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Chapter 14: 14 Chapter 14 Acquisition! Sect Disciple! _1

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14 Chapter 14 Acquisition! Sect Disciple! _1

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The middle-aged storekeeper simply ceased his work, waiting calmly for the last fat sheep before closing time.

“You’re haggling with me, now you won’t even be able to keep your eight-point Spirit Stones!”

“Alas, South Lake is becoming more and more dried up.”

“Once I’ve accumulated a few more Spirit Stones, I need to change location, to the West Garden or East Mountain market…”

As he fondled the spirit bracelet on his wrist, the middle-aged storekeeper casually directed the busy boy servant.

However, after waiting for a long time, he did not see the peasant until it was completely dark out.

The middle-aged storekeeper gradually felt uneasy, he waited longer and finally could not suppress it:

“Go, ask Old Liu for me, that peasant’s Spirit Chicken, he didn’t disregard the rules and take it himself, did he?”

“Yes, storekeeper!”

The boy servant then headed straight for Liu’s Shop.

He was back shortly, but his face was somewhat peculiar.

The middle-aged storekeeper impatiently asked:

“Erhu, what did Old Liu say? Did he really take that Spirit Chicken? That old coot! I’m going to tell my elder brother, this Liu is really short-sighted!”

Erhu hesitated:

“He took it, but Storekeeper Liu said that he has some resemblance to a revered immortal from a Sect. Even if he is not an immortal, his status is not low, so he did not dare to bargain…”

Hearing these words, the storekeeper’s face became grim:


“Old Liu may deceive you, a blockhead, but he can’t deceive me!”

“Though there are many immortals in the sect who do not care about appearance, which one of them is so shabby? Although a single Spirit Chicken is valuable, it’s not worth the effort of a high-ranking immortal…”

“But, storekeeper, Storekeeper Liu said that the man sold thirteen at once!”


The hand of the middle-aged storekeeper suddenly trembled while fondling the bracelet!

He stood up abruptly in disbelief:

“How…how many?!”

“Thirteen Spirit Chickens, and…”

The boy servant was hesitating, as if not knowing whether to say it or not.

“And what? Speak up!”

The middle-aged storekeeper urged impatiently.

“And…although they are all lower-grade roosters, they have abundant spiritual energy…”

The middle-aged storekeeper’s face turned deadlier.

The boy servant hesitated and said, “Storekeeper Liu…Storekeeper Liu also asked me to thank you. These thirteen Spirit Chickens are quite useful for their house.”


The spirit bracelet was slammed onto the table, leaving a deep mark.

The middle-aged storekeeper’s chest was heaving violently, but finally, he forcibly suppressed his anger.

He had to suppress it.

Anyone who can sell thirteen Spirit Chickens at once is standing in the shade of a large tree, even if he is not a Sect Disciple.

He absolutely did not dare to offend such a person.

No, it’s not that he didn’t dare, he couldn’t even think of it!

When there was no more resentment in his heart, a thick regret rose in his heart.

“I made a misjudgment!”

“If I had known earlier, I would have given him three Spirit Stones!”

“Besides, I suppose my elder brother could also use them. If he makes a breakthrough, I could move to the East Mountain market…”

Acquiring thirteen at once, no matter whether it’s for his elder brother to raise his cultivation base or for currying favors, it’s a good deal.

Unfortunately, he had pushed the business away.

At this moment, the middle-aged storekeeper’s thighs had turned red from slapping.

He couldn’t help taking a few steps outside, looking around.

But where could he still find the figure of that ‘peasant’.

Wang Ba walked nervously on the dark road.

The surrounding mountains were stacked upon each other, casting heavy shadows, like sect disciples watching him…

Feeling the heavyweight Spirit Stones in his pocket, with each count, the fear in his heart increased!

Too many!

Too many Spirit Stones!

Forty-two and nine-point Spirit Stones!

He had completely drained a grain shop’s flowing spirit stones!

Honestly, if he did not have to, he would certainly not choose to exchange so many Spirit Stones.

It’s really insecure.

What’s the difference between this and a child carrying gold through a bustling market?

If he were to run into a Sect Disciple, and they got greedy…

If a Sect Disciple were to die, then it would truly be a thankless death.

So Wang Ba walked in fear all the way, fearing that someone might be trailing him, deliberately taking a detour, sometimes running, sometimes crawling.

He was careful to see if there were any other people on the road.

Try to avoid them, if he couldn’t avoid them, then work hard to activate the Power of the Yin God.

Even when there was no one, he would still maintain the use of the Power of the Yin God.

This made him discover an advantage of the Power of the Yin God.

That was, when there was no one, the Power of the Yin God did not need to deceive others, so it wouldn’t consume much.

Only when someone saw him, it would start to consume.

Even though the market at South Lake was about to close, there were still quite a number of people, thus, his Power of the Yin God was almost depleted.

He encountered several odd jobs on the way, which further exhausted his energy.

