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Chapter 122: Chapter 122: Chapter 115 Its Ability i

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Chapter 122: Chapter 115 Its Ability i

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Yin God?

Lord of Dreams?

Upon hearing these two phrases, Wang Ba was suddenly reminded of his Cultivation Method, the “Book of Yin God’s Grand Dream.”

At the same time, he also thought of Old Sun, who he had met when he first joined the East Saint Sect years ago.

He remembered the horrifying news of Old Sun being brutally killed at home not long after leaving the mountain, along with his newlywed wife, concubines, and servants.

His whole body shuddered suddenly.

He was right!

There really was a group of people waiting outside.

Moreover, there was a high probability that they were after the “Book of Yin

God’s Grand Dream.”

It was less likely, but still possible, that they were targeting him because he possessed this Cultivation Method.

Either way, this confirmed Wang Ba’s resolution even more.

“I must not leave the sphere of influence of the Tianmen Cult, unless absolutely necessary!”

The fact that the group didn’t attack the East Saint Sect directly after killing Old Sun showed that they were not strong. They didn’t have the audacity to storm into the East Saint Sect and capture him.

The Tianmen Cult was undoubtedly much stronger than the East Saint Sect. Staying within the jurisdiction of the Tianmen Cult, he should not have to worry about being found by this group.

While he was pondering this,

Wang Ba suddenly shuddered.

In the Yin’s Government, the countless Power of the Yin God began to rotate all at once, as though they had encountered a very familiar presence. There was a faint feeling of excitement and joy.

At the same time,

A grim face, colored blood-red and eyes closed, quietly appeared on Shen Fu’s face, looking eerily ghost-like!

This face suddenly opened its eyes, its pupils rotating at an eerily odd angle before it jerked forward in a peculiar manner, pointed straight at Wang Ba and stared intently at him!

Almost immediately, a look of surprise and shock was revealed in its eyes as it stared at Wang Ba.

And in a flash, this surprise and shock turned into a thick layer of greed.

As if its face were a snake’s head, the shadowy figure unhesitatingly leaped from Shen Fu’s face and lunged towards Wang Ba!

This sudden transformation was shocking.

But the anomaly inside the Yin’s Government allowed Wang Ba to react immediately.

“Fall back!”

Wang Ba yelled, flinging Bu Chan behind him at once.

At the same time, he mobilized his Mana without delay, activating all of his talismans that were ready to protect his physical body and soul, his Jade Armor enveloping his vital parts.

The Feihuang Ruler flew instantaneously under his feet, lifting him into the air.

However, even though his reaction speed was remarkably quick, the shadowy face seemed to have disregarded the distance in space.

Its hideous blood-red face, eyes filled with blood vessels… they appeared directly in front of Wang Ba!

What shocked Wang Ba was,

The Armor Talisman, Wood Armor Talisman, Soul Controlling Talisman…

Apart from the Soul Controlling Talisman which slightly delayed the shadowy face for a moment, none of the other talismans had any effect.

As if, this shadowy face was utterly disregarding their existence.

“What the hell is this?!”

Wang Ba watched in disbelief as the shadowy face effortlessly ignored all obstacles and neared his forehead.

A pitch-black jade talisman suddenly leaped out from Wang Ba’s sleeve, transforming into a faint glow, blocking the shadowy face.

The shadowy face immediately showed a hint of anger.

It then fiercely collided with the pitch-black jade talisman.

The jade talisman wavered with the impact and seemed like it couldn’t endure for much longer.

Wang Ba’s heart sank.

The last time his Holy Heart Mirror shattered under the sweep of Desolate Holy, he immediately bought an upper-grade magic tool, ‘Soul Suppressing Jade Talisman,’ when he returned.

The ability of the Soul Suppressing Jade Talisman to protect the soul was superior compared to the Holy Heart Mirror.

However, even this Soul Suppressing Jade Talisman seemed to be on the verge of collapse under the shadowy face.

He feared that it could not bear much longer and would smash to pieces.

Just then,

A black-feathered chicken, shimmering with a brilliantly colorful glow, hopped cluelessly into Wang Ba’s sight.

“Black-feathered Chicken? This stupid thing, how did it follow me here?”

Wang Ba was on the verge of cursing out of anxiety.

What left him speechless was,

The Black-feathered Chicken strolled nonchalantly to his side, cocked its head to one side, and stared at the shadowy face.

It still didn’t speak, but what bewildered Wang Ba was how he sensed a hint of… contemplation in its eyes?


That’s impossible!

Wang Ba shook his head, quickly brushing off the thought, then immediately increased the flow of his Mana.

The wavering glow around the Soul Suppressing Jade Talisman became a bit more stable.

But soon enough, the shadowy face again struck and made it shake violently.

And then, to his astonishment, the Black-feathered Chicken next to him actually waddled over in her pigeon-toed manner, its butt wiggling, like a fool, to the spot in the deadlock between Wang Ba and the shadowy face. It pecked at a grain of Spirit Rice on the ground below the shadowy face.

It crunched on the grain of Spirit Rice with great pleasure.

The shadowy face unconsciously lowered its head to look at this warrior that sprang out of nowhere.

Having identified the newcomer as a fool, the shadowy face returned to its assault on the Soul Suppressing Jade Talisman with full focus.


Bang, Bang, Bang!

Silent and noiseless, but each hit landed in Wang Ba’s eyes was like a hammer blow to his heart!

