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Chapter 26: Chapter 26: Chapter 26 Meng Randao l

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Chapter 26: Chapter 26 Meng Randao l

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Wang Ba sensed something was amiss.

However, with his limited pieces of information, he could only sense the off-kilter vibes but couldn’t figure out the cause.

All he could do was to continue strengthening himself as much as he could.

After pondering, the only thing he had to somewhat protect himself was the “Book of Yin God’s Grand Dream”.

Although it lacked offensive power, it could obscure others at crucial moments.

And it was the only thing that could effectively deal with Sect Disciples.

What frustrated him was that he still had no clue about the Second Layer of the “Book of Yin God’s Grand Dream”.

The option to invest in the second level never appeared on his panel.

So all he could do was try to consume the Spirit Chickens more quickly, and concentrate on accumulating the Power of the Yin God in the Yin’s Government.

Soon, perhaps because the promotion of the Body Strengthening Scripture had enhanced his ability to retain Spiritual Energy.

After consuming six Spirit Chickens.

The fourth droplet of the Power of the Yin God quickly condensed.

Along with the augmentation of the Power of the Yin God, he felt his perception of the world becoming increasingly clearer.

His five senses became more acute.

Oftentimes, he would sense movements before Niu Yong and Old Hou, who lived under his estate, made a move.

One day, Deacon Li suddenly came to him.

It was so sudden that Wang Ba didn’t hear the knocking on the door of the estate until he knocked.

Despite the abrupt occurrence, he remained calm and immediately gave an order. Jia 5 quickly led several Spirit Chickens into Old Sun’s house to hide.

The rest of them activated the Power of the Yin God to hide.

They left only about a dozen Spirit Chickens wandering around the estate.

Only then did he open the door.

“I was busy just now. I hadn’t imagined that it would be you, Deacon Li!”

Upon seeing Deacon Li, Wang Ba quickly paid his respects.

Perhaps because the concealed area was too large or there were too many Spirit Chickens, the moment he opened the door, the Power of the Yin God in the Yin’s Government was consumed drastically faster.

The Power of the Yin God, which was the size of a peanut, shrunk considerably in an instant!

It consumed faster than when he encountered the Sect’s disciples at night!

Wang Ba cast a somewhat astonished and uncertain glance at Deacon Li.

For an instant, it seemed as if he realized something, yet his face showed no signs of it.

Perhaps because of Wang Ba’s successful rearing of Spirit Chickens, Deacon Li showed no signs of anger from waiting at the door for a long time. Instead, he was all smiles, and he was even somewhat ingratiating:

“Not at all, Brother Wang’s hard work for the sect is what’s important.”

“Please come in, Deacon Li.”

Despite the don’t overstay my hospitality feeling from both his fawning and his rudeness, Wang Ba forced a smile and gestured for him to enter as he felt the rapid depletion of the Power of the Yin God. Although he wished for Li to leave immediately, he still invited him in with a smile.

To his chagrin, Deacon Li accepted the invitation without demur. However, he didn’t strut in with his stomach out as before. Instead, he pulled in his waist and behaved in an extremely dignified manner:

“Then 1’11 impose.”

Then, he seemingly enquired casually, “By the way, Brother Wang, may I ask how your progress is on the ‘Body Strengthening Scripture’?”

Wang Ba quickly racked his brains to understand why he was asking about the ‘Body Strengthening Scripture’.

After a moment of hesitation, he quickly replied, “I’ve been cultivating the ‘Body Strengthening Scripture’ for almost ten months now, and I’ve reluctantly reached the fourth stage.”

Previously, Wang Ba had intentionally enquired about this. He had heard that there was an exceptionally talented individual who had reached the eighth stage in just a year, which had shocked the Sect!

Wang Ba had wanted to present himself as a genius, but recalling his previous uneasiness, he inexplicably chose to understate his progress.

After all, unless one condenses one’s spirit root, it’s challenging to determine one’s exact level in the ‘Body Strengthening Scripture’ based on appearance alone.

Compared to this, reaching the fourth stage may seem a bit fast, but it’s not remarkably impressive.

“Oh? That’s fast! Brother Wang, you are indeed gifted!”

Deacon Li seemed somewhat surprised.

Wang Ba bashfully said, “Deacon Li, you flatter me. I’m not gifted or anything. I’ve just used some more Meridian Grass seeds!”

“Oh, meridian grass seeds…”

Deacon Li seemed to have an epiphany.

