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Chapter 127: Chapter 120 Inventory, Gold Wind Fast Arrow i

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Chapter 120 Inventory, Gold Wind Fast Arrow i

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“This was given to me by my great-grandmother, can you help me keep it for now, Senior Brother?”

At the door of the small wooden house, Bu Chan wore a smile on his face, carefully offering the antique ring in his hand to Wang Ba.

Wang Ba stood inside the house, silently looking at the ring nestled in the soft whiteness of Bu Chan’s hands.

He naturally recognized it. This was an extremely rare storage ring, with far more storage space than a typical storage bag.

But what left him silent was not the preciousness of the ring, but the fact that… Bu Chan had given the ring to him.

Wang Ba reluctantly accepted the ring, hesitated then said:

“I…I will keep it for you for now.”

Upon hearing these words, the smile on Bu Chan’s face waned slightly.

As if making some sort of decision, Bu Chan nodded vigorously, and a bright smile reappeared on his face:

“Mhm, Senior Brother, I’ll go back and prepare.”


Watching Bu Chan leave, Wang Ba slowly lowered his head, shifting his gaze from the antique ring to the Heavenly Gate Order in his hand.

Written vividly on the moving light screen were the words:

“Task accepted on 17th day of the 5th month, Guiyin year, task number four:

Investigate ‘Mengxing Villa…'”

“Number of participants: Five.”

“Roster: Wang Ba, Bu Chan (please confirm as soon as possible)…”

The storage space of the antique ring was larger than Wang Ba had expected.

Even if the spirit field next to the chicken farm were put inside, it would still have ample space.

However, there were not many things inside.

Just a small pile of lower-grade spirit stones of various sizes, a few books, and a jade book slip that Wang Ba was somewhat unfamiliar with.

His gaze swept over the lower-grade spirit stones. Seeing some small fragments of spirit stones, Wang Ba fell into silence.

He could imagine the difficulties that such a low-ranked cultivator as Bu Chan would have faced to accumulate these spirit stones in the environment of the Tianmen Cult.

He looked at those books again, discovering that they were records of valuable insights into cultivating spirit plants, useless to someone like him, but they were more valuable than countless treasures in the eyes of a Spirit Plant Master.

After that, he took out the jade slip and was surprised to discover that it was an extremely rare jade slip for transmitting cultivation methods.

The method recorded was the “Yuanmi True Method” of spirit plant cultivation, which was quite profound.

The method allows one to use the Qi of the growth of spirit plants as sustenance for self-cultivation.

The bigger the spirit field they care for, the higher the grade of the spirit plants, the more beneficial it is to the cultivator.

Wang Ba immediately fell silent again.

Without thinking, he knew that this method was likely the foundation of Bu Chan’s livelihood, the basis of his cultivation.

And the fact that he entrusted such a thing to him, its meaning, was self-evident.

But amidst Wang Ba’s silence, his heart was incredibly calm.

He had made his choice, this choice was in line with his conscience, and with

Bu Chan’s trust.

In fact, after making this decision, he faintly felt that his previously stifled spirit became gradually clearer.

People only live once, and they shouldn’t live just for the sake of living.

Otherwise, even if you have a long life, you’re just a pitiful creature shackled by longevity.

Gently he soothed the turmoil in his heart.

After a moment of contemplation, Wang Ba began to prepare.

He began by taking stock of all the assets at his disposal.

There was Jia 13, a top-grade spirit chicken capable of offensive surprise attacks;

And the Black-feathered Chicken that could devour Yin ghosts;

Even the Dawn Chicken, capable of suppressing evil spirits.

Azure Spirit Turtle, a top-grade Spirit Beast with astonishing defensive power and control over water.

On top of that, he possessed the Jade Armor, the Soul Suppressing Jade Talisman, and the Feihuang Ruler – a trio of life-saving tools.

In his storage bag, he had a bunch of upper grade talismans, for both offense and defense.

Among them was a top-grade defensive talisman: the Wood Armor Talisman.

