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Chapter 126: 126 Chapter 119: Eve, Decisions i

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126 Chapter 119: Eve, Decisions i

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Chicken farm.

Returning to the small wooden house and lying on the impeccably clean wooden bed, Wang Ba couldn’t help but sigh in satisfaction.

Even as a cultivator, the occasional laying down still brings about a sincere sense of comfort.

Especially when the spirit fields outside the chicken farm no longer require him to painstakingly weed, nor do they require him to cautiously avoid the leaves of the Blue Fire Fruit trees to pick fruit.

His mood has become even more relaxed.

After lying down for a while, he still got up to check the condition of the Spirit Chickens.

To his disappointment, aside from getting some more inferior Spirit Chicken fertilized eggs, only Jia 9, the Phoenix-feathered Chicken, suffered the torture of the male Spirit Chickens, continuously laying eggs.

But the identity of the father of these eggs is unknown.

Just by looking at the appearance of the eggs, it’s hard to judge.

The case was the same for Spirit Turtles. He discreetly checked the sand and soil by the egg pond at the edge of the pool and indeed found some more Spirit Turtle eggs.

Once he verified that there was no problem with either the Spirit Chickens or Spirit Turtles, he planned to return to Lingshui Courtyard as usual to continue his cultivation.

According to the current progress, in less than six months, he could progress further and reach Stage IX of Qi Refining.

At that time, he wouldn’t be far behind many of the Heresy Cultivators in terms of realm.

Carrying this hope, Wang Ba was about to leave when he saw Bu Chan rushing into the chicken farm in a hurry.

“Senior brother, it’s bad!”

“The compulsory task has started!”

Wang Ba’s face turned grave immediately.

He swiftly opened the Heavenly Gate Order in his Storage Bag.

Sure enough, he saw a compulsory task announcement.

“I must accept the task to annihilate the Incense Fire Dao?”

“And… three chances are ignored?”

“Within five days, I must accept the task and leave?”

Wang Ba felt heavy in his heart immediately.

Yu Changchun’s conjectures had come true.

Even though he wanted to avoid it, he still inevitably had to embark on this journey.

What left him speechless was that although Yu Changchun had previously said that Heresy Cultivators could have three exemptions from compulsory tasks or conscriptions, the people in charge of the tasks in the Tianmen Cult directly ignored them.

This was clearly forcing them to leave their base.

But what was the purpose of doing this?

Was it really because of the havoc wreaked by the Incense Fire Dao?

Wang Ba felt vaguely that the reason wasn’t that simple.

After hesitating a bit, Wang Ba walked into the small wooden house and took out the Sound Transmission Talisman Yu Changchun had given him not long ago from his Storage Bag.

This talisman could establish contact with Foundation Establishment Competitor, Bai Yu.

Yu Changchun said that it must not be used lightly until a critical moment.

From Wang Ba’s point of view, right now was no doubt the most critical moment.

He then briefly left a message in the Sound Transmission Talisman and activated his mana.

The talisman quickly disappeared into the horizon.

He walked out of the small wooden house and let Bu Chan call Shen Fu back.

However, when Bu Chan tried to contact him using the talisman, Bu Chan unexpectedly found out that Shen Fu had already accepted a voluntary task targeting the Incense Dao and had left. He had already been automatically recognized as a compulsory task by the Heavenly Gate Order.

“That little jerk! He didn’t even bother to tell us about such a big matter beforehand.”

Wang Ba’s expression was grim.

Had he not inquired, he would not have known that Shen Fu was so audacious to accept a task targeting the Incense Fire Dao voluntarily.

With his Cultivation Base at Stage IV of Qi Refining, he would likely be killed outright in a confrontation.

However, as Shen Fu had already left, speaking so much was of no use.

“Tell him to be extremely careful and withdraw to the base immediately if anything feels wrong!”

Despite his anger, he still reminded Bu Chan.

Bu Chan was equally frustrated, but he still relayed the message to Shen Fu.

Soon, Bai Yu responded via the Sound Transmission Talisman.

Wang Ba quickly opened it up and only heard a few words.

“Come find me at ‘Xiegu Hall’.”

Crossing the towering mountain gate.

Gazing at the mountains stacked like ridges behind the gate, shrouded in mist.

Various palaces appeared and disappeared in the clouds.

Returning to the familiar place, Wang Ba felt an inexplicable sensation of feeling like he had lived lives before this one.

Strictly speaking, this feeling was not wrong.

His gaze quickly landed on the striking purple Spirit Beast in the clouds.

Even though it was tied down by chains, Fanming still seemed to maintain a defiant look.

Grunting, crying out, yet it never intended to bow down.

Wang Ba could not look at Fanming for long because he would inevitably be drawn in by the eyes on its wings, leading to him losing his senses.

Following the direction in Bai You’s Sound Transmission Talisman, Wang Ba proceeded with caution.

Along the way, many cultivators wearing red and black Daoist robe kept coming and going. Occasionally, they encountered people like him, Heresy Cultivators, who were nervously rushing from place to place, too afraid to stop for even a moment.

Interestingly enough, despite his caution, he still ran into a familiar face in the swirling fog.

She had an air of nobility, a charming face with a hint of valiant spirit.

It was Lin Yu.

Yet, the Lin Yu that he saw now seemed to be alone, without the accompaniment of other female Cultivators.

Alone, without the support of a Magic Tool, she seemed to be strolling between the mountains just like she would on flat ground.

However, what startled Wang Ba the most was the aura Lin Yu gave off. It seemed to be even stronger than Bai Yu’s.

At least, the oppression he felt from Bai Yu was nowhere near as intense as what he felt from Lin Yu.

