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Chapter 19: 19 Chapter 19 Meridian Grass Seeds_1

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19 Chapter 19 Meridian Grass Seeds_1

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At this moment, Jia 5 too had conquered his lifespan limit, and could be said to be imposing.

With shiny brown-red feathers and red crown on his head glistening, he had unsurpassed charm throughout the manor.

He was also physically majestic, so standing amidst the chickens, he could very well be a ‘triton among the minnows’.

The awe-inspiring figure he showed when flapping his wings in the wind, enticed many of the hens.

Even Jia 3 and Jia 4, who were usually haughty and indifferent to male Spirit Chickens, were deliberately or inadvertently trying to get closer to Jia 5.

Yes, Jia 5 was a Cockerel too.

But this fellow was either young and ignorant of the hens, or perhaps he was like all roosters, blind to the hens, who were acting charmingly.

Instead, he strutted about the manor everyday like a powerful leading general patrolling his territory.

Always fond of standing in front of the water tank seeing his own reflection, grooming his feathers, narcissistic.

A true ‘straight male’ indeed!

“Show off!”

Unable to contain himself, Wang Ba laughed and cursed.

But he had to admit, this Jia 5 did have the aura of being ‘the finest among men, horses, and chickens’.

No wonder even the aloof Jia 3 and Jia 4 couldn’t resist him.

However, with Jia 5 himself not taking initiative, there was nothing he could do.

“Should I go to the market to buy some… aphrodisiacs?” Wang Ba pondered while scratching his chin.

You couldn’t blame Wang Ba for being indecent, in reality, those who executed large-scale breeding in his previous life could hardly do without these animal aphrodisiacs.

After some thought, Wang Ba was now tempted.

He was not sure what class Jia 5 belongs to now, but even based on lifespan, it was much stronger than any other Spirit Chickens he had.

This was ideal for a breeding rooster.

The only thing that concerned Wang Ba was whether Jia 5 was mature enough.

An immature rooster, even if it mated, would only result in the hens laying unfertilized eggs.

This could damage their bodies.

“I’ll hold off on the maturity inducing for now.”

“I’ll head to the market first, and also look for some Meridian Grass seeds.”

The seeds of the Meridian Grass were linked to whether his Spirit Chickens could purify successfully or not, so Wang Ba attached great importance to it.

After tidying everything, he took out a Spirit Stone from the bottom of the chicken feed tank, and after hesitating for a moment, he took out one more.

For a handyman like him, having two Spirit Stones on his person was slightly extravagant, but still considered within the normal range.

After all, apart from the ordinary handymen like him in the sect, there were also descendants of Sect Disciples who held the positions of handymen or deacons. The number of Spirit Stones these people had in their possession was not fixed, and there were always cultivators who spoiled their descendants.

So Wang Ba, with two Spirit Stones and the silver he got from selling chicken manure, carefully went to the West Garden market.

This time he did not summon the power of the Yin God.

After going around in circles, he noticed the ‘Meridian Grass Seeds’ sign in Lu’s Grain Shop.

“Storekeeper, why is there only a sign here but no seeds?” Wang Ba asked, pointing at a plaque in the cupboard.

“Meridian Grass Seeds?”

Shopkeeper Lu, who was a familiar face, glanced at Wang Ba and quickly scanned his memory for a match. When he failed to locate a familiar face, he shook his head and said:

“You must be wanting it for practicing the Body Strengthening Scripture, yes? Any of the Meridian Grass Seeds would have been bought out, none would have been left till now. If you want to buy, you would have to come early on the first day of the month.”

“Practicing the Body Strengthening Scripture?”

Upon hearing this, Wang Ba was momentarily stunned before a shock passed through his heart.

“Exactly! The Meridian Grass Seeds can open up meridians to speed up the Cultivation of Body Strengthening Scripture. Otherwise, it would be a dream to successfully cultivate the Scripture!”

Shopkeeper Lu naturally said.

His words made Wang Ba suddenly understand!

“No wonder Old Sun could cultivate to the ninth stage at such an old age, I thought he had extraordinary talent, but I didn’t expect there to be a treasure that aids in the cultivation of the ‘Body Strengthening Scripture’!”

