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Chapter 22: Chapter 22: Chapter 22 Death News i

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Chapter 22: Chapter 22 Death News i

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“It’s fine?”

Wang Ba frowned with a bit of surprise.

It wasn’t that he wanted the Precious Chicken to roll around in pain.

He was worried that the Tendon-Cutting Silkworm wouldn’t work.

Without it working, there would be no hope for a Bloodline Breakthrough.

After observing for a while, there was still no change. Even the rooster seemed a bit impatient with his staring and was ready to stroll off.

Wang Ba thought for a bit, blocked the Precious Chicken, and placed a Spirit Stone in front of its beak.

The rooster nonchalantly took a bite.

The Tendon-Cutting Silkworm didn’t come out of its mouth or nostrils.

It… shot out from its rear cloaca.

Its black body even had a hint of the color of chicken poop.

Wang Ba was disgusted, but he clearly saw that the Tendon-Cutting Silkworm had lost a small segment of its body.

“It worked!”

Wang Ba breathed a sigh of relief.

The Tendon-Cutting Silkworm will continuously dissolve as it bites on the body’s acupuncture points, eventually facilitating Qi flow.

Since the Tendon-Cutting Silkworm was getting shorter, it meant it was working.

So, without hesitation, Wang Ba mixed Spirit Stone powder and ground Chicken Internal Gold into the chicken feed and fed it to this rooster.

For convenience, he had already controlled the food intake of these twenty Precious Chickens yesterday.

So when the rooster saw the feed, its eyes lit up and it rushed over to eat.

In a short while, it finished off all the feed in the trough.

After eating, this Precious Chicken unusually found a corner, stood on one leg, and tucked its head under its wing.

Looking just like an ostrich.

After observing for a while and ensuring it wasn’t sick, Wang Ba left it alone.

He simply used the remaining two portions of Spirit Stone powder and the Tendon-Cutting Silkworm on two other Precious Chickens and labelled them separately.

The two chickens were the same as the previous one, motionless after eating their feed.

It looked like they were a bit under the weather.

In the following days, Wang Ba was kept busy.

Making chicken feed during the day, feeding, cleaning, collecting eggs… during his free time, besides naming Jia 1 through Jia 6, he diligently ate the rest of the Spirit Chickens.

Finally, after eating six Spirit Chickens and immediately visualizing the Yin God, the drop of Power of the Yin God in the Yin’s Government returned to the size of a peanut.

“It seems one drop of Power of the Yin God equals to eating seven to eight Spirit Chickens.”

Wang Ba recorded the transformation of the Power of the Yin God and pondered on it.

He casually threw a discarded Spirit Insect into the mouth of Jia 5, who was fluttering around.

Jia 5 happily flapped its wings, ate the insect, and even rubbed against Wang Ba’s thigh.

Quite affectionate.

Compared to the other Precious Chickens and Spirit Chickens, Jia 5 seemed a bit smarter. During Wang Ba’s busy hours, it would often squat to the side, cocking its head to watch.

Wang Ba did not dismiss it and allowed it to dawdle around him.

He had raised Jia 5 mostly by himself and had a degree of affection for it.

During his free time, Wang Ba would train Jia 5, teaching it simple gestures or voice commands, such as “come here,” “lie down,” “fly,” and even “go hide in Old Sun’s room.” It would obediently follow the instructions.

Compared with a smart and obedient puppy, it was not inferior at all.

The only flaw was that it pooped a lot.

Much more than the other Precious Chickens and Spirit Chickens.

So Wang Ba gave it a new name: Poo King.

This was probably the only joy in Wang Ba’s life at the villa.

After seven or eight days of hard work, all twenty precious chickens were finally fed with spirit stone powder and infested with the tendon-cutting silkworm.

Perhaps the spiritual energy in the spirit stones was too plentiful for the precious chickens. After eating the stone powder, they all stopped eating.

No matter how much Wang Ba tried to feed them, it had no effect.

The greatly reduced demand for chicken feed from the villa had Old Hou a bit worried for him.

“Brother Wang, you should ask Mr. Xu from the Purification House to take a look. He’s an expert in treating illnesses. Most of the hundreds of villas in Ding Villa turn to Mr. Xu when they have a problem.”

“Thank you, I’ll consider it when 1 get the chance.”

Wang Ba responded with a seeming sense of concern.

Old Hou always chatted with Wang Ba after delivering the chicken feed.

This was one of the few ways Wang Ba got information from the outside world.

On that day, after delivering the chicken feed, Old Hou didn’t rush off and mysteriously whispered:

“Speaking of which, it’s not just your villa in the Ding Villa that has a problem.” “Oh? Old Hou, tell me more.”

Wang Ba appeared interested.

Seeing that, Old Hou was emboldened:

“I heard there’s a chicken plague in Ding 54 Villa, many have died! And in Ding 16 Villa, a spirit beast raised by an elder from the outer sect escaped and ate one or two hundred precious chickens in one go!”

“That many!”

Wang Ba was heartbroken upon hearing this, if he had that many chickens, it could be exchanged for a lifespan of thousands of years!

Unfortunately, these were from Ding 16 Villa and had nothing to do with him.

“Well, it’s one thing for the chickens to catch a disease, but they were eaten by the elder’s spirit beast, will the elder not compensate?”

Wang Ba curiously asked.

“Of course he would, Ding Villa is raising chickens for the ‘Beasts Room’. 1 heard the elder didn’t dare to cover up anything. He specially sent his disciples to Ding 16 Villa to offer compensation, guess what it was?”

Old Hou began to create suspense but without waiting for Wang Ba’s question, he couldn’t help but reveal it, holding up a finger, excited:

“As much as a hundred spirit stones!”

“A hundred! My heavens, I’ve never seen that many in my life!”

Wang Ba was alright though, despite his shocked expression, he wasn’t too moved in his heart.

After all, he had possessed over forty spirit stones, and if he were willing to take the risk, he could have more.

After sighing for a while, Old Hou enviously said with a hint of jealousy:

“Song Lun of Ding 16 Villa has turned misfortune into a blessing this time!”

“Now he’s going around buying precious chickens to fill the vacancy in his villa!”

“Even if he bought another two hundred, he’d still make a good profit. The elder is really generous!”

“Tsk Tsk! Who knows, in a few days he might come to you to buy a few! Don’t forget to rip him off then!”

Wang Ba repeatedly waved his hand: “All my chickens are sick, there’s no way anyone would want them.”

That’s what he said.

Unexpectedly in a few days, Song Lun of Ding 16 Villa really did pay a visit.

“Brother Wang, I think you know why I’m here. If you have any extra precious chickens, I’m willing to buy them at a high price.”

The past-fifty, yet glamorous Song Lun saluted him, looking quite sincere.

Wang Ba was apologetic yet resolute: “Elder Brother Song, it’s not that I’m unwilling to sell, but 1 truly don’t have any extra precious chickens.”

Song Lun’s brows slightly furrowed.

But when he saw the wilted precious chickens behind Wang Ba, his brows finally relaxed. After some small talk, he left with disappointment.

A few days passed, and it was time for the supply day.

Deacon Li, as always, arrived on time, but this time he brought a piece of news that was somewhat surprising and shocking to Wang Ba.

“Old Sun is dead?”

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