From a distance, just seeing Lin Yu was like staring at a giant prehistoric beast, causing him to feel a surge of fear.

Lin Yu also immediately saw Wang Ba.

What completely took Wang Ba by surprise was that Lin Yu… actually gave Wang Ba a smile.

Red lips and white teeth, her allure was captivating.

However, at this moment, Wang Ba only felt a chill running down his spine.

Luckily, Lin Yu just took one glance at him before disappearing into the mist.

Wang Ba instantly let out a sigh of relief within his heart.

Recalling the frightening aura that came from the other party just now,

He shook his head.

He knew.

Lin Yu was gone.

Restraining his complex emotions,

Following the directions given by the sound transmission talisman, Wang Ba carefully proceeded onwards. After that, fortunately, he didn’t encounter any more problems and managed to ascend to a palace atop a mountain smoothly.

The palace was magnificent, but eerily quiet.

Only a few cultivators with blurred faces were meditating in solitude.

There was something creepy about the palace. On the shelves, there were assorted blood-colored bones.

Unsurprisingly, these bones were likely extracted from human bodies.

Wang Ba didn’t dare to enter; he just stood outside and waited.

Before long, he saw somewhat familiar figure briskly coming out of the palace.

Although he couldn’t see the person’s face clearly, Wang Ba noticed him heading directly toward him. This person was undoubtedly Bai Yu, whom Wang Ba intended to meet during this trip.

Indeed, once this person reached Wang Ba, he cut to the chase with:

“You intend to avoid this compulsory mission?”

Upon confirming the other party’s voice as Bai Yu’s, Wang Ba quickly showed deference then cautiously replied:

“This… I was left with no choice. Although I am at the Eight Stage of Qi Refining, I don’t have any battle tactics at all; all I can do is raise some spirit chickens and brew some spirit wine.”

“If my life is lost during the operation against the Incense Fire Dao, that would still be acceptable, but acting recklessly could result in losing face for our holy cult.”

He intentionally emphasized the words ‘spirit wine’.

After hearing what Wang Ba had to say, Bai Yu pondered for a moment before responding decisively:

“Your teacher Yu Changchun did mention something to me about you, and the spirit wine you gave me before was indeed good. I can agree to help you approach Elder Bei and have him excuse you from this mission.”

“But you mustn’t forget to provide the spirit wine this year.”

Wang Ba couldn’t believe his own ears.

This matter was resolved so effortlessly?

But upon further reflection, independent and self-indulgent as they were, the behavior of Demon Dao cultivators couldn’t be more normal.

Hearing the other party’s request for spirit wine, Wang Ba quickly nodded with,

“Elder, rest assured. The wine will be ready for drinking in a few months.”

After hearing Wang Ba’s words, Bai Yu nodded in satisfaction.

However, he noticed that Wang Ba was still hanging around, so he asked with curiosity: “What’s the matter? Is there any other problem?”

Wang Ba managed to force a smile: “Elder, there’s one more thing. I have a junior sister… She’s only at Stage IV of Qi refining. Is it possible for her to exempt from…”

Suddenly, Bai Yu’s tone turned colder:

“Are you trying to take an inch after getting a foot?”

While he was speaking, a formidable and ominous aura suddenly emanated from Bai Yu’s body.

Perhaps unintentional, but it chilled Wang Ba to the bone, making him break out in a cold sweat.

“No, not at all!”

He hastened to shrug it off.

“Hmph, this is a big matter for our holy cult! I’m making an exception for you only because you have a bit of use. Don’t think that you are irreplaceable!”

Bai Yu huffed coldly, then his tone subtly relaxed but retained a note of sternness:

“This mandatory mission is a nuisance not just to you heresy Cultivators. The people from the Soul Dao have already filed complaints to the Sect Hierarch. However, they were all discarded… So, the fact that I can excuse you from this mission is already the best I can do. Moreover, if it hadn’t been for Yu Changchun, who had asked me for this favor multiple times, you wouldn’t be able to sway me with just some spirit wine, so…”

Wang Ba was breaking out in cold sweat, almost speechless due to the tension. He hurriedly expressed his gratitude.

Bai Yu shook his head, repeating:

‘ “You shouldn’t think that the mission to eliminate the Incense Fire Dao Cultivators is really that dangerous. The strong ones among them have already been dealt with by the disciples of our sect. The remaining ones are nothing but insignificant figures. For someone at your Cultivation Base, staying safe should be a breeze as long as you remember to return early, then nothing major will happen.”

“Forget it, whether you go out or not, I’ll help you excuse this task later.”

“You can leave now!”

“Yes, thank you, Mr. Bai!”

With all due respect, Wang Ba retreated down the mountain, then hastily got on his flying Magic Tool and hurriedly left the mountain gate.

Standing at the mountain gate,

As he looked back, amidst the mist, the Fanming bird was still struggling silently.

Just like him, at this moment.

Upon his return to the chicken farm,

“Senior Brother, how did it go with the senior you mentioned?”

As soon as she saw Wang Ba return, Bu Chan couldn’t help but ask.

Wang Ba raised his absent-minded head and looked at Bu Chan.

She wasn’t exactly stunning beauty, but he couldn’t help but letting his eyes linger on her.

And yet, he didn’t dare to look at her directly.


For the first time in his life, he was at a loss for words with another person.

He remained silent, returned to his small wooden house, and shut himself inside.

Looking at his receding figure, Bu Chan seemed to vaguely understand something.

A subtle sadness crept into her eyes.

She stood still for a moment before slowly retrieving an ancient ring from within her sleeves.

After a rigorous internal debate, she still decided to tap on the door of the small wooden house.

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