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Chapter 128: Chapter 121 Cultivating Spells_i

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Chapter 121 Cultivating Spells_i

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Unlike the two previous encounters with a monk in grey robes.

This time, Dong Qiyu did not intentionally disguise his identity.

Clad in a white Daoist robe, his face was as radiant as the moon, his eyes glittered like stars, his figure was tall and slender, standing with his hands behind his back.

He exuded a unique sense of casual elegance and transcendent aura.

If it weren’t for Wang Ba’s knowledge that the monk in the grey robe was him, he would never have guessed that they were the same person.

However, this time, Wang Ba couldn’t figure out why Dong Qiyu had appeared before him in his true form.

Before Wang Ba could speak, Dong Qiyu turned around upon sensing his arrival, presenting a gentle smile, raising his hand in a respectful bow, and said:

“Fellow Daoist, my name is Dong Qiyu. Brother Boxiu mentioned that you have Spirit Chickens. I wonder if I could purchase some from you?”


Wang Ba immediately recalled the Cultivator corresponding to this name, an old customer who had stopped coming a year ago, presumably to focus on other Cultivation Methods.

Not wanting to offend, Wang Ba managed a reluctant smile:

“Well… Don’t hide it from you, Daoist. I don’t have many Spirit Chickens left…”

Dong Qiyu listened without a change in expression:

“I’ll take a thousand.”

“I’m sorry, cough, cough…”

Wang Ba was just about to refuse, but the number immediately made him hold back.

He looked at Dong Qiyu in astonishment: “How many?”

“A thousand, male or female, I’ll pay four Spirit Stones each. Of course, if there are more, I’ll take them all.”

Dong Qiyu’s smile remained.

However, Wang Ba found it hard to keep his cool.

A thousand Spirit Chickens, this number far exceeded any previous sale Wang Ba had made.

Although four Spirit Stones was not as exaggerated as the market price, Wang Ba’s cost was very low in the first place, even one Spirit Stone each, he would still make a killing.

Of course, at this point, there were just over a thousand Spirit Chickens and a thousand or so Precious Chickens in his chicken farm.

The chicken feed was indeed limited, if all of them were to transform into Spirit Chickens, he couldn’t keep up with the supply.

Without the slightest hesitation, Wang Ba immediately nodded: “Deal!”

Seeing Wang Ba so forthright was somewhat beyond Dong Qiyu’s expectation.

He had originally thought that Wang Ba would refuse him outright as he had done the previous two times.

Or perhaps haggle over the price.

With this in mind, he gave Wang Ba a thoughtful look.

And Wang Ba quickly entered the chicken farm, swiftly extracted his lifespan, then packed all the Spirit Chickens into the Spirit Beast Bag Dong Qiyu had brought.

Without any hesitation, Dong Qiyu handed over forty middle-grade Spirit Stones to Wang Ba without even looking into the Spirit Beast Bag.

“If you have any more Spirit Chickens, you can find me, I’ll take them all.”

Dong Qiyu smiled and handed Wang Ba a Sound Transmission Talisman.

This time, Wang Ba did not refuse.

There was no way he could. The amount was just too much.

And right now, he was in desperate need of Spirit Stones.

If it weren’t for the fact that the Precious Chickens needed a few days to successfully break through to become Spirit Chickens, he would have sold most of them to Dong Qiyu.

After all, it was becoming harder and harder to sell Spirit Chickens, finding someone willing to buy such a large quantity was indeed not easy.

Feeling the weight of the Spirit Stones, he did not waste any time and headed straight to the market.

He bought all the practical spells he had his eye on, including the “Soul Searching Sutra”.

After queuing up at the pharmacy for a long time, he finally managed to purchase some Healing Medicine.

Though he might not need it, it’s always good to be prepared.

It’s fair to say that the mandatory task had once again depleted the Spirit Stones that the Heresy Cultivators had managed to accumulate over the years. However, Wang Ba still had over twenty middle-grade Spirit Stones left.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to spend them, but rather that there was nothing worth buying.

Even if there was, it had already been purchased by someone else.

Once everything was prepared.

Wang Ba had just returned to the chicken farm when a familiar figure appeared.

“Bu Chan?”

Bu Chan glared at Wang Ba, her eyes moist for some reason.

“Why… why would you accompany me on the mission?”

“You could have chosen not to go!”

Wang Ba frowned slightly: “Watch your manners, address me as Senior Brother.”

Who would have thought that upon hearing this, Bu Chan started hitting him, her blows seemingly light but causing enough pain to make Wang Ba inhale sharply.

Dodging her assault, he warned:

“Bu girl… If you keep hitting like that, 1’11…”

He stopped mid-sentence.

He felt a soft body suddenly rush into his arms, hugging him tightly, their lips locked together.

After a while, the girl stepped back.

She tilted her head up, looking directly into his eyes.

Her typically soft gaze was filled with a stubbornness for the first time.

She wasn’t exceptionally beautiful, she didn’t have the sort of dazzling beauty that would stun people at first glance.

But for some reason, at this moment, Wang Ba couldn’t think of anyone more beautiful than her.

“We… cough…”

Wang Ba tried to appear calm and cleared his throat, but soon realized he didn’t know what to say.

The change was too sudden, and he was completely unprepared for it.

