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Chapter 129: 129Chapter 122: Seven Paths of Spells, Traveling Together_i

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129Chapter 122: Seven Paths of Spells, Traveling Together_i

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Wang Ba has always been a person of decent action.

So he promptly took out all the scrolls of spells he had previously bought from his storage bag.

By classification, they were all neatly arranged.

Among the three attack spells, only the Divine Fire required no resources and solely relied on constructing complex mana pathways.

There were two defensive spells, and likewise, only “Life-saving Skill” relied

solely on the mana cycle for deployment.

There were over a dozen auxiliary types of spells. Roughly flipping them over, about half of them did not require resources.

For instance, small spells such as “Purify” and “Lighting” can be mastered with just a little bit of dedication.

Previously, the “Water Mirror” was like this.

Even so, spells such as the Soul Search require large amounts of time to construct and familiarise oneself with the corresponding mana pathways; they even require the participation of Soul power.

The complexity is vastly different compared to regular small spells.

Having skimmed through them all, Wang Ba has gained a much clearer understanding of these spells.

In short, these ordinary spells that do not require additional treasures or resources, both in terms of power and effect, are significantly weaker than powerful spells like Golden Wind Arrow.

The advantage is that ordinary cultivators can master them through long-term practice even without the aid of resources.

Of course, the necessary time investment is inevitable.

Some people may be gifted and possess an extremely fast mastery over spells, thus shortening the learning time.

Such people may not necessarily have high cultivation levels but are often proficient when facing enemies directly.

Most people, however, can only achieve familiarity with the spell pathways gradually over time, then through constant training, they eventually master them.

Therefore, most Qi Refining cultivators only possess a limited number of battle spells, often only specialising in one or two spells, either waiting until their cultivation base’s progress is stalled before dividing their attention, or waiting until they establish their foundation.

But Wang Ba might be different.

After skimming through them, he picked out all the ordinary spells.

He read through each of them in detail until their content was imprinted in his heart.

Then, he opened the Lifespan Panel.

As expected, he saw many new projects in the consumption section.

[Consumable Projects: Purify, comprehensive qualifications, bone roots, requires an equivalent of 0.2 years]

[… Life-saving Skill… 20.7 years]

[… Divine Fire… 28.4 years]

[… Soul Search… 198.5 years]


There are seven spells that can be quickly mastered by consuming lifespan.

What surprised Wang Ba somewhat was that the time consumed by the soul search was nearly two hundred years.

The theoretical lifespan of an average Qi Refining cultivator is only 120 years, which is essentially no different from a mortal.

Of course, this could also be due to unsuitability with the spell resulting in these numbers.

However, the shock was briefly a minor surprise for Wang Ba.

Compared to the Strong Body Sutra, these were just minuscule.

Following that, he immediately and decisively chose to consume.

Accompanied by the decrease in lifespan, the spell’s pathway in his memory shifted from being vague to clear. The mana within the body was rapidly circulating and consuming at incredible speed.

From clumsiness, to familiarity, and then to instinct.

It was as if the learning process was put on fast-forward.

Following that was the second spell, the third one…

Three days later.

Wang Ba slowly opened his eyes.

With a thought in his heart.

A flame sprung up before him, intense yet restrained.

Wang Ba tossed an inexpensive lower-grade magic tool into the flame, which began to melt rapidly upon contact.

He nodded slightly, and the flame disappeared.

-Its power is acceptable, but it’s not agile enough. Unless the opponent is restrained, it will be hard to hit anyone with it.”

Wang Ba summarised this in his heart.

Afterward, he cycled through deploying the other spells one by one, familiarising himself with the effects and power of these spells.

Of course, without someone to assist him, spells like the Soul Search were hard to deploy.

Feeling the memory of additional spell pathways, Wang Ba felt slightly more at


Beginning now, he finally possessed some combat capability.

With the arrival of the deadline.

inside the East Saint stronghold, apart from the disciples’ area within the mountain gate, it was almost impossible to see any traces of cultivators.

Even those female cultivators in the Mulou House, despite their reluctance, were also compelled to get dressed, grumblingly leave the Mulou House, and follow powerful cultivators out of the East Saint stronghold.

Ironically, the busiest place was the only exit in the East Saint stronghold leading to the outside world.

Ever since the East Saint Sect was expelled, there was only this one way leading to the outside world.

Many cultivators gathered here, all waiting for their temporary companions who had also taken up the same task.

This has become an established custom.

Even the most arrogant person understood the principle of strength in numbers.

Considering that the Incense Fire Dao still stubbornly thrived under the aggressive siege of Tianmen Cult, it was easy to see how difficult they were to handle.

On the cliff by the exit, rows of characters were written down.

Guiyin Year, May 18th, Task No. 12… Guiyin Year, May 18th, Task No. 9- Some people were standing next to these characters, while other places were empty.

A striking position on the cliff also had a large character: Guiyin Year, May 17th, Task No. 4-

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