The Black-feathered Chicken polished off the Spirit Rice, craned its neck to look around, and discovering no food in the vicinity.

It then raised its head, its gaze wandering, and within its foolish eyes, a hint of innocence and curiosity about the world was revealed.

Then, as if it had spotted something, it craned its neck longer, tiptoed its chicken claws, and cheekily pecked at the shadowy face above…

The face-like apparition that was frantically slamming into the Soul Suppressing Jade Talisman, even shattering the glow the jade had condensed, suddenly halted.

It aimlessly lowered its protruding eyes.

Noticing that a small inconsequential corner was missing from its own chin…

Then, this negligible chip rapidly expanded under the pecking of the black chicken!


The face immediately displayed a look of horror!

After hesitating for a moment, it gritted its teeth, gave up ramming into the talisman, and attempted to fly out of the chicken yard.

However, to its despair,

The black chicken, astonishingly, fluttered its wings, its claw clasping tightly onto its mouth while its black beak pecked continuously.

No matter how much it tried to shake off, resist…

In no time, under Wang Ba’s astonished gaze,

This incredibly powerful face-like monster was eaten bit by bit by the black-feathered chicken…not even a shred remained!


Behind Wang Ba, Bu Chan was dumbfounded, in shock as she looked at the seemingly dumb but always following her senior brother’s, large black chicken,

She never expected this unattractive large black chicken to have such amazing abilities.

She vaguely realized, no wonder her senior brother never took the Spirit Chickens out but made an exception for this large black chicken.

However, Wang Ba was similarly in utter shock.

There was no one who knew the black-feathered chicken better than him.

But because of this, he realized he might not have completely understood this new breed.

The face-like apparition just now, should be, without doubt, the trick left on Shen Fu by those coveting “Book of Yin God’s Grand Dream”.

Despite trying everything, he had no solution for this monster and could only wait for his doom.

Yet the black-feathered chicken easily consumed the creature. It was even easier than dealing with discarded Spirit Insects.

He didn’t even need to think about it, the black-feathered chicken was the natural nemesis to that face-like apparition!

“It means, the black-feathered chicken can restrain these mysterious entities… but what was that face-like apparition just now?”

Wang Ba was both elated and puzzled.

He also didn’t know if it was an illusion, but he had a faint feeling that the usually dull eyes of the black-feathered chicken had become somewhat lively.

“Must be an illusion.”

Wang Ba shook his head and extended his hand to call the black chicken.

But it completely ignored his summon and turned around in a peculiar way to forage for the next spirit grain.

“What an idiot!


Wang Ba groaned quietly.

“Senior brother…”

At that moment, Bu Chan walked swiftly to Wang Ba, her face filled with worry.

“Don’t mention this to anyone.”

Wang Ba reminded her, and Bu Chan quickly nodded in agreement.

The both of them immediately headed to Shen Fu’s side.

They found that Shen Fu had fainted, his vitality greatly depleted, but at least his life was not in danger.

“If he wants to make more progress… I’m afraid it’s going to be difficult.”

Wang Ba sighed slightly.

He actually had high hopes for Shen Fu.

Shen Fu’s qualification was not low, and he was able to cultivate up to the Qi Refining Stage IV in three to four years. This pace would not be considered slow in a Sect like the East Saint Sect.

Moreover, his heart was pure, which was more likely to yield results in cultivation.

Regrettably, time and destiny are unpredictable.

Hearing Wang Ba’s words, Bu Chan immediately became sad and grief-stricken for her good friend.

Her beloved died not long ago, and now her own cultivation practice had encountered a major problem.

When Shen Fu woke up, he would probably have a hard time accepting this harsh reality.

Not much later,

A group of patrol disciples suddenly arrived outside the chicken yard. Leading them was a Foundation Establishment Master holding a compass.


Is it just you few here?”

“Responding to the patrol officer, there are only three of us here, the others are

Precious Chickens, Spirit Chickens…”

On hearing this, the Foundation Establishment Master looked at his compass in confusion:

“Strange… the aura of the Yin Ghost here is already gone…”

After some thought, he glanced at Shen Fu lying on the ground, frowned slightly, and said sternly:

“Killing within the Cult is not allowed. Once verified, the punishment is death!”

Wang Ba was slightly taken aback, and then he quickly nodded and bowed.

“Let’s go, there are a few more…incense fires… in the southwest.”

The Foundation Establishment Master hurried away with a group of disciples on patrol.

The Eastern Holy residence.

In front of the mountain peaks behind the original mountain gate of the East Holy Sect,

The sacred chicken Fanming was struggling silently within the chains that trapped it between the peaks.

On a peak in front of the chicken,

Ning Daohuan was sitting cross-legged, holding a black skull in his hand.

However, his face was filled with confusion and anxiety.

“Why? I clearly used the Desolate Holy powers to split its Primordial

Spirit…why is it still not being controlled?”

“Do I really need the God-Sealing Bell to control it?”

“Damn it! Ji Lan shouldn’t have escaped in the first place!”

Just then, a sound transmission talisman suddenly soared in from the distance.

Ning Daohuan concealed his anger.

After collecting the sound transmission talisman, surprise and a cold intent appeared on his face.

“An evildoer from the Incense Fire Dao attacked heresy cultivators…and a Yin

Ghost bred by the Incense Fire Dao infiltrated into the Cult…”

“These pests, how did they arrive so quickly!”

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