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Chapter 16: 16 Chapter 16: Precious Chicken Bloodline Purification Material_1

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16 Chapter 16: Precious Chicken Bloodline Purification Material_1

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“Precious Chicken!”

“There really is one!”

Wang Ba was overjoyed for no apparent reason!

He eagerly found the page corresponding to the Precious Chicken.

This Master Jiaohu was straightforward and clear:

“All birds, their bloodlines can be traced back to the ancient times of the Phoenix and the Vermilion Bird!”

“But time is the most ruthless, even if there are those with bloodlines of the Phoenix and the Vermilion Bird, at most they can only gain a little of their power.”

“Precious Chickens, although ordinary chickens, are among the most common types of chickens, closest to the Spirit Chickens, with relatively denser bloodlines and extremely easy to advance. Occasionally, Precious Chickens can break through the realm themselves. They belong to the ‘meat chickens’ type, even if they achieve the status of Spirit Chickens, they pose no threat to mortals.”

“Moreover, they can eat many waste pills and insects that cultivators can’t use, collecting and purifying spiritual energy, which is quite cost-effective. Consuming them has the effect of strengthening blood and essence. When Qi refining cultivators fall into a bottleneck, if they consume Spirit Chickens in large quantities for a long time, they may have a slight breakthrough ability without the toxicity of elixirs…”

“Therefore, this type of chicken is extremely suitable for Qi refining stage cultivators in major sects to be used as spirit food!”

Wang Ba was fascinated by what he read.

He faintly realized that perhaps this book is the origin of their sect’s poultry rearing business.

“No wonder the sect asks us to raise chickens… It can even help cultivators break through their realm!”

Perhaps it doesn’t have as potent effects as elixirs, but the advantage lies in its mild efficacy and lack of side effects.

With this, it’s probably worth the sect’s investment.

Wang Ba continued to read.

“If you want a Precious Chicken to breakthrough to a Spirit Chicken, here’s the method—”

“Take one middle-grade spirit stone and grind it into powder, mix it with one catty of upper grade Class I Meridian Grass seeds, two catties of Class I middle grade Moonlight Liquid, and two taels of Spirit Chicken internal gold ground into powder… feed this to the chicken.”

“This constitutes one course.”

“Within three courses, a breakthrough is guaranteed!”

Wang Ba: “…”

He had a sudden feeling of his scalp tingling.

Middle-grade spirit stone?

Master Jiaohu, do you know how many lower-grade spirit stones a single middle-grade spirit stone can be exchanged for?

A hundred pieces!

Do you know how much a lower-grade Spirit Chicken is worth in lower-grade spirit stones?

Males for 3 stones, females for 6 stones!



If I were to use this method to break through, wouldn’t I be broke as hell!

Not to mention about the seeds of Class I upper-grade Meridian Grass, let alone the Moonlight Liquid.

He does have the Spirit Chicken’s internal gold, which is the inner lining of the chicken’s gizzard and aids digestion.

He has eaten eight Spirit Chickens and has kept their internal gold.

However, it’s certain that he absolutely wouldn’t use this method to redeem himself.

Too much lost! He can’t afford it at all.

But he did notice a line of small print left by Master Jiaohu on the side.

“This method uses the seeds of Meridian Grass to connect the meridians of the Precious Chicken, and the spiritual energy of the middle-grade spirit stone is used to infuse it in one breath, stimulating the bloodline. This is my humble opinion, you can modify it as you see fit.”

So that’s the effects of the seeds of Meridian Grass.

Wang Ba had a vague realization.

He couldn’t help but lower his head and ponder.

He found that the thoughts of Master Jiaohu were not complicated.

Normally, for a Precious Chicken to breakthrough to a Spirit Chicken, it requires an extremely long period of time to nurture it with spiritual energy.

This is because the spiritual energy transforms the body and bloodline of the Precious Chicken from the outside in, which naturally is a slow process.

Master Jiaohu then thought of a method. He used the seeds of Meridian Grass to connect the meridians of the Precious Chicken, and then fed it with a middle-grade spirit stone, forcibly shortening the nurturing process.

