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Chapter 12: 12 Chapter 12: Eggs, Condense Yin Power!_1

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12 Chapter 12: Eggs, Condense Yin Power!_1

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The first thing that happened was that the Precious Chicken laid an egg.

For a chicken to lay an egg is as common as anything.

However, Wang Ba noticed after observing that this was a fertilized Precious Chicken egg.

Moreover, it was fertilized by a male Spirit Chicken.

A few days ago, when Wang Ba mastered Stage I of the “Book of Yin God’s Grand Dream,” he noticed that one of the male Spirit Chickens seemed a bit restless.

To his surprise, today he witnessed firsthand that the male Spirit Chicken had indeed mated.

The sight of the large Spirit Chicken mounting the Precious Chicken seemed a bit weird because of their contrasting sizes.

But Wang Ba was overjoyed about it.

Not long after, just as expected, the hen that had been mated with, laid an egg.

To Wang Ba, the spiritual energy in this egg was clearly denser than that in a regular Precious Chicken egg.

This made Wang Ba somewhat excited.

What type of chicken would hatch from this egg? A Spirit Chicken or still a Precious Chicken?

Or maybe something transitional between the two?

Of course, there could also be reproductive isolation resulting in the egg failing to hatch.

Nothing was certain.

But this kept Wang Ba busy.

To prevent other chickens from pecking the egg out of hunger, he singled out the hen and the egg and made a separate nest for them, and then encased it.

He put the male Spirit Chicken and other hens, including two female Spirit Chickens together.

However, when he saw that the male Spirit Chicken got beaten up by a female Spirit Chicken, he realized he had overthought.

He could only hope that the male Spirit Chicken would continue to mate with other Precious Chicken hens.

He was busy until dusk.

As usual, he killed a chicken. Since he was cooking soup to ensure minimal dispersion of spiritual energy.

He removed all traces afterwards, burying the chicken bones in the ground.

He ate while pondering.

In a few days, Deacon Li would come to collect the offerings, and of the 22 evolved Spirit Chickens, he had only eaten eight so far.

The result was from his desperate contemplation of the Yin God to absorb spiritual energy.

Yes, this was the second good thing he discovered.

That is, after eating the Spirit Chicken, immediately contemplate the Yin God.

This could effectively retain a small portion of spiritual energy.

This portion was less than one-tenth of the leaked spiritual energy.

This spiritual energy was essentially absorbed by the Yin’s Government in the center of his forehead.

But so far, there was still no movement in the Yin’s Government.

He felt no sign of the so-called Power of the Yin God.

It seemed like besides the ability to clearly see spiritual energy, there was no other gain after mastering Stage I of “Book of Yin God’s Grand Dream.”

Despite this, he did not give up.

Though he wanted to use Lifespan to continue to enhance “Book of Yin God’s Grand Dream,” but for one, he did not have enough lifespan, for two, unlike the Body Strengthening Scripture, “Book of Yin God’s Grand Dream” disappeared mysteriously from the consumption option on the panel after the breakthrough.

He just had to rely on his constant contemplation.

Today was no different.

After eating and drinking heavily, he immediately sat cross-legged on the spot, contemplating the Yin God, without even having the time to wipe his mouth.

He was constantly visualizing the shape of the Yin God at the center of his forehead.

At the same time, observing the spiritual energy in his body, he was happier than he would have been if he had obtained a Spirit Stone, when he saw a small portion of spiritual energy being trapped in his body.

With the last bit of spiritual energy being completely absorbed, Wang Ba slowly exhaled.

However, just at this moment, there was a sudden twitch at the center of Wang Ba’s forehead!

He felt that a crimson droplet, the size of a peanut formed out of nowhere in his Yin’s Government!

“This… This is the Power of the Yin God!”

In an instant, he understood!

This droplet was really small.

Compared to this droplet, the Yin’s Government on the forehead was absolutely vast.

But the shock it gave to Wang Ba was not diminished at all!

Because at the moment the Power of the Yin God was condensed, he finally understood the utility of this power.

“To summarize in four words… Big lies seem true!”

“If driven by the Power of the Yin God, you can deceive under others’ nose, creating illusion as reality!”

“In other words, it seems like a magic technique that can deceive others at will!”

“Unless the Power of the Yin God is exhausted, ordinary people simply cannot see through it!”

“Old Sun, where did he get such a profound cultivation method?”

At this moment, countless doubts about Old Sun’s identity rose in Wang Ba’s mind.

Even though he was not so knowledgeable, he could feel how unusual the “Book of Yin God’s Grand Dream” was.

But how could Old Sun, just a mortal, obtain it?

He thought about it, but still had no clue.

But he didn’t get too entangled with it. With this Power of the Yin God, he had a solution to a problem he had been worried about for a while.

That is, to sell the remaining Spirit Chickens!

This issue had troubled him for a long time. He had to deal with so many Spirit Chickens to make sure Deacon Li didn’t find out.

After all, hiding a few was easy, but it became obvious when the number reached more than ten.

