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Chapter 29: Chapter 29: Chapter 29 Ye Lingyui

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Chapter 29: Chapter 29 Ye Lingyui

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“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to rip off your roof!”

A rosy-cheeked girl in a purple Daoist robe was seen looking rather distraught yet apologetic as she continuously bowed to an unkempt middle-aged man standing before her.

This middle-aged man was none other than Wang Ba.

Looking at this girl who, despite having an ordinary appearance, was vibrant and lively, Wang Ba couldn’t help but sigh at the innocence he saw in her eyes.

She was clearly a disciple of some sect!


Wang Ba managed to squeeze out a smile.

“It’s fine, it’s all fine. I was thinking of rebuilding the roof anyway, don’t worry about it.”


The girl in the purple robe seemed somewhat doubtful.

“Why yes, more real than reality itself!”

Wang Ba confirmed earnestly.

Whether it was innocence or stupidity, the girl in the purple robe didn’t seem to catch the implied meaning in Wang Ba’s words. Her face lit up with relief, saying:

“That’s good to hear!”

“Mister, my name is Ye Lingyu, and you are?”

Wang Ba couldn’t help but twitch a little at the corner of his mouth.

Am I already at an age where I am referred to as ‘Uncle’?

“…Wang Ba.”

Ye Lingyu’s eyes widened: “Wang…Eight?”

She couldn’t believe that there was actually someone with such a name in this world!

“Ba! It’s B-A, Ba!”

“All! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I misheard…”

Upon realizing her mistake, Ye Lingyu was suddenly flustered and tried to hastily explain.

“It’s not your fault, it’s my dad’s for giving me such a name, um, is there anything else you need?”

Feeling the depletion of the Power of the Yin God in the Yin’s Government, he felt a pinch.

This time, Ye Lingyu seemed to understand Wang Ba’s intention to send away guests. She turned red and said:

“There’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave then.”

With her sword in hand, she hesitated a little before leaving the mountain villa, but she didn’t get far before she turned back around.

“Regardless, the fact that 1 damaged your roof was my fault. Here’s a small token of my sincerity!”

After saying that, she placed a yellow paper in Wang Ba’s hands, then, seemingly relieved of a burden, left the villa bouncing with joy.

Wang Ba watched as she took to the skies with her sword, swinging, spinning and landing on her feet. She swayed a little before getting onto the sword and flying off…

But she didn’t get far before she tumbled down again…

“What a clumsy girl.”

Wang Ba watched her retreating figure, stumbling and tripping on her way out. He shook his head in amusement despite his headache.

Who would have thought that such an innocent and comic individual could exist within the rigid sect system?

Unfortunately, in the grand scheme of the sect, such innocence will most likely be chipped away and replaced with the cold reality that every disciple is indoctrinated into.

But to tell the truth, he wouldn’t mind being a disciple of the sect himself!

The yellow paper little Miss Ye Lingyu gave seemed rather extraordinary.

The spiritual energy seeping from it was visibly dense.

Regrettably, most talismans require Mana to activate, and this yellow paper was no exception.

Wang Ba thought about taking this Talisman to the talisman shop in the market to ask about it, but he was afraid of attracting attention, so he gave up on the idea.

Having consumed the majority of the sixty Spirit Chickens he had, Wang Ba was tired of eating them and decided to go to the market to buy some Spirit Rice and change his diet. Along the way he would seize the opportunity to find out the latest news from the sect.

However, what Wang Ba didn’t expect was that the signboard of Lu’s Grain Shop had changed, with a bewhiskered old man now running the store.

The old man didn’t pay him much attention, seeing that Wang Ba was dressed like a common laborer.

Wang Ba didn’t mind, he entered the shop, purchased ten pounds of Spirit Rice, and handed over a Spirit Stone.

The old man with the goatee became immediately attentive.

“Esteemed customer, our shop has just opened. We appreciate your patronage!”

“You’re too kind.”

Wang Ba nodded with a smile, then seemed to ask casually, “By the way, wasn’t this place previously named Lu’s Grain Shop or something?”

