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Chapter 121: Chapter 121: Chapter 114 Identity, Mystery_2

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Chapter 121: Chapter 114 Identity, Mystery_2

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“Looks like i’ll have to stimulate another batch of Precious Chickens to hatch.”

To avoid sparking the greed of other cultivators within his sect, he usually kept around five to six hundred Spirit Chickens in his poultry farm.

This number ensured a steady supply of resources for Yu Changchun’s cultivation and his own, which he obtained by trading with other cultivators.

It was also not too conspicuous to attract attention.

Now, there was a new and better place to send the lower-grade Spirit Chickens, he could take full advantage of it.

So, he first induced the existence of Yuanyang on a batch of appropriately aged mother Precious Chickens, and after a period of time, when all the mother Precious Chickens had laid eggs whose incubation period was close, he would use the Lifespan Breakthrough to create a corresponding number of lower-grade Spirit Chickens.

This way, he ensured a supply of Spirit Chickens that did not exceed the feed supply.

After the chicks in the eggs hatched, he would pack these lower-grade Spirit Chickens, which had experienced Lifespan Breakthrough, into his Spirit Beast Bag, and wait for the next opening day of the Teleportation Array to send them to Jiantao Station for the Spiritual Cook to handle.

He repeated this process at intervals of time.

In the process, he considered asking to become an apprentice to the Spiritual Cook to learn his Spirit Chicken preparation techniques.

However, he was directly rejected by the Spiritual Cook.

“Teaching an apprentice can starve a master, and besides, if you learn it all, would you still need to spend Spirit Stones on me?”

Listening to the frank words of the plump chef, Wang Ba retreated awkwardly.

In fact, he wanted to learn in order to save Spirit Stones.

After all, every time, because of the sheer numbers, the fee of several hundred Spirit Stones bowled him over.

As the number of purchases made by cultivator Yan and others from his farm declined, he gradually found himself running at a loss.

If there were no other sources of income, in a few months, he could deplete his savings and be unable to afford the services of the Spiritual Cook.

But Wang Ba couldn’t think of a good solution for the time being.

So he just managed to keep through.

And so, time flew by quickly.

The amount of Spirit Chicken Essence he stored up was increasing.

His mana was also filling up day by day.

And the distance to the Qi Refining Stage IX was getting closer.

Half a year later.

In the Lingshui Courtyard, Wang Ba slowly opened his eyes.

“In less than half a year, 1 should be able to step into the Qi Refining Stage IX.”

His progress was even faster than he had initially anticipated.

Just then.

“Thump, thump, thump.”

The door to his cultivation room was suddenly knocked on.

Wang Ba’s face changed slightly.

In the Lingshui Courtyard, only he and Bu Chan were present.

And Bu Chan would not disturb him when he was cultivating under normal circumstances.

But if she was knocking on the door at this time, it must be something urgent.

Wang Ba immediately got up and opened the door.

He saw Bu Chan’s anxious face: as soon as Wang Ba opened the door, she quickly said,

“Brother, Shen Fu has been seriously injured!”


Startled upon hearing this, Wang Ba didn’t waste any more words: “Quick, take me there!”

“He’s at the poultry farm.”

Said Bu Chan.

Wang Ba immediately took out the Feihuang Ruler and, with his near Stage IX Qi refining mana, quickly poured in.

“Hold onto me!”

Bu Chan hurriedly jumped onto the Feihuang Ruler and subconsciously embraced Wang Ba’s waist from behind.

“You’re holding on wrong. I meant hold onto my clothes.”

Wang Ba frowned slightly.

Bu Chan:”…”

Her fair face blushed instantly, and she bit her lip involuntarily.

She glared at Wang Ba from behind, resentfully.

But Wang Ba did not notice at all and urged the Feihuang Ruler to fly up quickly.

In no time, they arrived at the poultry farm.

He quickly went in.

Next to the small wooden house, as expected, they saw Shen Fu sitting there, pale-faced, with his aura visibly weak.


Shen Fu spoke weakly.

“Don’t speak for now, don’t resist, let me have a look.”

Wang Ba strode forward, extending his hand to release strands of mana into Shen Fu’s body.

Soon, he withdrew his hand with a serious look on his face.

“You’re barely hanging in there. Your Dantian’s Mana Whirl is almost shattered… What happened?”

Shen Fu was as pale as a sheet, but he didn’t dare to hide anything from his most respected elder brother.

“Some time ago, I accepted a task within the sect. The task was to capture a female cultivator of Foundation Establishment for someone from the Pleasure Dao…”

“Foundation Establishment? Are you out of your mind?!”

Bu Chan couldn’t help but look at Shen Fu in shock.

Wang Ba also frowned, but he didn’t lose his composure like Bu Chan. Instead, he asked in confusion,

“I know you’re not a fool, why would you accept a task you obviously can’t complete?”

Shen Fu seemed relieved by Wang Ba’s words, and then shook his head, saying,

“If the reward was just ordinary, I wouldn’t have taken such a risk. But… One of the rewards for this task is a Foundation Establishment Pill that you, brother, can use!”


Bu Chan’s face was immediately filled with surprise.

As a member of a cultivator family, she was crystal clear about the value of a Foundation Establishment Pill.

But Wang Ba was also surprised. “A Foundation Establishment Pill?”

What surprised him, however, was not the Foundation Establishment Pill but the fact that Shen Fu had taken on such a task for him.

Seeing Wang Ba’s gaze, Shen Fu wore a bitter smile:

“I have been an orphan since childhood and was lucky enough to be accepted into the East Saint Sect. Little did 1 know that I would soon become a Heresy Cultivator.”

“Thanks to you, Bu Chan, and… Lingling, I can feel that my life is worthwhile.”

“But Lingling is gone, and I don’t want you guys to…”

With moist eyes and a forced smile, Shen Fu said,

“Let’s not talk about it. I just think that if brother could become a real Foundation Establishment cultivator, he could then become a cultivator of the Tianmen Cult. At that time, you could be our solid backup. Hehe, with brother’s personality, I’m sure you won’t treat us badly.”

“Then, maybe we won’t end up like Lingling, Caixiang…”

As he spoke, Shen Fu choked up, his eyes watering.

Listening to Shen Fu’s words, Wang Ba and Bu Chan fell silent.

After a long while, Wang Ba said,

“So, you accepted the task? Was it just you? No, if it had been you alone, you wouldn’t have been able to escape from a real Foundation Establishment cultivator.”

Shen Fu nodded and said,

“It wasn’t just me, actually. Several of us Heresy Cultivators went, but we never saw that female Foundation Establishment cultivator… Not long after we left the cult, we encountered a group of strange people.”

Recalling those people, a trace of fear rose in Shen Fu’s eyes:

“These people were mysterious, painted all over in scarlet. They didn’t use mana like us and didn’t seem to produce any mana fluctuations. They could kill from a distance. As soon as they saw us coming out of the cult, they instantly attacked us.”

“Several of our high-level members died instantly, and their deaths were strange and horrible.”

“We immediately scattered and ran. Maybe because I’m so weak, someone attacked me from a distance. After that, no one chased me.”

Shen Fu shook his head in self mockery, then seemed to remember something:

“Right, when they attacked us, they were yelling about some Yin God, some Lord of Dreams or something….”

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