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Chapter 125: 125 Chapter 118: Compulsory Task_i

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125 Chapter 118: Compulsory Task_i

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“Friend Wang, it has been a while.”

The cultivator surnamed Yan happily initiated a salutation.

Although Wang Ba was somewhat disappointed, he quickly adjusted.

A smile surfaced on his face: “Friend Yan, have you come to exchange for spirit chickens this time? It’s been quite a while since you last came over…”

At those words, a shade of embarrassment abruptly spread over the beaming face of the cultivator surnamed Yan. He hesitated, “Actually… I came here hoping to ask for a favor.”

“A favor?”

Wang Ba was somewhat puzzled and paused for a moment. However, considering that this was an old customer, he courteously responded:

“Friend Yan, please go ahead and say what kind of favor you want. However, please know that I am just a small cultivator who raises chickens, and my capacity is limited. Please don’t hold it against me if I can’t lend the help you need.”

“Don’t mention it, you are too modest.”

The cultivator surnamed Yan politely responded, then helplessly continued: “You may be aware that the Talisman Dao recently hosted a competition for the inheritance talisman—which I also participated in.”

“The inheritance talisman…Yes, I recall, it started half a year ago, didn’t it? Has it not ended yet?”

Wang Ba ruminated slightly and remembered it at last.

As the story goes, a Golden Core elder of the Talisman Dao Sect died while traveling, leaving only an inherited talisman behind. Therefore, The Talisman Dao announced they would hold a talisman competition, and it was rumored that many talisman makers participated.

The cultivator surnamed Yan shook his head:

“It isn’t over yet, but it’ll be soon. I’ve made it into the top eight… However, it’s a shame that my cultivation base is not high enough to produce Class II talismans. Otherwise, in terms of talisman making skills, those people…”

He sighed regretfully.

Wang Ba was confused, he remained puzzled:

“This…forgive my straightforwardness, but if your cultivation base is inadequate, shouldn’t you go to an elixir store to buy elixirs?”

“I’m aware of that, but… alas, I am struggling financially!”

The cultivator surnamed Yan showed an embarrassed expression:

“To be honest, I’ve been focusing on cultivation and competing for a slot recently. I don’t have time to sell talismans…! want, want to borrow some spirit stones from you.”

“Around five hundred lower-grade spirit stones should suffice.”

“Rest assured, regardless if I obtain the inheritance talisman or not, I promise to pay you back within three years.”

“Borrow spirit stones?”

Wang Ba couldn’t help but furrow his eyebrows.

The requests from Friend Yan left him both surprised and helpless.

He was surprised because normally, talisman makers, even though they aren’t as prosperous as alchemists and tool forgers, are still much better off than average cultivators.

Specially with Yan’s exceptional talisman making skills, he shouldn’t be in this kind of financial predicament.

Thinking back to how Yan splurged like a millionaire when buying spirit chickens in the past, Wang Ba started to understand him a bit more.

What left him helpless was that he was bound not to assist with this request.

He just didn’t possess five hundred soul stones.

So he had to shake his head and reply:

“Friend Yan, it’s not that I don’t want to help, but I myself am lacking spirit stones. And, the number of cultivators coming to purchase or exchange for spirit chickens is decreasing day by day…”

Hearing Wang Ba’s words, Yan showed disappointment instantly. He managed to squeeze out a smile and raised his hand to say:

“In that case, I am sorry to have disturbed you…”

Having said that, he turned around to walk away sorrowfully.


Suddenly, Wang Ba called him back. Under Yan’s puzzled gaze, he took out two middle-grade spirit stones from his storage bag and handed them over.

“This…Friend, what is this…?”

Yan looked surprised and confused at Wang Ba; however, he didn’t take the stones.

“Last time we made the trade, I wasn’t aware of the change in the market. But you didn’t deceive me and traded at the market rate. Fairness like yours is rare. These two spirit stones are all I have saved up. I’ll give them to you as a gift. I wish you every success.”

Wang Ba sincerely said.

This was neither just lip service, nor a white lie.

Giving the spirit stones was a decision he took after careful deliberation.

After three years of trading, he could roughly figure out what someone was like, their inclinations, and habits.

The cultivator Yan was generous, even when he borrowed glory, he didn’t hold himself high like Lin Yu.

