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Chapter 27: Chapter 27: Chapter 27 Secrets of the 'Strong Body Sutra'!_i

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Chapter 27: Chapter 27 Secrets of the ‘Strong Body Sutra’!_i

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“I was born with a Spiritual Root?!”

The shock this revelation gave Wang Ba was comparable to his feelings when he first heard that the Strong Body Sutra would help him develop a spiritual root.

The only thing he felt was a dry mouth and a buzzing noise in his head.

“Could this be a scam?”

“Brother Wang, what do you mean?”

“No, nothing, I mean, how could this be possible? Are you saying that this

‘Strong Body Sutra’ can’t actually help us cultivate a Spiritual Root?”

Wang Ba could not help questioning.

“Anyway, this is the situation as far as I know, Brother Wang, please do not spread this information,” Deacon Li responded calmly to his suspicions.

“Right, my visit here was actually to inform you that the elders are currently all very busy. I’ve reported up a few times with no response. But don’t worry too much, there’s a lot happening recently, the elders are too stretched to manage everything. When they finish their tasks, there should be some guidance.”

“I’m not in a hurry, I’m not in a hurry.”

A visible disappointment crossed Wang Ba’s face.

Deacon Li didn’t say much more in response to his reaction, but bid farewell and left the mansion.

“Brother Wang, you don’t need to see me off.”

But Wang Ba insisted on escorting him all the way to the foot of the hill, until he saw his figure gradually fade away.

Only then did the disappointment on his face slowly fade back to an expression of calm.

“This Deacon Li, he’s definitely hiding something!”

Wang Ba’s gaze was colder than ever before.

With Wang Ba’s keen senses, he would have known if someone was coming to the foot of his hill.

Yet, Deacon Li had made it all the way to his doorstep unnoticed, and had he not knocked, Wang Ba would have remained ignorant.

You must know, although the Strong Body Sutra enhances the physical body, it cannot conceal footstep noises or the sound of clothes rubbing against each other during movement.

In fact, due to the difficulty in controlling the excessive strength, one’s footsteps are often even louder.

Though Deacon Li was at Stage IX, according to Wang Ba’s knowledge, the manure tycoon Niu Yong was at the seventh stage of the Strong Body Sutra, and yet the sound of his walking was like thunder in Wang Ba’s ears.

If this was not enough evidence, Wang Ba could now confirm his suspicions after he deliberately escorted him down to the foot of the hill.

Because, even without the effort to conceal his Spirit Chicken, the rate at which the power of Yin’s Government was depleting in his own body was just slightly slower!

This indicated that the real cause of the rapid depletion of the Power of the Yin God was none other than Deacon Li himself!

The stronger the level of the person being deceived, the greater the consumption of the Power of the Yin God, such as the Sect Disciple that night.

And Deacon Li’s rate of consumption was even greater than that of the Sect Disciple!

How could a mere mortal deacon of the outer sect, even at Stage IX, be stronger than a Sect Disciple?

Unless, Deacon Li was not as he claimed to be.

Then why would he intentionally hide his true identity?

What is his aim?

And why did he make an effort to come to me and reveal the secrets of the ‘Strong Body Sutra’?

“Is it for the cultivation method of the Spirit Chicken? Or is he harboring other plans?”

For a moment, Wang Ba was unsure of Deacon Li’s intentions.

But his alertness had clearly increased.

As for the words of Meng Randao, leaked by Deacon Li.

It did make Wang Ba somewhat unsettled.

“’It was not the Strong Body Sutra that allowed him to cultivate a spiritual root, but the fact that he was born with a spiritual root.’ What did he mean by that? Why did he give me such an answer when I was asking about the ninth stage?”

“Why did he say that if you don’t cultivate a spiritual root within three years, you almost never will in your lifetime?”

“What did Deacon Li mean when he said I would understand when 1 reached the ninth stage?”

The cluttered information was too much, and it greatly shocked Wang Ba’s psychology.

Despite his speculations, he still felt like he was lacking some crucial information.