He seemed to want to say something else but, he immediately spotted the dozen or so Spirit Chickens leisurely strolling in the corner of the estate!

Even with his best attempts to conceal it, his eyes still betrayed his shock and greed.

However, these expressions were soon hidden.

He pointed at these Spirit Chickens with an astonished look:

“Brother Wang, you… bred all these yourself?!”

Knowing that this was not the time for modesty, Wang Ba smiled and nodded.

He said modestly, “Just luck, just luck. The Spirit Chickens you received before belong to the same batch as these, it’s just that those broke through quicker, these ones took a bit longer.”

“There’s no luck involved in this!”

Deacon Li couldn’t help but shake his head, looking at Wang Ba with eyes full of genuine admiration.

“I’ve been in the Sect for thirty years, and among the menial workers, aside from Meng Randao from the current top ten outer disciples, there has never been such a prodigy like Brother Wang!”

“Meng Randao?”

Upon hearing this name, Wang Ba was struck by a thought.

There seemed to be a grocery store in South Lake market named ‘Randao’. The shopkeeper seemed to underestimate his wealth due to his poor outfit and had tried to overcharge him.

Could this shop be owned by this Meng Randao?

However, that wasn’t the main point. The key was that according to Deacon Li, this Meng Randao seemed to have risen from a menial worker.

Shopkeeper Lu from Lu’s Grain Shop had mentioned before that among the outer disciples, some had risen from menial workers.

Taking all of this into account, it seemed likely that the person Shopkeeper Lu was talking about is this Meng Randao!

Upon this realization, Wang Ba couldn’t help but get a bit curious. “Deacon Li, so this immortal Meng also rose from being a menial worker?”


Deacon Li nodded affirmatively.

He then went on to reveal a shocking secret to Wang Ba: “Meng Randao and I joined the Sect at the same time. However, within less than two and a half years, he mastered the tenth layer of the Body Strengthening Scripture, condensed his Spiritual Root, and was accepted into the Sect as an outer disciple!”

“Despite thirty years of rigorous Cultivation, exhausting all sorts of methods, I’m still stuck on the ninth layer, unable to make the slightest progress… Alas!”

Speaking of this heartbreaking matter, Deacon Li’s face was filled with sadness.

However, what shocked Wang Ba was that there were actually people who could condense a Spiritual Root within just three years!

Compared to this, Deacon Li, who reached the ninth layer at such a young age, seemed somewhat insignificant.

“What Old Hou said wasn’t wrong, no, it’s what the ‘Chengxian Society’ said. Could Meng Randao also have a golden finger (secret cheat)?”

Wang Ba couldn’t help but wonder.

But then he thought it was highly unlikely.

Considering that Deacon Li had mentioned something about the ninth layer before, there seemed to be some sort of significant hurdle between the ninth and the tenth layer.

He finally couldn’t help but ask:

“The ninth layer… May 1 ask Deacon Li, what precisely is difficult about the ninth layer?”

Hearing Wang Ba’s question, Deacon Li seemed hesitant. After a moment of deliberation, he finally spoke:

“I can’t say too much about this matter, but since we’re good friends, I’ll just say this: if you can’t master the Body Strengthening Scripture within three years, you can hardly master it in your entire life!”

“Three years?”

Wang Ba pondered over this in his mind.

Such a statement was exactly in line with what the Chengxian Society had said!

He was, of course, confident that he could condense a Spiritual Root within three years.

If he had enough Precious Chickens, he might have already achieved this by now.

But the problem was, ordinary people didn’t have a golden finger (secret cheat)!

Are there really people so talented that they could achieve in three years what takes others a thousand years of hard work to achieve?

Wang Ba found it hard to believe.

After a moment of hesitation, he took out a coarse eight-point Spirit Stone from his sleeve and gave it to Deacon Li.

Touching the Spirit Stone in his hand, Deacon Li looked astonished. Despite his hesitation, he ultimately couldn’t resist the temptation of the Spirit Stone and said through gritted teeth:

“This matter, heaven knows, earth knows, you and I know it!”

“Don’t worry, Deacon Li!”

Wang Ba patted his chest in assurance.

“Alright! I’m doing this solely because we’re good friends!”

Deacon Li glanced around and whispered cautiously:

“Meng Randao once told me… it wasn’t the Body Strengthening Scripture that helped him condense his Spiritual Root, but…”

“He was born with a Spiritual Root!”

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