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Chapter 23: Chapter 23: Chapter 23 Success Cultivation! !

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Chapter 23: Chapter 23 Success Cultivation! !

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“Yes, I only received the news yesterday too.”

Deacon Li had a grim look on his face.

“Rumor has it that a brute broke into Old Sun’s residence in the middle of the night and brutally murdered him! Old Sun’s new concubines and more than ten servants were all ruthlessly killed. Their deaths were horrifying!”

“Strangely, several Spirit Stones and mundane treasures were found in Old Sun’s bedroom, but the villain did not take them.”

Wang Ba was shocked. He remembered how Old Sun had taken care of him when he first arrived at the mansion, and couldn’t help but question:

“Deacon Li, this shouldn’t be! Old Sun had cultivated to the ninth stage of the Body Strengthening Scripture, his strength was nearly a thousand pounds greater than that of an ordinary person. Which mortal thief could overpower him?”

Deacon Li hesitated for a moment before admitting:

“According to the scene, it seems… a cultivator might have been involved.”

“A cultivator? An immortal? But why would an immortal lay hands on Old Sun?”

A chill ran through Wang Ba’s heart. The first thing he thought of was the gold paper containing “Book of Yin God’s Grand Dream,” which Old Sun had given him before leaving.

“I don’t know.”

Deacon Li shook his head: “But no matter what, Old Sun was our Sect’s Deacon. The Sect will surely not let this pass and will definitely thoroughly investigate it!”

If you know something, you must tell me.”

“Yes, Yes!”

Wang Ba nodded repeatedly.

Deacon Li seemed to have no interest in chatting with Wang Ba. After verifying everything was accurate, he then hurriedly left with the precious chickens and eggs he had collected. He didn’t even take the time to tour the premises.

This left the hidden Jia 1 to Jia 6 with no purpose.

However, Wang Ba slipped into deep thought.

Did Old Sun die suddenly because a cultivator intervened, or was it planned?

If it was an accident, then that would be the end of it.

But if it was intentional, then for what?


Or… was it for that piece of gold paper?

If it really was for the gold paper, and news of Old Sun’s return home reached someone after he had been in the Sect for fifty years, it meant that the gold paper is of great interest to the other party.

And with a cultivator’s means, it’s more likely that Old Sun, a mere mortal, could not hide the secret.

Which means…

The other party might have already found out about my existence!

Upon realizing this, Wang Ba’s face instantly turned a shade paler.

Because this means, if 1 plan to leave the Sect, it will be incredibly dangerous!

The other party would undoubtedly stake out me, just as they have staked out Old Sun!

Of course, this assumption may not be accurate and could just be Wang Ba overthinking things.

Furthermore, Wang Ba didn’t actually plan on leaving the Sect anytime soon.

Nevertheless, always being cautious, this matter took root in his heart.

“Without Spiritual Roots, 1 will not leave the Sect!”

In the following days, he managed to perform the Lifespan Breakthrough on the remaining sixteen roosters.

He then absorbed their lifespan, killed them one by one, and ate them.

Although most of the Spirit Energy of the Spirit chickens was wasted, there was still quite a bit of Spirit Energy that, under the observation of the Yin God, turned into the Power of the Yin God.

In Yin’s Government, the second and third drops gradually condensed.

With the strengthening of Yin God’s power, his observation of the Spirit Energy became even more meticulous.

Wang Ba could vaguely see that among the twenty precious chickens that he had been feeding Spirit Stones, a few of them seemed to have a denser Spirit Energy, while the others had not changed much.

All of them were fed the same thing, yet there were such differences, signifying that the bloodline of a few chickens was more potent.

With limited resources, Wang Ba simply abandoned the ones that showed little change, keeping only six that performed well, feeding them once again with the pulverized Spirit Stones, implanting the Tendon-Cutting Silkworm, and then quietly waiting.

Like this, three months passed in the blink of an eye.

Old Hou heaved heavy breaths, helping Wang Ba carry the chicken feed onto the estate.

“1 am exhausted!”

“Have you heard? The young immortals of our Sect participated in some grand assembly, but it turns out that our guy came in last!”

Old Hou would usually chat with Wang Ba when delivering the chicken feed each day.

However, today’s topic piqued Wang Ba’s interest: “That I haven’t heard of. Isn’t our East Saint Sect considered very powerful?”

“Who knows!”

Old Hou just shook his head: “Speaking of strength, 1 heard that a while ago, one of the high-ranking Sect members got into a fight with an Elder of the ‘Tianmen Cult’. Guess what? He sustained serious injuries! In my opinion, this Tianmen Cult seems more powerful!”


Wang Ba quickly put a finger to his lips.

He had heard of this Tianmen Cult from Old Hou multiple times. It was said to be a virtuous Sect that cared for the suffering of the lower classes. It had suddenly sprung up in recent years, but its background remained a mystery.

However, as it gains momentum, it appears to have had some disputes with several local Sects.

As for the specifics, Old Hou did not know much due to his low status.