But what comforted him was just when the Power of the Yin God within Yin’s Government was reduced to the size of a grain of rice, he finally saw the manor where he was staying.


Wang Ba breathed a long sigh of relief.

Fortunately, it was a close shave.

Thinking back to his experience in the market, Wang Ba felt quite speechless.

For safety reasons, he deliberately conjured up the image of a plain and low-key boy servant. Instead, the owner of the ‘Knife and Miscellaneous Grain Shop’ saw him as a naive person.

As soon as he stepped out of the door, he understood where the problem lay and quickly made minor adjustments.

As expected, he frightened the owner of another grain shop.

Apparently, judging people by their appearances is also common in the Immortal Sect.

Of course, he took a great risk doing this, but thankfully, he has safely returned.

Just at this moment, Wang Ba suddenly paused!

He only felt as if Yin’s Government was subjected to some kind of invisible pressure.

In the vast and boundless Yin’s Government, the drop of water-shaped Power of the Yin God was suddenly spinning rapidly!

And at a very fast pace, it was shrinking!

What was happening?!

Wang Ba, who had come to his senses, felt his heartbeat race!

What had happened?!

He had never seen the Power of the Yin God spin so fast!

However, at this moment, a clear and melodious voice suddenly sounded not far behind him!

“Senior Brother, may I ask which way to the ‘Merit Room’?”

Se…Senior Brother?!

Both surprised and at a loss, Wang Ba wondered in his heart.

Who was he calling? Were there other people here?

“Sorry to bother you, Brother. I’ve only just joined the Sect and just broke through. I’m still unfamiliar with the Sect. Could you point me to the location of the ‘Merit Room’? Thank you!”

The voice sounded a bit anxious and took a few steps closer.

What made Wang Ba more panicked was that no one around responded.

At this moment, it seemed as though time had frozen.

Wang Ba felt a chill creeping up his hands and feet, his brain was blank.

The speed of the Power of the Yin God’s rotation within Yin’s Government increased again as the voice drew closer!

The Power of the Yin God which was originally the size of a grain of rice, had now shrunk to the size of a dust particle!

It seemed as though it could disappear at any moment!

When his mind was in utmost chaos, Wang Ba’s heart suddenly calmed down!

Senior Brother? Junior Brother? Merit Room?


As to the identity of this person, Wang Ba instantly thought of a possibility.

In this state of confusion, it seemed as though an invisible thread in his heart was quickly connecting all the information together.

Without any hesitation, he pointed in a certain direction.

“Thank you, Senior Brother!”

The voice did not delay, but after giving thanks, it fell silent.

Only when Wang Ba sensed that the Power of the Yin God in Yin’s Government, which could disappear at any moment, finally stopped spinning, did he carefully turn around.

The sky was high and the night was deep; the mountain wind blew while the rolling mountains in the distance resembled shadows, but not a single human figure could be seen.

Everything that happened just now seemed to be just his illusion.

Wang Ba felt a sudden relief, and his legs gave way, he sat on the ground.

His undergarments were soaked through, but he was only concerned about panting heavily, with only relief remaining in his eyes.

“Was that… a Sect Disciple just now?”

“That was so scary!”

Although he hadn’t seen his face even once, he still trembled at the thought.

This wasn’t his first encounter with an immortal.

Previously, when he wanted to join the Sect and seek the path of immortality, he had already experienced the means of the immortals.

After the Immortal who tested his Spiritual Root finished his work, he stepped into the sky and disappeared in an instant, which was truly… an immortal!

But that was under the condition that he knew the other party wouldn’t do anything to him.

The situation just now was completely different.

If that person who claimed to be a ‘Junior Brother’ saw through his disguise and discovered the Spirit Stone hidden on his body, in the desolate countryside, when evil thoughts arise, he feared…

Thinking of this, Wang Ba couldn’t help but shudder!

“However, this Power of the Yin God can even deceive the Sect’s Disciples!”

“It seems I need to work harder on this!”

Thinking back on the thrilling scene just now, Wang Ba couldn’t help but turn pale.

If there was a few more seconds’ delay just now, the Power of the Yin God would have been completely exhausted, and by then, it would have really been the end.

Thankfully, he was quick-witted and immediately distracted the other party.

Such a thing could only happen once and not a second time. Wang Ba didn’t want to experience that sense of powerlessness and fear again.

Despite still feeling weak, he was afraid that the Sect Disciple would not be able to find the Merit Room and would return. So, he mustered up the energy to return to the manor.

As soon as he returned to the manor, he thought of a way to bury the Spirit Stone under the chicken coop.

The Precious Chickens were inherently full of spiritual energy, so they could barely conceal the spiritual energy emitted by the Spirit Stones, preventing others from easily detecting them.

Afterwards, without even bothering to wash, he hurried back to his small hut and fell asleep.

When he woke up the next day, he found himself ill.

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