A one-time-use magical tool that could threaten a stage 10 Qi Refining cultivator: the Thunder Seed.

All sorts of odds and ends weren’t even counted.

Just these items he pulled together made Wang Ba feel a little bit excited.

He didn’t even realize that he had accumulated so many assets.

Not to mention anything else, just the few top-grade spirit chickens and Spirit Turtles, comparable to a stage 10 Qi Refining cultivator, would leave Meng Randao in a sorry state even if he didn’t die.

Of course, on the premise that Wang Ba doesn’t hold them back.

After all, he is single-minded in cultivation and doesn’t have many spells to perform.

After a moment’s thought, Wang Ba finally made up his mind to euthanize Jia 6, the one bound with the Scapegoat Divine Skill.

Then, he touched the turtles one by one, spending a thousand years worth of lifespan binding the only Azure Spirit Turtle from among the many turtles that had reached the closeness threshold.

“It’s lucky that Bu Chan wasn’t around before, it was me who fed them, otherwise I might not have been able to bind the turtles.”

Wang Ba gave a fright, reminding himself secretly that he should periodically spend time interacting with his turtles to build up rapport.

Otherwise, it would be troublesome if he couldn’t bind the turtles during a critical moment.

Having bound a turtle with defensive power comparable to a normal Foundation Establishment Spirit Beast, Wang Ba felt somewhat more confident.

But he still wasn’t quite satisfied and put a dozen other turtles that met the closeness threshold into the Spirit Beast Bag.

In case the Azure Spirit Turtle couldn’t handle it, he could bind a new one in time.

Anyway, since he had decided to leave the Tianmen Cult, he had to make thorough preparations to preserve his life.

After some thought, he made a trip to the market.

As expected, the market was crowded.

Almost every shop was filled with cultivators.

In popular stores such as Elixir Shop, Magic Tool Shop, Talisman Shop, Spirit Beast Shop, and Puppet Shop, one could barely squeeze in.

Wang Ba originally wanted to see if there were any handy attacking magic tools, talismans or suitable fighting spirit beasts, but he had to give up this idea.

Upon reaching the entrance of a bookstore, he was surprised to find it rather deserted.

After some thought, he decided to enter.

“What does the customer need?”

Just as he stepped into the store, the shopkeeper’s voice rang out immediately.

“Hehe, let me have a look first.”

Wang Ba revealed a smile, then remarked in surprise, “How come there are so few people today?”

“Blame it on the compulsory task that was issued, with a time limit of five days, everyone is rushing to purchase anything that can quickly enhance their battle power…”

The shopkeeper responded with a hint of helplessness.

“Even the fastest items here take some time; ah, it is simply incomparable.”

Wang Ba nodded in understanding.

Whether it’s spells or cultivation methods, they all require a long period of honing.

Especially spells, no one would dare use them in battle without having thoroughly mastered them.

Moreover, many spells are incredibly obscure, the difficulty of practicing them is not any less than the energy spent on practicing a cultivation method.

As Wang Ba walked in, he flipped through some cultivation methods.

He saw many scrolls marked as only available for internal reference within Tianmen Cult.

‘Blood Bone: Qi Refining’, ‘Mysterious Puppet: Qi Refining’…

Without exception, the prices of these cultivation methods were exorbitantly high.

There were also quite a few other legitimate cultivation methods.

However, in Wang Ba’s point of view, none was more suitable for him than the ‘Ren Water Four Tactics’.

This left him somewhat disappointed.

After all, once the ‘Ren Water Four Tactics’ was used to establish the foundation, its progress would stagnate, and its efficiency in cultivation was not very high.

Of course, as he had not established the foundation yet, there was no need to worry about it for now.

He glanced at some other miscellaneous records. They weren’t too expensive and Wang Ba casually selected a few he found useful.

He then arrived in the spell area.

While the number of scrolls in the spell area couldn’t compare to the miscellaneous records, the variety was impressive.

