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Chapter 123: Chapter 123: Chapter 116 Pure Blood Yang Returning Pill, Soul Devouringl

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Chapter 123: Chapter 116 Pure Blood Yang Returning Pill, Soul Devouringl

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Ning Daohuan sat on top of the peak, his eyebrows furrowed.

The news of the Incense-Burning Dao appearing near the East Saint Sect’s base stirred an urgency in his heart.

After some pondering, he issued several commands to his disciples standing guard not far away.

The disciples hurriedly left.

Soon, Lu Yuansheng, shrouded in black, flew in from the distance and landed nearby before respectfully making his way over.

“Disciple pays respects to the Sect Hierarch.”

Ning Daohuan opened his eyes and said solemnly,

“No need for formalities, I want to ask you, how much have you found out about the situation with the Incense-Burning Dao?”

Upon addressing the matter at hand, Lu Yuansheng immediately addressed it seriously,

“Regarding the East Saint Sect’s base, all the Yin Ghosts that have invaded have been captured. According to their strength and refining methods, Elder Tao from the Soul Dao suspects that these Incense-Burning Dao Cultivators should at most be at the Foundation Establishment stage.”

“Foundation Establishment? Are you sure that’s what Elder Tao said?”

Ning Daohuan seemed somewhat surprised.

“I am certain that was what Elder Tao said,” Lu Yuansheng replied after some thought.

“Additionally, Elder Tao mentioned that these Yin Ghosts do not seem to have been Empowered by Divine Power… It might be possible that they are a group of Incense-Burning Dao Cultivators who have lost their patron Deity.”

Upon hearing this, Ning Daohuan’s previously solemn face relaxed slightly as he mused,

“If they have lost their patron Deity, there’s not much to worry about. Most likely they were ostracized within the Incense-Burning Dao and that’s why they wandered here…”

“However, we mustn’t underestimate these bugs. Once they gain followers, they might make a comeback.”

“Go, spread my command to exterminate these Incense-Burning Dao Cultivators! Moreover, search every inhabited area around the East Saint Sect’s base. Do not allow any mortals or Rogue Cultivators to worship these Evil Gods!”

“Also, negotiate with the other four Sects from Chen State. Tell them about the dangers of Incense-Burning Dao and ask them to cooperate in eradicating these bugs.”

Upon hearing Ning Daohuan’s words, Lu Yuansheng’s masked face somewhat revealed his trouble.

“What, is there a problem?”

This made Ning Daohuan slightly frown.

After much consideration, Lu Yuansheng finally voiced his concerns,

“If I may speak freely, ever since we captured the East Saint Sect’s base, the other four Sects in Chen State, apart from Jiuling Sect who still trades with our Sect, have been wary of us… They may not necessarily believe us.”

“A bunch of ignorant country bumpkins… But your thinking isn’t wrong. These people probably don’t even understand what the Incense-Burning Dao is, let alone be aware of its trouble.”

“Fine, if they don’t get it, 1’11 personally write a letter. You can show it to them and they will know what to do.”

Ning Daohuan contemptuously dismissed the Cultivators from Chen State and soon after asked,

“Right, have we found the remnants of the East Saint Sect?”

Lu Yuansheng slightly shook his head,

“Not yet, they have operated in Chen State for hundreds of years and are remarkably familiar with the territory. If they really wanted to hide, it would indeed be difficult to find them.”

“Even if it’s difficult, we must find them!”

Thinking of the fact that his efforts to subdue Fanming had been unsuccessful, a wave of anger rose in Ning Daohuan’s heart.

“We have to find them! The Desolate Holy Light has minimal effect; we can only control Fanming’s primordial spirit with the God-Sealing Bell. We must find Ji Lan!”

Upon hearing this, Lu Yuansheng immediately lowered his head, but his face revealed a hesitating expression.

Ning Daohuan’s senses were exceedingly sharp, and he asked,

“What? Do you have something to say?”

“Yes… I just got a report that a group of Cultivators has frequently been attacking Heresy Cultivators and low-level disciples near the East Saint’s base… I think that given their audacity and apparent grudge against us, could they be people from the East Saint Sect?”

Ning Daohuan immediately caught on, “You’re suggesting that the East Saint Sect has been nearby all this time?”

“The Hierarch is wise!”

Lu Yuansheng added, “Several years ago, they escaped from us and constantly hid their movements, leaving only their peripheral Cultivators who didn’t manage to evacuate. Now they suddenly appear, and 1 suspect that if it really is the East Saint Sect stirring things up, then they might have other plans.”

“I’m not afraid of their coming, but of their not coming!”

Ning Daohuan was filled with confidence, but also very cautious,

“Of course, we cannot underestimate them since they are hidden and we’re exposed. You should prepare yourself. Let’s see what tricks these homeless dogs have prepared for us!”


Seeing that Ning Daohuan was taking this seriously, Lu Yuansheng finally relaxed.

“I promise you, not only will this pill fully replenish your depleted Qi, even if you’re hanging by a thread, this pill can bring you back!”

At the market.

In the Elixir shop, the shopkeeper was passionately pitching his sales.

Wang Ba looked at the blood-colored pill in the man’s hand, took a slight whiff of the barely-there bloody smell, his expression somewhat conflicted.

However, the shopkeeper kept on pushing:

“This was personally refined by Senior Brother Luo from Elixir Dao. Our shop just has this one, and it only costs fifty Spirit Stones. Why hesitate any longer?”

After a slight pause, Wang Ba asked, “What if 1 buy three? How much cheaper would that be?”


“That’s easy, if you buy three, I can give you a discount of three Spirit Stones. Don’t say we’re tight-fisted. We have orders from above that we cannot lower the price, there’s nothing we can do.”