A person like this, being talented in talisman making, was worth investing in.

If Yan hadn’t informed him about the ‘spiritual kitchen’ matter without concealing it, the spirit chickens in the farm would have likely gone to waste.

The pace of Wang Ba’s cultivation would have likely been slower than now.

So, it can be said that Wang Ba somewhat owed Yan a favor.

Plus, as of now, these two middle-grade spirit stones didn’t hold much value to Wang Ba. So, using them to do a favor was the best way to go.

A complex look crossed Yan’s face.

There was gratitude, as well as reflection.

When they originally traded, he hadn’t thought much of it and just calculated based on the standard market rate.

He didn’t expect that Wang Ba would remember and generously lend him a helping hand even now, when he himself was in a tight spot.

Wang Ba, this person, was definitely worth getting to know!

As for what Wang Ba had said about his business declining, he had no doubts about it. As far as he knew, the people he was close with had gradually started practicing demon dao methods. Even he, a cultivator who had talismans for support, had started practicing the technique of demon dao not long ago. So, the business of the chicken farm was bound to decline.

Remembering this, Yan took the spirit stones and solemnly bowed to Wang Ba with utmost seriousness.

Wang Ba was quick to turn and accept his bow.

Soon after, Yan left on his flying magic tool.

East Saint Sect’s territory, the market for heresy cultivators.

Wang Ba stood on the second floor of the teahouse, holding a cup of steaming ‘Heart-inquiring Tea’, and watched the hurried cultivators below.

“Why don’t you accept a task? If you reach Rank V authority quickly, fulfill two conscription orders, and officially become a disciple within the sect, isn’t that much better than your current status?”

The voice of Yu Changchun resounded behind Wang Ba.

Wang Ba turned around, looking at Yu Changchun, whose face had only a trace of pupils left, expressing his helplessness:

“Regrettably, I’ve always avoided confrontation with people; let alone fighting. During the last campaign against Jingyue Mansion, I didn’t even dare to lift a finger.”

Yu Changchun shook his head at those words:

“Friend, if you don’t have any methods, the path to ascension is impossible.”

“Battling against people, battling against the heavens, these are the destinies of cultivators!”

“Moreover, nowadays, not only is the Incense Fire Dao not suppressed, it’s growing more and more intense. Even if you want to avoid it, you’ll inevitably have to face it.”

Wang Ba’s face turned serious at those words.

He certainly didn’t need Yu Changchun to remind him of this; he was aware of it himself.

The reason was the tasks related to the Incense Fire Dao in the Heavenly Gate Order. As time progressed, they didn’t lessen but increased instead.

What this represented was quite obvious without the need for guessing.

Apparently, the power of the Incense Fire Dao had exceeded the imaginations of some cultivators within the sect.

Through his understanding gained from these days in the market, Wang Ba also knew that the ones who took action against Shen Fu and the others were Cultivators of Incense Fire Dao.

Without any unexpected occurrences, those who were peeping at “Book of Yin God’s Grand Dream” would also be these people.

Therefore, Wang Ba was even less willing to leave the East Saint Station.

Naturally, he also didn’t have any interest in taking the freelance tasks from the Heavenly Gate Order.

However, these were words that he couldn’t say to Yu Changchun.

Seeing that Wang Ba didn’t speak, Yu Changchun didn’t mind and said in a low voice:

“I’m only leaving seclusion this time because I have finally harmonized the three elements of essence, qi, and spirit, and I have grasped some opportunities for Foundation Establishment. Considering that the time to establish the foundation could be long or short, it would be rather unpleasant to delay your affairs.”

“Therefore, I specifically took a trip out to take care of things. After that, I will go back to seclusion.”

Wang Ba was taken aback when he heard this, but soon, he looked overjoyed and bowed his hands in salute.

“Congratulations, Friend Yu! Friend Yu finally took this step!”

Yu Changchun waved his hand. His face was blurry, and it was impossible to discern his emotion. He said:

“It’s too early to say these things before I have succeeded. I will arrange for a junior brother to regularly deliver chicken feed to you. Furthermore…”

He said this with a bit more warmth in his tone:

“Is this year’s Crystal Spirit Peach Wine ready?”

Wang Ba regretfully shook his head: “It was just recently buried. It will still be a few more months before it’s ready.”

