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Chapter 130: 130Chapter 122: Seven Paths Spell, Same Path 2

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130Chapter 122: Seven Paths Spell, Same Path 2

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There are three cultivators nearby, one elder, one youth, and one female.

It was obvious that the young cultivator and the middle-aged female cultivator were showing signs of impatience.

Only the elder remained serene, eyes closed and meditating.

Finally, the young cultivator couldn’t help but speak:

“Senior Brother Huo, we’ve been waiting for three days already. Even now, the other two aren’t here, they probably left early. Why are we wasting time here, we should get going already.”

His words immediately got the approval of the middle-aged female cultivator: “Yes, Senior Brother Huo, I understand your caution, you think it’s safer with more people. But we simply can’t keep waiting like this, right? What if there are indeed people from the Incense Fire Dao at Mengxing Villa, and they learned about our plan and hid in advance. Then there will be no rewards for us if we don’t kill them.”

The elder opened his eyes upon hearing this, glanced at the two, and finally spoke:

“We’ve already waited for three days, what’s wrong with waiting a little longer?”

“But if it gets any later…”

Under the elder’s gaze, the young cultivator, though reluctant, finally shut his mouth.

He sought help with a glance at the middle-aged female cultivator, but she too, realizing the situation, dared not say more.

Clearly, Senior Brother Huo was seemingly not in a good mood either.

After all, sitting around aimlessly for three days would put anyone in a sour mood.

But Senior Brother Huo bore it with maturity, appearing nonchalant.

Seeing the atmosphere becoming a bit tense, the middle-aged female cultivator tactfully tried to ease the situation:

“Hehe, don’t be angry Senior Brother Huo, Junior Brother Pan is just worried about missing the opportunity, and then none of us would benefit. But you’re also right, since we have already waited for so long, no harm in waiting a bit more. Who knows we might even get a high-class cultivator like yourself at Qi Refining Stage VII.”

Upon hearing this, the young cultivator couldn’t help but argue even though he knew she meant well:

“High-class cultivators are unlikely, they’re rushing to get the merit, they probably all left two days ago.”


The middle-aged female cultivator was left speechless upon hearing this, hence deciding to remain silent.

She found a place to sit to the side, and also began to meditate.

The young cultivator was left feeling awkward and retreated to the side, appearing thoughtful.

After a while, it was clear that nightfall wasn’t far off.

Watching the cultivators coming from their base dwindle to a few scattered individuals,

The elder couldn’t help but furrow his brows:

“Strange… Did they really leave early? Surely, they can’t be that reckless.” Heresy cultivators who managed to survive under Tianmen Cult rule may have been lucky, but there weren’t any fools among them.

The reckless ones should have died during the extermination.

However, seeing that the cultivators coming over were becoming fewer and fewer, the elder couldn’t help but lose patience.

“Enough! I thought we might wait for a stronger person to show up, that would have been more cautious…”

Shaking his head, the elder reluctantly stood up.

“I told you they had already left…”

The moment the young cultivator muttered under his breath, he was silenced by a cold glare from the elder.

However, at this moment, the middle-aged female cultivator noticed.

Two more cultivators appeared not too far away, a man and a woman. The man seemed a bit naive, and the woman appeared to be quite young.

The two looked at the lines of text on the cliff wall in surprise, before walking over to the group of three.

“Two people? Could it be them?”

It wasn’t just the middle-aged female cultivator, the other two, being spiritually sensitive, also noticed the man and woman.

Indeed, the two came straight over. The young female cultivator then took out a middle-grade flying magic tool and flew in front of the three with the man.

The three on the edge of the cliff glanced at each other, the middle-aged female cultivator hinting at understanding took the initiative to go up, her face wore an accommodating smile:

Fellow cultivators, are you also heading to Mengxing Villa?”

“Exactly, I presume you three are our companions for this trip? We deeply apologize, we were caught up in minor issues and almost missed the timing.” The simple-looking male cultivator and the other female cultivator apologized profusely.

Upon hearing this, the young cultivator snorted:

“Not simply late though, if we end up missing the task, and have to make this trip for nothing, would you take responsibility?”

His gaze swept over the two’s ordinary attire, and he suddenly suggested: “Why don’t we set some rules first, if we jointly catch the cultivators from Incense Fire Dao, when dividing the merit, you two should take less.”


The male cultivator’s face suddenly exposed surprise and hesitance.

And the atmosphere got tense all of a sudden.

The middle-aged female cultivator still wore a smile on her face, but her smile was laced with mockery.

As to the young cultivator’s suggestion, she neither agreed nor disagreed.

The elder was squinting his eyes, not saying a word.

All three were staring at the seemingly naive male cultivator, curious about his response.

The male cultivator was momentarily silent, just as he was about to speak.

The younger female cultivator stepped forward, her face warm with a slight smile, neither humble nor pushy, and said:

“Your words are misguided, fellow cultivator. Today is the last day to take up this task, we are not late nor in error, how can there be any question of taking responsibility?”

“Moreover, the danger of this task is not yet known, why don’t we cooperate

and get through this situation together?”

The young cultivator’s face turned cold upon hearing this:

“Huh! So, according to you, we’ve been waiting here for you for three days?”

Unexpectedly, the young female cultivator generously raised her hand in salute:

“The two of us, brothers and sisters, are deeply grateful for your patience in waiting for us..”

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