The old man with a goatee beard didn’t try to hide anything when he heard this.

“Indeed, this store was originally opened by the family of Lu Yuansheng, a disciple of the outer sect, but some days ago… Lu Yuansheng passed away, so the store was put up for auction.”

“What?! Master Lu… Master Lu passed away?!”

Shock was written all over Wang Ba’s face.

He had spent enjoyable days with Shopkeeper Lu and thought of him as a good friend despite their age difference. Naturally, he knew quite a bit about this distinguished disciple from the outer sect.

Lu Yuansheng had displayed talent in cultivation from a young age. Eighteen years old when he joined the East Saint Sect, he stepped into the realm of Qi Refining Stage IV after a decade of vigorous practice. Subsequently, he made continuous steady progress, participating in numerous battles and defeating peers, becoming the first amongst the top ten disciples of the outer sect with a combative prowess at Qi Refining Stage X when he was sixty years old.

Since then, he had held the position as one of the prominent disciples of the outer sect for a total of ten years!

According to Shopkeeper Lu, Lu Yuansheng had even comprehended the higher realm of Foundation Establishment. With several years more of hard cultivation and the assistance of Foundation Establishment Pills, he could directly advance to the Foundation Establishment stage.

At that time, he could become a genuine disciple by joining the inner sect, serve as the Chief Deacon of the outer sect, or even stand a chance to be an ordinary Elder.

The prospect was incredibly promising.

Wang Ba still remembered the excitement and pride in Shopkeeper Lu’s eyes when he mentioned his illustrious fellow clan member.

But who would have thought that this prominent figure would suddenly perish halfway through his journey, leading to the downfall of the Lu Family?

Thinking back on the familiar figure of Shopkeeper Lu, Wang Ba couldn’t help but sigh at the impermanence of the world.

“Shopkeeper, do you know how Master Lu passed away…”

“It is said that he was murdered by an assailant while he was out buying cultivation resources. As for the specifics, I have no idea.”

The old man with the goatee beard answered patiently.

“Then, do you know where the Lu Family is now?”

Wang Ba couldn’t help asking.

“I’m not too clear about that. Some days ago, I heard that they had moved to the East Mountain, but there seemed to be some changes later. I’m not sure about the details.”

The old man with a goatee beard tried to recall.

“Thank you!”

Wang Ba responded with a bow, “By the way, Shopkeeper, do you currently have Precious Chickens for sale?”

“Precious Chickens?”

An awkward expression crossed the face of the old man with a goatee beard, “There are some available, but…”

“It’s okay, Shopkeeper. Even if it’s a bit expensive, it’s not a problem for me. The more, the better!”

Wang Ba put on a generous air.

Upon hearing these words, the old man gritted his teeth:

“Sir, you might as well come in and take a look.”

Upon hearing there were Precious Chickens, Wang Ba immediately became overjoyed and swiftly followed him in.

The old man quickly brought Wang Ba to the chicken coop in the backyard.

Its layout seemed identical to when Shopkeeper Lu was in charge.

Wang Ba had no interest in reminiscing; his attention had been fully drawn to the Precious Chickens inside the coop.

“These… are they sick chickens?!”

Wang Ba’s face changed, and he instinctively took a few steps back.

“Don’t worry, sir, this chicken disease isn’t contagious to humans.”

The old man quickly tried to reassure him.

However, Wang Ba looked extremely displeased.

“I raise chickens for a living!”

“All, that…”

The old man was taken aback, then came to a realization and apologized profusely,

“My mistake! 1 completely overlooked that!”

But Wang Ba was visibly upset, turning around to leave in a huff.

Though chicken diseases generally don’t infect humans, there’s a chance they could be carried by humans and spread to other chickens.

Wang Ba could resolve this issue through his Lifespan Breakthrough method, but having too many spirit chickens would inevitably increase his exposure risk.

Of course, all that was beside the point… because he had taken a liking to these sick chickens!

As expected, he hadn’t gone far before he heard the panicky voice of the old


“Please wait, sir! Please wait! My store will surely satisfy you!”

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