He was unable to make a final judgement.

All he could do was to continually push himself, absorbing the power of the Yin God through constantly eating spirit chickens.

The next day.

Old Hou, carrying chicken feed, made an easy delivery of several barrels of chicken feed to Wang Ba on the bumpy road of the mansion.

However, to Wang Ba’s surprise, Old Hou didn’t want to chat with him. Once the chicken feed was delivered, he just hopped in his donkey cart and prepared to leave.

Wang Ba had something to ask him and couldn’t just let him go.

“Hey, Old Hou, what’s the rush for?!”

Wang Ba tried to hold Old Hou back, but nearly failed.

“Well, can I not rush? We, who deliver the chicken feed, have our men being drafted. Now I alone have to run to more than twenty villas to deliver chicken feed!”

Old Hou seemed very rushed.

Wang Ba, laughing, gave Old Hou a couple of chicken eggs.

But to his surprise, Old Hou didn’t seem to care much. Wang Ba gritted his teeth and gave him a spirit chicken egg.

“Is this… a spirit chicken egg?”

Old Hou’s eyes widened, and he immediately identified the egg.

“Wow! You’ve really managed to breed them, haven’t you?!”

“Just a fluke, a fluke!”

Wang Ba laughed, then quickly changed the subject:

“Old Hou, how’s the bird flu going?”

At this topic, Old Hou’s oversized mouth was blazing again, overacting as he said:

“I’m telling you, the scene is brutal!”

“Hundreds and hundreds of precious chickens are being thrown into the furnace and turned into ash!”

“My heart aches! They could’ve given all these chickens to us servants to eat! Bird flu doesn’t spread to humans!”

Wang Ba also felt the pain. How nice it would be if they were given to him!

However, he still asked a question he cared about: “Were any spirit chickens infected with the bird flu?”

“Not that I’ve heard.”

Old Hou shook his head, saying, “I heard that these spirit chickens, just like the spirit beasts kept by immortals, are rarely susceptible to disease. Bird flu is powerful, but it doesn’t harm the spirit chickens!”

Hearing this, Wang Ba was still a bit worried, but he felt a bit relieved.

He was also afraid that his precious chickens would get sick, but if the spirit chickens could avoid this bird flu, then it wouldn’t be a problem.

After gossiping for a bit more and seeing that Old Hou was in a hurry to leave, Wang Ba finally asked the question he cared about most:

“Old Hou, have the people from your Chengxian Society ever said why if Body Strengthening Scripture didn’t work in three years, there wouldn’t be any hope for the rest of a person’s life?”

Hearing Wang Ba’s words, Old Hou stood up in alarm from the donkey cart.

After looking around to make sure no one was there, he glared at Wang Ba and said,

“You mustn’t speak nonsense!”

“Yes, yes, I will not be talking nonsense!”

Saying that, Wang Ba pleasingly took out a two-point spirit stone from his sleeve and put it in Old Hou’s hand.

Old Hou instinctively glanced at it and, realizing what it was, hurriedly stashed it in his belly.

Pain and helplessness filled his eyes as he looked at Wang Ba: “You know I didn’t mean it that way… sigh! Never mind!”

“You must never speak nonsense!”

“I absolutely will not speak nonsense!”

Wang Ba vowed to God.

After some hesitation, Old Hou finally, in view of that two-point spirit stone, slowly began to speak, revealing something that made Wang Ba suddenly enlightened.

“This is because ‘Body Strengthening Scripture’ is meant for people who possess Spiritual Roots!”

“However, this kind of Spiritual Root is a ‘concealed Spiritual Root’ that even Qi refining disciples or Foundation Establishment disciples can’t detect. To avoid missing anyone, someone created this cultivation method to ensure no individuals with Spiritual Roots are missed.”

“Those with concealed Spiritual Roots can certainly master the ‘Body Strengthening Scripture’ within three years. But those without Spiritual Roots will never be able to break through the barrier between Stage IX and Stage X in their lifetime, unless….”

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