“Can I also use the Meridian Grass seeds for cultivation? Combined with my talents, wouldn’t that be a leap forward?”

But he quickly woke up from his excitement.

“No! Since Old Sun is stuck at the ninth stage, even with the help of the Meridian Grass seeds, there must be some sort of limit or restriction.”

“It’s either the cultivation method or an issue with the Meridian Grass seeds themselves.”

At this moment, he suddenly remembered what Deacon Li had said before he left.

“When you reach the ninth stage, you will know…”

Thinking of this, an unbelievable thought flashed across his mind. He immediately put everything aside and asked Shopkeeper Lu in a low voice:

“May I ask the shopkeeper, do you know if anyone has ever successfully practiced the ‘Body Strengthening Scripture’?”

Shopkeeper Lu looked at Wang Ba upon hearing these words, and after a moment of silence, he said:

“Certainly there are!”

“Not to mention distant examples, Elder He, the house master of the ‘Purification House’ who you servants often deal with, was able to rise among the servants by relying on the ‘Body Strengthening Scripture’. It was a sensation at the time!”

“Among the current top ten disciples of the outer sect, there is also a disciple who has formed Spiritual Roots through the ‘Body Strengthening Scripture’.”

“Of course, such people are in the minority, so don’t get your hopes up too high.”

Shopkeeper Lu gave a sincere word of advice at the end.

However, he was very clear that the majority of people would not heed his advice.

Everyone thinks they are unique, a chosen one. Even if they are stuck as servants, they believe they will someday soar into the sky and reach new heights.

There are at least a few such individuals among the servants.

As expected, from Shopkeeper Lu’s perspective, he clearly saw that Wang Ba, who appeared to be in his early 30s, let out a sigh of relief.

It seemed that he believed he could also succeed since there were successful examples before.

He was completely ignoring the depressing ratio of only one or two successful cases out of tens of thousands of servants.

But Shopkeeper Lu was only speaking out of sentiment. If others didn’t want to listen, he wouldn’t waste his breath.

At this moment, the servant below spoke again: “Shopkeeper, how can I use these Meridian Grass seeds to aid my cultivation? I haven’t been in the sect for long and I’m not quite sure about the method. Please advise.”

As he spoke, he tactfully handed over a few silver ingots.

Although Shopkeeper Lu was a bit impatient, he took the silver ingots and reluctantly explained:

“This Meridian Grass seed needs to be held under the tongue, dissolved with saliva, and cultivated with the ‘Body Strengthening Sutra’. One tael can be used per day, and one tael equals to five days of hard work!”

What surprised Shopkeeper Lu is that this servant seemed to have some calculation skills, as he blurted out: “So does that mean it will take 205 years to complete the tenth stage?”

Only after reaching the tenth stage can Spiritual Roots be cultivated.

While 200 years still seems incredibly long, it’s a huge improvement compared to the previous estimation of a thousand years.

Shopkeeper Lu had also practiced this cultivation method, and naturally understood this. However, while the first nine stages are manageable, breaking through from the ninth stage to the tenth stage is…

As this relates to sect secrets, it is taboo to be overly inquisitive. Shopkeeper Lu didn’t dare say too much and just nodded to affirm the servant’s understanding.

However, what the servant said next left Shopkeeper Lu speechless.

“Shopkeeper, do you know how much the first class upper grade Meridian Grass seeds cost?”

Thinking about buying upper grade Meridian Grass seeds before even understanding how to use the common seeds?

Shopkeeper Lu couldn’t help but frown and snorted:

“I only have lower grade Meridian Grass seeds here, which cost two Spirit Stones per tael. How much do you think the upper grade ones are worth?”

The servant immediately fell silent, apparently stunned by the price.

Seeing him silent, Shopkeeper Lu suddenly had a thought and a smile returned to his face:

“If you find the ‘Meridian Grass’ expensive, I do have an alternative. But let’s get this straight, this thing only has a third of the efficacy of similarly graded Meridian Grass seeds. However, the price is more than ten times cheaper than the seeds. Are you interested?”

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