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Chapter 131: 131Chapter 122: Seven Paths Spell, Going Together }

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131Chapter 122: Seven Paths Spell, Going Together }

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The honest male cultivator quickly nodded in agreement.

The young cultivator choked at his statement.

With a scarcely perceptible glance at the still silent elder not far away, he uttered a cold snort and then stopped speaking, striding to the front.

At this moment, the middle-aged female cultivator seemed to regain her senses and tried to mediate:

“Hehe, Junior Brother Pan is known for his straightforward character and means no harm. By the way, this is Senior Brother Huo, a high-level Qi Refining cultivator. May I know the names of both of you?”

The young female cultivator replied with an unchanging, courteous smile: “We are humbled to be in the presence of such an esteemed person. I’m Bu Chan and this is my senior brother, Wang Ba.”

“So, it’s Bu and Wang.”

The middle-aged female cultivator laughed warmly.

At this point, the elder slowly stepped forward and lightly bowed to both of them.

His gaze lingered momentarily on Wang Ba, then shifted to Bu Chan.

As cultivators, the more competent they are, the more confident they become.

Although Bu Chan looks young, she remained calm at the news of me being a high-level cultivator, clearly not faking indifference and probably relying on her skill.

Comparatively, her senior brother is somewhat awkward and conservative, far from it.

Thus, the elder unexpectedly showed a trace of a smile and courteously said: “Friend Bu, on our journey, how about we discuss and learn from each other to avoid confusion in case we encounter an Incense-burning Dao Cultivator.” Bu Chan smiled back without showing any fear: “Indeed.”

The middle-aged female cultivator, seeing this, was suddenly much more respectful and quickly suggested:

“Everyone, let’s stop talking for now. It’s getting late. Let’s leave our current location and rest in Mengxing Villa.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

They then displayed their abilities, boarded their Magic Tools, and flew in the direction of Mengxing Villa.

What surprised the trio was that the elder brother who appeared simple-minded still shared a flying tool with Bu Chan.

One could only guess if they shared a close relationship, or perhaps his mana was weak…

Nevertheless, their evaluation of Wang Ba was unconsciously lowered a bit. With Wang Ba holding her back, Bu Chan’s flying tool soon fell behind the others, quickly widening the gap.

On the flying tool.

Seeing that nobody was paying attention, Wang Ba secretly gave Bu Chan a thumbs up.

“Your performance just now was brilliant!”

Bu Chan blushed modestly: “Really, I was very nervous just now, afraid that 1 would mess up and ruin your plan.”

“Hehe, it’s all right. Just behave as you did now, and their attention will be all yours.”

Wang Ba reassured her with a smile.

This was a small strategy they discussed earlier.

During the mission, Bu Chan would deliberately be pushed into prominence while he hid in the background.

Should any dangerous situation arise, he could surprise their foes while they were distracted by Bu Chan.

Of course, this depended on the strength of the Incense-burning Dao cultivator not being extraordinary.

The reason he deceived their companions was simple: Wang Ba did not trust them.

If he was familiar with Mengxing Villa’s location and didn’t need their help scouting, he would rather go alone with Bu Chan.

While thinking about this, they continued flying for a while.

He suddenly looked back instinctively.

Through the thin misty distance, he could faintly see the low hills outside the outskirts of East Saint Residence, and the towering peaks further away.

His feelings were a complex mix of anticipation and excitement.

“One day, I will truly leave this place..”

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