The shopkeeper instantly perked up, conveniently forgetting his previous statement that there was only a single pill.

Wang Ba was speechless about this ‘discount*.

Even so, he produced the Spirit Stones and bought these three ‘Pure Blood Yang Returning Pills’.

It was said that the raw materials for this Pure Blood Yang Returning Pill consisted of the blood from seventy-six different creatures, supplemented with other Spiritual Medicines.

If it were just the blood of Spirit Beasts, that would be acceptable.

But the fear is that among these seventy-six creatures, one of them is of human blood…

Given the propensities of Elixir Dao, it really isn’t impossible.

However, if it really came down to a matter of life and death, these concerns would fade into insignificance.

Initially, Wang Ba only planned to buy one pill for Shen Fu’s healing treatment.

But after hearing about its effectiveness, Wang Ba decided to buy two more just in case.

After leaving the elixir shop, Wang Ba was about to return to his chicken farm.

However, he noticed a group of female cultivators headed his way, among whom he recognized Lin Yu leading the group.

However, she now had an air of haughtiness and arrogance, appearing even more esteemed and aloof than when he last saw her.

She had a frosty temperament and a standoffish demeanor, just like a fairy princess in an ice palace.

The occasional flicker of mana fluctuation on her also revealed a profound strength, comparable to the likes of Meng Randao.

Apparently, she had reached the peak stage of Qi Refining Stage X.

Under the escort of a group of female cultivators, Lin Yu stood above the rest, causing ordinary cultivators who saw her to feel ashamed of their inferiority.

Is she here for me?”

Seeing Lin Yu approach, Wang Ba was slightly confused.

Yet, a certain thing came to his mind.

Half a year ago, when Yu Changchun mentioned the Fairy Dao, it seemed that those female cultivators nurtured by them often grew rapidly.

Once the cultivation base of the nurtured female cultivator approached or even surpassed that of the Fairy Dao cultivator, she would be assimilated by using her own body.

At that time, Wang Ba felt that what Yu Changchun said was familiar, but he couldn’t recall it.

But now when he saw Lin Yu, he suddenly understood.

Wasn’t Lin Yu in this exact situation?

In just four to five years, she went from being a minor cultivator at Stage III of Qi Refining to the peak of Stage X.

Even within the Tianmen Cult, this level of progress would be considered extremely impressive.

Of course, there was also the possibility that Lin Yu indeed had excellent talent, coupled with the vast resources provided by her master.

However, Wang Ba was more inclined towards the former explanation.

Just as he was debating whether to subtly warn her out of concern for an old acquaintance, Lin Yu, who was walking towards him surrounded by female cultivators, unexpectedly glanced at him, frowned, and then directly walked past Wang Ba into the elixir shop behind him.

She left Wang Ba, who was prepared to greet her, both speechless and embarrassed.

He had thought she came for him, only to realize he had overthought it.

Wang Ba derided himself quietly.

In fact, he hadn’t thought much about it; he just considered her to be his only acquaintance in East Saint Sect.

Nevertheless, his initial impulse died down immediately.

One of the female cultivators following Lin Yu seemed to remember Wang Ba, she was jovially talking with her companions but her face turned cold when she saw him:

“It’s you again!”

“How shameless you are! You knew senior sister was coming and you had the audacity to wait here!”

“I advise you not to harbor any delusions. Senior sister is extraordinary. She will soon reach the Foundation Establishment stage. She is not someone you can harass! Leave now, or even within our own sect, there will be ways to punish you!”

For a moment, Wang Ba was left speechless.

He chose not to explain and just turned around and left.

“Senior sister, who were you talking to?”

“It was nothing. Just a toad wishing to eat swan meat. I’ve chased him away.”

“Oh, why should senior sister bother with these vagabond cultivators? Once our senior sister reaches Foundation Establishment, Master Jiang promised to help us reach Foundation Establishment too!”

“Yes exactly, Master Jiang is very busy. It’s a rare occasion for us to see him. We should show our best…”

The female cultivators eagerly discussed.

Wang Ba, who hadn’t gone far, heard their idle chatter and shook his head slightly.

Good words can’t persuade the ghost who is bent on seeking death.

What’s more, these people didn’t even give him a chance to try and persuade them.

He didn’t dwell on it. It was just a moment of goodwill. He had his own problems to deal with; he didn’t have the time to worry about others.

Upon returning to his chicken farm, he gave the elixir to Shen Fu and informed him about it.

Without any hesitation, Shen Fu immediately consumed the Pure Blood Yang Returning Pill.

Seeing this, Wang Ba sent him to Lingshui Courtyard for recuperation. After all, the spiritual energy there was more abundant and would be more conducive for his recovery.

After taking care of all these matters, Wang Ba finally had time to relax.

He took the Black-feathered Chicken back to his wooden cottage and gave it a thorough checkup.

However, even after a thorough inspection, he still couldn’t figure out what abilities this creature possessed that enabled it to eat that weird face monster.

“Jia 9 has the ability of beauty… and the ability of the Dawn Chicken, besides defense, is to suppress evil, but the ability of the Black-feathered Chicken doesn’t seem to be in suppressing evil.”

“So, is this a new ability that appeared after two kinds of chickens interbred?”

Wang Ba, lost in thought, recorded this new hypothesis.

And he gave this ability of the Black-feathered Chicken a name:

Soul Devouring.

A couple of days later, Wang Ba received more good news.

After more than half a year, the ten Spirit Turtle eggs that resulted from the breeding of the four Armored Giant-head Turtles with the mutated Spirit Turtle Fantong finally hatched..

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