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Chapter 120: Chapter 120: Chapter 114: Identity, Mystery i

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Chapter 120: Chapter 114: Identity, Mystery i

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“May I inquire of you, friend, what brings you here?”

Unsure of the mysterious cultivator’s sudden arrival, Wang Ba took the initiative to speak up.

The gray-robed cultivator slowly turned around, looking at Wang Ba.

The unclear face, just like Lu Yuansheng and Yu Changchun, made a slight chill run down Wang Ba’s spine.

The profound and solemn aura of the other party made Wang Ba instinctively feel extremely dangerous.

He couldn’t help but wonder,

Is this person a heresy cultivator or a disciple within the sect?

Eventually, the gray-robed cultivator finally spoke, his voice low and dull:

“Heh, so Senior Brother Zhao was not mistaken.”

Senior Brother Zhao?!

Despite being shocked, Wang Ba kept his cool.

A heresy cultivator stationed at the East Saint location, who isn’t a leftover evil from East Saint Sect and who doesn’t have a few acquainted disciples from the East Saint Sect?

What confused him was, who was this man?

Why does he know about his relationship with Zhao Feng?

But there was no change in his expression, he showed his confusion and said, “Sorry, sir, what are you talking about?”

Meanwhile, his mana quickly moved, secretly infusing the upper-grade Jade Armor on his body.

However, the gray-robed cultivator just slightly shook his head:

“Just making a joke, friend, there’s no need to be nervous.”

But Wang Ba narrowed his eyes, with absolutely no intention of relaxing.

Seeing this, the gray-robed cultivator, resigned, said, “All right, let me get to the point. The prices in the market are too high now, and I heard that you are selling Spirit Chickens here, I want to buy some, just fifty for now, and later….”

“My apologies, but that’s a rumor. 1 don’t have any Spirit Chickens here.”

Wang Ba revealed a slight smile, and his words immediately stunned the gray-robed cultivator.

“No? How can there be none?”

“There’s none, I’m really sorry, friend. Please feel free to leave.”

Wang Ba smiled again.

After saying this, he walked directly into the chicken farm, leaving the gray-robed cultivator standing there in astonishment.

It seemed he didn’t expect this kind of encounter at all.

After a while, he came back to his senses, gave a deep look at the chicken farm with a hint of significance in his eyes.

He shook his head slightly, then boarded his magic tool and disappeared in front of the entrance of the chicken farm.

In the chicken farm,

Wang Ba’s face was cold.

“Dong Qiyu?”

It wasn’t hard to guess.

Causing Wang Ba to feel quite dangerous, the strength of the gray-robed cultivator was clearly more than the Stage IX of Qi Refining.

And Foundation Establishment Competitors would not hide their identity in front of him.

So, the gray-robed cultivator was mostly at Stage X of Qi Refining.

Moreover, he actually knew about Wang Ba and Zhao Feng’s relationship, even calling Zhao Feng “senior brother”.

Most likely, he’s a heresy cultivator left by East Saint Sect.

Thus, his identity was already evident.

Either Dong Qiyu or Meng Randao.

Among the heresy cultivators left by the East Saint Sect, only these two possessed the Cultivation Base at Stage X of Qi Refining.

But considering the many cultivators gathered around Meng Randao, even if he really needed Spirit Chickens, he probably wouldn’t personally show up.

So, Dong Qiyu, who mostly kept to himself and didn’t have much news about him, was most likely to be the gray-robed cultivator, with about a 99% chance.

Of course, it’s also possible that there are unseen dragons and hidden tigers among the heresy cultivators, hiding other Stage X Qi Refining cultivators.

But no matter what, Wang Ba did his best to avoid any interaction with such people.

Hiding their identities and behaving suspiciously, it was clear they possessed secrets.

Such people often brought a lot of trouble with them.

And the last thing he wanted was trouble.

Whether he would attract trouble or not, he preferred to keep his distance.

After a while, confirming Dong Qiyu had really left, Wang Ba, with the Black-feathered Chicken, stepped onto the teleportation array to Jiantao Station.

After coming back from Jiantao Station,

In the wooden house of the chicken farm,

Wang Ba glanced at the neatly cleaned bed and cabinets, knowing that Bu Chan had been there before.

Immediately, he frowned:

“This girl, how many times have 1 told her? Cleaning the house wastes too much time, she should focus on Cultivation.”

He shook his head slightly.

First, Wang Ba opened the Spirit Beast Bag and looked at the perfectly well-preserved Armored Giant-head Turtles and dozens of Yellow Throat Stone Turtles, then put them aside.

Then he opened the Storage Bag and pulled out a large pot of something that looked like water but wasn’t, and looked like flesh but wasn’t, a frozen substance.

This was the result of Wang Ba spending more than a hundred Spirit Stones to hire a spiritual cook from Jiantao Station to concentrate the essence of two hundred Spirit Chickens.

He couldn’t help but scoop out a piece with his mana and put it in his mouth.

In an instant, the rich Spiritual Energy and Essence Yuan flowed quickly towards his body, Dantian, and between his brows…

The mana vortex at the Dantian spontaneously started to spin rapidly, creating strands of Mana quickly.

And at the same time, in the Yin’s Government, the Power of the Yin God that had been consumed during the cleansing of Jingyue Mansion was also recovering quickly.

His body seemed to be undergoing a subtle change that was hard to detect.

After scooping a few more mouthfuls,

Feeling the fullness in his body, as if he couldn’t eat any more, he finally stopped.

“No wonder Yan Chi’s Cultivation speed is so fast….”

Just these few mouthfuls were almost as much as his hard work through half a day of Cultivation at Lingshui Courtyard.

Of course, if kept at such a consumption rate, the essence of these two hundred lower-grade Spirit Chickens would probably be consumed completely in less than two months.

Such consumption was nothing short of terrifying.

It was only that the cost of raising Spirit Chickens for him was so low that there was practically no cost at all, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to afford such consumption.

As for the cultivator surnamed Yan, it’s probably because he made a good harvest from Jingyue Mansion before, and added to his desire to fight for the inherited talisman, that he could afford to do so.

“However, if I keep using the Spirit Chicken essence as a supplement, I could probably reach Stage IX of Qi Refining in a little over a year, instead of the originally estimated two years..”

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