beast store’s owner must be craving for Spirit Stones like mad.

This is almost catching up with the price collapse in the East Saint Sect’s market.

However, seeing that the cultivator surnamed Yan seemed to be accepting it himself, Wang Ba naturally didn’t reject the Spirit Stones that were offered to him.

After collecting the Spirit Stones and talismans, he handed over the Spirit Chickens whose lifespan had been drawn to the cultivator surnamed Yan, and learned the exact location of the Spiritual Cook from him.

After the cultivator surnamed Yan left.

Wang Ba took a few Spirit Chickens and visited the market, which he hadn’t gone to in a long time.

Only then was he surprised to find out that almost everything in the market had increased in price to varying extents.

But the purchase price remained extremely low.

For example, the few lower-grade male Spirit Chickens that Wang Ba brought to the spirit beast store, each of them only had a recycling price of one Spirit Stone.

The boss was just short of carving the words ‘Robbing Money’ on his face.

After a round.

Wang Ba didn’t buy anything at all.

It was too expensive. Even if he was quite well-off, he didn’t want to be slaughtered by these shop owners for nothing.

Of course, the main reason was also that he didn’t really need most of the things being sold in the market now.

So the price increase didn’t affect him too much, instead, it made his Spirit Stone income a little higher.

Back at the chicken farm, a few more days passed.

The four Armored Giant-head Turtles, which had been nurtured by Fantong, finally began to lay eggs one after another.

Wang Ba arranged a sand field for them to lay eggs.

And specially asked Shen Fu to come over and implanted an array into the sand field to provide constant temperature and humidity.

After a few years of rearing, he had also summed up some turtle-raising experiences.

To hatch turtle eggs, only a constant, warm temperature and humidity can allow the little ones inside the eggs to be born smoothly.

Interestingly, the sex of the Spirit Turtles inside the eggs can be controlled by adjusting the temperature.

A lower temperature, longer incubation period, gives higher chances of hatching male turtles.

Conversely, a higher temperature, shorter incubation period, gives higher chances of hatching female turtles.

Since one male turtle can often mate with four or five female turtles, and unlike Spirit Chickens where rearing more male Spirit Chickens is necessary due to the unpredictable nature of their breeding, Wang Ba only needed to allocate a small low-temperature incubation area to hatch a small number of male turtles.

After dealing with the turtle eggs, Wang Ba prepared to pay a visit to Jiantao Station.

He had already booked the teleportation array to Jiantao Station.

Only, he was speechless that the Black-feathered Chicken, covered in flamboyantly black feathers, still looked dazed and followed him nimbly.

He just couldn’t shake it off.

After all, although the Black-feathered Chicken is not known for its speed, it’s an elite Spirit Chicken and is not at all slower compared to Wang Ba.

Wang Ba tried to put the Black-feathered Chicken into the Spirit Beast Bag, but it kept retreating and did not cooperate at all.

“This guy looks like I’ll have to get him a Spirit Beast Collar too. Even though he’s obedient, he lacks intelligence and doesn’t understand commands.”

Wang Ba could only reluctantly accept the fact a of having an additional tail for the time being.

However, just as he was about to leave with a batch of Spirit Chickens,

An unexpected guest made Wang Ba could not help but immediately infuse mana into his Spirit Beast Bag and Storage Bag.

Ready to summon Jia 13 at any time and release the talismans.

The visitor, dressed in grey clothes, stood not far from the entrance of the chicken farm, quietly looking at the spirit field covered by the Minor Golden Bell Array, his face completely unseen.

If Wang Ba had not seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t have sensed this grey-clad cultivator’s presence.

But in fact, he had seen this person before.

And just once, but it was an encounter impossible for him to forget.

This person was the mysterious cultivator who had sold him the proof of killing when Wang Ba was still living at Shidong House..

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