And the middle-grade spirit stone, being hard in texture, even if ground into powder, would be hard to digest, which is probably why he added the internal gold of Spirit Chicken.

With the spiritual energy of middle-grade spirit stone, it guarantees that a Precious Chicken will definitely advance to a Spirit Chicken.

“So… what is the Moonlight Liquid for?”

“Middle-grade spirit stone, seeds of Meridian Grass, Moonlight Liquid, internal gold of chicken… With the amount of spiritual energy in the middle-grade spirit stone, wouldn’t it overload and kill the Precious Chicken?”

“Wait, overfed to death?”

An idea flashed in Wang Ba’s mind!

He had a vague idea of the function of the Moonlight Liquid!

“It’s for protection!”

“The amount of spiritual energy in a middle-grade spirit stone is too much. If used for cultivation, there will certainly be problems! Therefore, there must be something that could serve as a buffer inside. Unless I’m mistaken, this Moonlight Liquid should serve as that buffer and provide protection.”

“So, if the spiritual energy eruption isn’t too extreme, isn’t it possible that the Moonlight Liquid isn’t required?”

“It should be possible…”

“Reduce the spiritual energy eruption… What if we substitute it with a lower-grade spirit stone?”

“The spiritual energy in a lower-grade Spirit Stone, in comparison to a Precious Chicken, is not on the lower side. If substituted by a lower-grade Spirit Stone, the cost will be significantly reduced.”

As Wang Ba stroked his chin, he felt his idea was increasingly plausible.

A lower-grade Spirit Stone may not have as good an effect as a middle-grade Spirit Stone, but as long as it could prove efficient, it would explain why he was able to cultivate Spirit Chickens.

That would be sufficient.

Luckily, he had many Spirit Stones as he had previously sold a Spirit Chicken.

Now, all he needed was the seeds of the Meridian Grass.

“I’ll go to the market in a day or two to check the prices.”

“Cough, cough!”

He closed the book laboriously. Reading and contemplation had exhausted him greatly.

“Strange, having practiced the Body Strengthening Scripture, my physical state is significantly better than before. So why am I suddenly so gravely ill?”

“Even if I was frightened by the Sect Disciple last night, I shouldn’t be this weak.”

Wang Ba wrapped his blanket tightly around himself, deeply puzzled.

After pondering in perplexity, it wasn’t until much later when he was drinking from the water tank due to his extreme thirst, that he stumbled upon the reason.

On the shaking water surface, he saw the unexpected white hair at his temples.

He was taken aback by the sight!

“I’m only in my thirties, how could I be so worn out!”

“No! That’s not right!”

“If we consider my remaining lifespan, I’m afraid I’m already closer to being sixty years old!”

He flipped open the panel where his lifespan was displayed:

[Current Body’s Remaining Lifespan: 13.2 years]

It was even shorter before. It only increased to this length after he had consumed quite a few Spirit Chickens.

“If it’s a body of a person in their sixties, it makes sense to suddenly fall severely ill.”

Wang Ba shook his head.

Feeling severely ill felt too painful.

Weakness was seeping through his bones.

Particularly when weak, one tends to feel the surroundings more acutely especially the gloominess and desolation.

The cramped and broken hut, corners exuding a musty smell, and occasionally permeating smell of piled-up chicken dung…

He remembered that in Old Sun’s room before, a few Spirit Chickens he had hidden.

But right now, he did not dare to absorb the lifespan from those four Spirit Chickens he had tucked away in a corner.

Fearing someone was secretly observing him.

The Power of the Yin God was nearly exhausted and could no longer perform its masking function.

Whether it was due to his timidity or prudence, he did not dare to risk anything further.

Just like that.

He would sleep a while, then wake up and flip through “Everything about Poultry” on his bed. Then when tired again, he’d continue to sleep.

When he felt the thirst, he’d struggle to get up and drink a little. If he was hungry, he’d nibble at some leftover rice from yesterday.

Groggy from day until night…

“Get up!”

“Did you hear me!”

In his daze, he heard someone shouting at him.

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