“Is that so? That’s a pity.”

There was a hint of regret in Yu Changchun’s voice.

He then handed a Sound Transmission Talisman to Wang Ba.

Wang Ba looked confused.

“This is Martial Uncle Bai Yu’s Sound Transmission Talisman. If there’s something extremely important, you can contact him. But remember, do not disturb him unless it’s absolutely necessary.”

Yu Changchun reminded him.

Upon hearing this, Wang Ba looked at Yu Changchun in surprise and received the Sound Transmission Talisman solemnly.

Seeing this, Yu Changchun slightly nodded, his tone calm.

“In that case, I can focus on breaking through!”

“May Friend Yu quickly ascend.”

This time, Wang Ba really meant it.

After the two bid each other farewell, Wang Ba, for some reason, felt inexplicably anxious.

He wandered back to Lingshui Courtyard.

His gaze swept across a thin slit in the door of a Cultivation Room. Seeing that the slit was still tightly closed, he felt somewhat disappointed.

He immediately decided to return to his own room.

As he barely opened the door, the small door to the Cultivation Room next to him was suddenly swung.

Wang Ba instinctively looked back.

He only saw a familiar figure standing in the doorway, looking at him in surprise and joy.

“Senior Brother.”

“You, you’ve been waiting for me?”

For some reason, upon seeing Bu Chan, the strange feeling of aggravation in Wang Ba’s heart suddenly vanished into thin air.

A smile naturally appeared on his face.


“You, uh…how is your cultivation going?”

Upon hearing this, the joyous and expectant look on Bu Chan’s face suddenly fell.

She retorted: “It’s fine, I guess. I’ve broken through.”

However, she quickly recovered her smile and shared with Wang Ba the joy and experience of breaking into Qi Refining Stage IV.

Wang Ba listened quietly, occasionally revealing a heartfelt smile.

The two stood at the Cultivation Room’s entrance, talking across the flower bed at the entrance till dusk, as if they haven’t seen each other for a long time.

It wasn’t until the stars filled the sky that they both returned to their rooms with a shared smile.

Yet, this time Wang Ba, who was inside the Cultivation Room, inexplicably felt at peace.

Jiantao Station.

Inside a palace further away behind the mountain gate.

The shelves in the palace were filled with all kinds of scrolls, jade slips, and tokens.

Over a dozen cultivators in red and black Daoist robes were scurrying about. From time to time, you could hear the overlapping voices of the cultivators. “Task number 16 of the 26th day of the seventh month of the GuiChou Year… completed!”

“Task number 25 of the third day of the ninth month of the GuiChou Year… completed!”

“Task of the GuiChou Year… failed!”

Deep in the palace, on a futon, sat a young Daoist with eyes as profound as the stars, calculating by pushing his fingers together.

Next to him, a cultivator in blurry black clothes gently placed down the jade slip in his hand.

This person was the Chief Deacon of the Tianmen Cult, Lu Yuansheng.

He looked at the young Daoist on the futon and spoke:

“Elder Bei, the atrocities of Incense Fire Dao have left countless mortals’ cities and markets of rogue cultivators outside the East Saint Station in ruins. What more do you have to hesitate about?”

The young Daoist withdrew his hand and shook his head faintly:

“It’s very likely that the East Saint Cult remnants are hidden outside the East Saint Station. Once we execute the order, even if we’re able to exterminate the Incense Fire Dao here, I fear the East Saint Sect remnants will take this opportunity to strike back. The loss outweighs the gain…”

But upon hearing this, Lu Yuansheng shook his head:

“How else can we draw the East Saint Sect remnants out?”

Hearing this, the young Daoist gave Lu Yuansheng a surprised look, thought for a moment, and eventually nodded in agreement.

“It’s no wonder the Sect Hierarch values Chief Lu so much. Your broad-mindedness is indeed admirable. Alright, I’ll join Chief Lu in this game.” After saying this, he mobilized his mana, and his voice instantly spread throughout the entire palace.

“Everyone, heed my order! Issue a compulsory task!”

“Order all heresy cultivators to take on the task of eradicating the Incense Fire Dao. Until the Incense Fire Dao is eradicated, the compulsory task will not cease.”

“Additionally, this compulsory task overrides the three chances rule.. Those who haven’t taken the task within half a month will be killed!”

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