He could only feel the pure sibling-like affection between them had abruptly changed…

“When did it all start? How did I not notice?”

He scratched his head in confusion.

However, Bu Chan showed a clarity and understanding that he hadn’t even detected in himself:

“Brother, why bother agonizing over this? We are cultivators, not mortals. We are striving for transcendence and liberation.”

“I like you, brother, and I want to be with you on the road of cultivation, helping each other. But it does not mean that you must like me.”

“If I ever become a burden in your heart, even if you like me, I don’t think it will last long.”

“So, let’s follow the course of nature, no need to overthink. Let’s deal with the present stuff first.”

Listening to Bu Chan’s words, Wang Ba woke up from a dream.

This wasn’t the time to dwell on such matters.

Gathering his thoughts, he told Bu Chan:

“The location of the mission I accepted – Mengxing Villa is relatively close to the Tianmen Cult. The chances of encountering the Incense Fire Dao are small. We two will be together and should be vigilant. There should not be too many problems.”

“Still, to be on the safe side, take all these things.”

Wang Ba put all the items that he had prepared for Bu Chan in Storage Bag and handed them over to her.

Bu Chan didn’t refuse; she just took the bag and quickly swept her gaze over the items inside, instantly showing a hint of astonishment!


There were all sorts of treasures such as top-grade talismans and magic tools filling up the not-so-large Storage Bag.

“These are things that I’ve exchanged with other cultivators over the years.”

Wang Ba explained casually, and then he handed another Spirit Beast Bag to Bu Chan.

It contained Jia 12 with a Spirit Beast Collar and a female Azure Spirit Turtle.

Both were top-grade spirit beasts, the former was near top grade with attacking power comparable to a stage IX Qi Refining cultivator.

The defensive power of the Azure Spirit Turtle was even more astonishing. Even a stage X Qi Refining cultivator might not be able to harm it.

Wang Ba already had a top-grade Spirit Beast protecting him, so he didn’t really need these two. They could ideally serve to protect Bu Chan.

Seeing these two beasts, Bu Chan also understood the extent to which Wang Ba valued her.

A hint of sweetness welled up in her heart.

However, it was promptly disrupted by Wang Ba: “Go familiarize yourself with them quickly. Don’t get slashed before you can even release the beasts in a fight!”

Bu Chan:”…”

Even though she was furious, she went next to the spirit field and slowly tried to wield the talismans and magic tools that Wang Ba had given her.

Meanwhile, Wang Ba began to practice with the spells.

At this moment, practicing at Lingshui Courtyard didn’t seem to provide much help; there was nothing else to prepare.

It might be better to train before the battle and gain some additional self-protection.

The first to be practiced was the “Golden Wind Arrow.”

The cultivation method was simple; Refine the Golden Magnetic Sand, integrate it into the Mana and continuously refine it. Cooperate with the circulation of Mana in the spell, once it is used, the Mana will bring a forceful effect of Golden Magnetic Sand.

Combine it with the spell to create an effect like a sudden rainstorm, whistling downwards.

However, only after finishing the entire spell cultivation method did he realize he’d been tricked.

This spell was actually best suited for cultivators with Gold-Style Spiritual Roots.

The metal Mana smelted from Golden Magnetic Sand can often bring out strong effects in the hands of Gold-Style cultivators.

The speed of cultivation was also faster for those cultivators.

Unfortunately, among Wang Ba’s four spiritual roots, he did not have the Gold Style.

“I am still too young…”

Wang Ba shook his head helplessly.

In fact, he knew that this was entirely because he lacked common knowledge.

Unlike most Heresy Cultivators.

Most Heresy Cultivators were originally Sect Disciples; they had received systematic knowledge of cultivation, these common spell concepts were naturally very clear to them.

But Wang Ba was self-taught and did most of his exploration on his own.

Regarding some common knowledge, he probably knew less than those Stage III or IV cultivators.

Ever since, one could say he had learned a lot from this setback.

However, he did not give up either.

An attack spell worth two hundred Spirit Stones, not cultivating it would be a waste.

Taking up the pieces of golden Iron Sand, Wang Ba attempted to pour his Earth-Style Mana into it, slowly soaking and enveloping it

However, he quickly discovered that fully refining the Golden Iron Sand would take several months.

“Wait… several months…”

Wang Ba suddenly thought of something and quickly called out the Lifespan Panel.

Surely, he saw a new item in the expendable section.

[Expendable Item: Partial Metamorphosis of Earth Mana (Golden Iron Sand), Factoring qualification, physical fitness needs 1.5 years.]

“It can be done!”

Wang Ba was inexplicably overjoyed.

Although it might take longer than he had anticipated, anything that consumed lifespan wasn’t an issue.

And this “Golden Wind Arrow” spell consumes the most time is in smelting Golden Iron Sand. Once the smelting is completed and the corresponding mana circulation route of the spell is mastered, one can initially use it.

“The only problem is that many powerful spells often require the smelting of corresponding treasures to be successfully practiced. These treasures are not easy to acquire.”

“Besides, if the Heterologous Mana smelted is too much, it also hampers cultivation.”

After thinking about it, he suddenly thought of a problem.

“Spells that need corresponding treasures cannot be cultivated because I lack resources. But what about those common spells that can be cultivated without treasures?”

“Can they be instantly completed?”

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