But recently from Old Hou’s words, it seemed that he had quite a good impression of this Tianmen Cult.

Regardless, praising another discontented Sect within his own Sect, especially when one is merely a menial worker, was practically suicidal.

But Wang’s cautious demeanor surprisingly drew a carefree attitude from Old Hou:

“Do you think the immortals have time to listen to us shooting the breeze?”

“They don’t care about us lowly workers! Anyway, we’ll always be people who cannot cultivate Spiritual Roots.”

“Never able to cultivate a Spiritual Root?”

Wang Ba keenly seized on the keywords from Old Hou’s mouth.

“Don’t you know?”

Old Hou sneered, “We were deceived by the Sect!”

“Did you also practice the Body Strengthening Scripture? Ha! All that is a deception!”

“This thing, if you can’t reach Stage X within three years, then there’s no hope for you in your lifetime!”

“Three years?!”

Wang Ba was taken aback, how could he possibly complete the training in three years?

He knew very well that the Dharmas outlined in the Body Strengthening Scripture had to be practiced painstakingly, and couldn’t be slacked on.

Unless he was like himself, with the ability to transport lifespan. As long as the lifespan was sufficient, there was hope to achieve it.

Otherwise, even a thousand years wouldn’t necessarily be enough, let alone a mere three years.

Thinking of this, Wang Ba couldn’t help but question, “Old Hou, who did you hear all this from?”

“Of course, it was from the Chengxian Society… cough!”

Old Hou’s expression suddenly became somewhat unnatural, seeming to realize that he had let his mouth slip, he hastily made an excuse, “Hey, it’s not really a secret, many people know about it!”

“Alright, I have to go deliver chicken feed! We’ll chat more tomorrow.”

Saying this, he hastily jumped into his cart and rode off with his donkey cart.

“The Chengxian Society?”

Wang Ba narrowed his eyes.

For some reason, the image of the portly Deacon Li suddenly flashed through his mind.

Several days passed.

Wang Ba looked with joy at the two Precious Chickens in front of him that were slowly transforming into Spirit Chickens, overjoyed.

“Finally did it!

“My guess was correct!”

Having expended thirty-two lower grade Spirit Stones and three gourds of Tendon-Cutting Silkworms, he had finally cultivated two Spirit Chickens on his own!

Even though they hadn’t fully metamorphosed yet, with careful breeding, it wouldn’t take long for them to successfully transform.

And this also meant that, with this method as a cover, he could finally feel secure about mass-producing Spirit Chickens.

He could put all the blame on this breeding method anyway.

After ten days.

As expected, Deacon Li arrived, a look of surprise on his plump face:

“You’ve actually bred Spirit Chickens?”

“And two at that!”

Wang Ba remained modest and cautious:

“I have to thank you for the book you borrowed for me, Deacon. It contained the method for breeding Spirit Chickens, which 1 studied and gained much from. After several attempts, I was lucky enough to breed these two.”

Showing weakness alone isn’t wise, displaying one’s own ability appropriately can also make the Sect take notice of oneself.

This also makes it convenient for him to mass produce Spirit Chickens, harvesting lifespans later.

That’s why he purposely gave away both of them.

After all, one could be a coincidence, but producing two at once is not something a coincidence can explain.

And that was exactly what Deacon Li was thinking.

As a deacon, he had more information.

Actually, the book “Everything about Poultry” was not much of a secret within the Sect, many people had seen it.

But the requirements for transforming Precious Chickens into Spirit Chickens scared most people off.

Are you kidding? A Spirit Chicken is worth how much? The Spirit Stones you spend breeding a Spirit Chicken could buy two to three hundred of them!

This led to the method of transforming Precious Chickens into Spirit Chickens being dismissed as worthless.

The Spirit Chickens on the market were mostly obtained through breeding, not cultivation.

Knowing this, he realized Wang Ba’s importance even more profoundly.

Thoughts raced through his mind, and he quickly made up his mind.

He reached out and grabbed Wang Ba’s arm solemnly, saying:

“Brother, this matter is very important, I must report this to the Sect immediately!”

“However, the Sect is busy recruiting new members at the moment, so the Elders might not have time to respond immediately.”

“But rest assured, you will not be forgotten!”

“Oh, and it’s best not to spread around your achievement of breeding Spirit Chickens, got it?”

Having said that, he hurriedly left with the two Spirit Chickens.

“Sect recruitment?”

Wang Ba mused.

There were generally two ways to join a Sect, one was to apply directly and the other was to wait for the Sect’s mass recruitment.

Wang Ba chose the first option.

But unfortunately, he didn’t have a Spiritual Root, so he had to make do with using money to pull some strings and work as a handyman.

Almost ten months had passed in a flash, and now thinking about it, it felt like it had happened in a previous life.

After a moment of silent sigh, Wang Ba didn’t think too much of it. Since he had already demonstrated his value to the Sect through Deacon Li, he could then confidently go to the market to collect Precious Chickens.

This time, he was preparing to rush straight through the Body Strengthening Scripture!

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