There were scrolls and also jade slips like the ones Bu Chan had given him.

At a glance, none of the jade slips were priced lower than two hundred spirit stones.

The plain scrolls however, were much cheaper. Wang Ba saw many small spells for only twenty spirit stones.

But they were all supplementary spells like ‘Light’, ‘Blind’, and ‘Purify’.

More practical spells on the other hand, saw their prices doubled, if not more.

For instance, ‘Charm Heart Spell’, ‘Spirit Armor Spell’, ‘Water Mirror Spell’, among others.

These spells demanded dozens of spirit stones at a minimum.

The Water Mirror Spell, which Wang Ba had learned early on to monitor the spirit chickens and spirit turtles in the farm, was among them.

Even more expensive were some common attack spells like ‘Flying Sand Spell’, ‘Chaotic Grass Arrow Spell’, ‘Blood Sacrifice Heart Spell’, ‘Fire Burning Spell’ and so forth.

These spells too, were generally worth one or two hundred spirit stones.

For an ordinary heretical cultivator, acquiring an attack spell was indeed very difficult.

Wang Ba also saw a lot of spells that caught his interest.

Unfortunately, he was also somewhat strapped for cash.

In the end, he gritted his teeth and bought a reasonably potent and affordable ‘Golden Wind Arrow’ and several inexpensive but practical supplementary spells.

“That will be three hundred and forty-five lower grade spirit stones, please.”

The shopkeeper wore a broad smile as he packed these scrolls and handed them to Wang Ba, then eagerly said, “This ‘Golden Wind Arrow’ needs to be practiced daily with ‘Gold Sand Iron’ to increase its power. The longer you practice, the greater the power. The spell is just like a torrential downpour, nothing can stand in its way. If you lack ‘Gold Sand Iron’, you can come to me. I can provide you with the materials, and it’s very cheap!”

“Gold Sand Iron?”

Upon hearing this, Wang Ba’s eyebrows furrowed instantly.

The description he had read did not mention this requirement to practice the spell.

He was immediately displeased and said, “Are you trying to deceive me? Why didn’t you state the requirements?”

The shopkeeper quickly raised his hands and said, “Friend, aren’t you aware? The materials needed for practicing a spell also form part of the spell’s secrets. Once known by others, it isn’t necessarily good. So it’s not that we are unwilling, but that we cannot disclose it.”

“Besides, for these attack spells, especially those with great power, which one doesn’t require external objects for practice? If not for these, how can a powerful spell like this be available for just two hundred spirit stones?”

Upon hearing this, Wang Ba remembered the first spell within ‘Ren Water Four Tactics’: ‘Ren Water Divine Light’.

According to the cultivation method, the spell was quite powerful within the realm of Qi Refining. However, it required the mana of a tenth stage Qi Refiner and the ‘Ren Water True Essence’ cultivated through ‘Ren Water Four Tactics’. Along with other exotic treasures, they were then converted into ‘Ren Water Divine Light’.

This process was time-consuming and required a lot of effort, making it somewhat impractical.

One might as well put that effort into breaking through to the Foundation Establishment stage.

However, given the current situation, having an additional method might provide him with an additional chance for survival.

After some thought, he bought a batch of Golden Sand Iron from the shopkeeper.

Now, he was out of spare spirit stones.

He cast a covetous glance at the many spells on the shelf, but could only leave the store with regret.

He then visited the booth area.

There were plenty of good items here.

Wang Ba even saw someone buying a ‘Soul Search Spell’. This extremely rare spell was something he did not even see in the bookstore.

Unfortunately, the asking price was too steep; it was a whopping six hundred spirit stones and they did not accept trades.

This deterred many potential buyers

Wang Ba was among them.

He walked around again with regret, but in the end, he had to leave due to the lack of spirit stones.

However, just as he returned to the chicken farm, he noticed a somewhat unfamiliar figure that he seemed to have seen somewhere before.

It didn’t take long for him to remember who it was.

“Dong Qiyu…”

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