He couldn’t finish them all. So, it was either throwing them away or selling them.

Throwing them away would be really a pity.

But selling them would draw attention due to their number.

Even if he were to go to different markets to sell them, the risk would still be high.

He had initially thought about finding a quiet spot to secretly release them or just outright dispose of them.

But now, the appearance of the Power of the Yin God had provided him with an excellent solution.

All he had to do was use the Power of the Yin God to transform himself and sell all of the Spirit Chickens in a big, brazen way.

Then revert to his actual appearance after selling them.

Unless he got caught right on the spot, there were barely any risks involved.

Of course, he could try to trick Deacon Li so that he wouldn’t notice.

But he wasn’t quite sure about it.

Anybody who can become a deacon, even one for the outer sect, must have exceptional talents; they might see through his disguise.

He didn’t dare to take such a risk.

So, after going back and forth, selling the Spirit Chickens seemed to be the most suitable option.

“But first, I need to test it out!”

This, however, presented another problem: how should he test it and who should he test it on?

He was all alone in his mountain, surrounded by no one.

Other than going to the market, he only saw Old Hou, who delivered chicken feed, and Niu Yong, who collected chicken manure.

Having given it some thought, these two seemed to be his only options!

He continued with his visualizations.

However, that droplet of water in his Yin’s Government had not shown any changes yet.

If not for the spiritual energy he had absorbed over the past few days, relying solely on visualization would take him at least a month or two to condense one droplet.

He kept visualizing until late at night until he finally fell into a deep sleep.

Early in the morning, he got up for feeding and cleaning.

Soon after, he could hear Old Hou’s yelling coming from below the mansion.

Wang Ba’s heart stirred, and the droplet of water inside his Yin’s Government started spinning quickly.

He immediately headed downstairs briskly.

Seeing him, Old Hou greeted him with a surprised look on his face:

“Good sir, may I ask if Wang Ba is inside?”

Wang Ba responded with a slight smile, “Wait here, I’ll go call him.”

“I appreciate your help.”

Old Hou, who was completely oblivious, quickly bowed, revealing a smile.

“No problem.”

Wang Ba turned around and quickly retreated to the mansion, immediately canceling the Power of the Yin God.

Then, he returned to Old Hou acting as himself.

Calling out to the old man below:

“Old Hou!”

Seeing this, Old Hou nodded and set down the two buckets of chicken feed.

As Wang Ba took the buckets, he heard Old Hou quietly asking about the identity of the tall man with the dark face and extravagant robe:

“Who was that tall dark-faced man in the glamorous robe? He looks unfamiliar! He isn’t one of us commoners, is he?”

“I don’t know. A stranger showed up at the door all of a sudden and started asking me about the chickens. I didn’t dare question him,” Wang Ba quietly replied while pointing to the mansion, hinting something.

Old Hou immediately understood and showed empathy.

Nodding his head:

“That must be an immortal.”

“Brother Wang, you must be careful!”

Then he hastily rode off with his donkey cart full of chicken feed.

Looking at Old Hou’s retreating figure, a faint smile appeared on Wang Ba’s face.

The tall dark-faced man in the glamorous robe that Old Hou talked about naturally referred to himself.

It was a disguise he made up for himself, and to his surprise, Old Hou didn’t recognize him at all.

However, Wang Ba did not let his guard down. He waited a while and when Niu Yong, the manure collector, came by, he once again conjured an image of a yellow-faced Taoist.

As he had expected, when the Power of the Yin God faded away and he appeared in his true form, Niu Yong, who always was quite brash, curiously asked about the identity of the yellow-faced Taoist.

“Just a friend,” Wang Ba replied indifferently, not wanting to elaborate further.

His cryptic attitude made Niu Yong suspicious about the situation.

This wasn’t a rogue market, it was at the foot of the East Saint Sect.

Even though it was the outermost part, almost no Sect Disciples ever came here, but it still fell within the sect’s jurisdiction.

If a yellow-faced Taoist appeared here, seeming different from the commoner, chances were he was a disciple of the sect.

A Sect Disciple, even an outer disciple, held a significantly higher status than people like them.

They existed merely to serve those disciples. The chicken farming in Ding Villa existed to provide Spirit Chickens to the disciples.

Their existence as manure collectors was to gather manure as fertilizer to enrich the spirit field, allowing it to grow better spiritual medicine for the disciples’ cultivation exercises.

Disciples of the Sect were their heaven!

They held the power of life and death over these menial workers.

This was the exact reason why Niu Yong, who always spoke with a hint of arrogance to Wang Ba, was now showing a flattering smile, stuffing a few silver ingots into Wang Ba’s hand.

“Brother Wang, with such connections, why stick around here? Look, the price of chicken manure has gone up. Here is an extra ten taels of silver.”

“Ah? Oh I, I really don’t know what to say…”

“It’s alright, it’s alright, you deserve it. Go keep your friend company, don’t let him wait.”

At the entrance of the mansion, as he watched Niu Yong drive off with his manure cart, Wang Ba nodded, pleased.

“I can try it now!”

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