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Chapter 3: 3 Chapter 3: Handle LifeSpan!_1

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3 Chapter 3: Handle LifeSpan!_1

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Old Sun flicked his Daoist robe and wobbled back to his bedroom.

Before leaving, he left a sentence behind.

“You don’t have to count, there are 32 hens here that can lay eggs.”

“The one in your hand isn’t ready yet, still needs another year!”

“Ah… Yes, yes, good!”

Wang Ba, who stood still, was now stirring up a storm in his heart!

“Is it the golden finger? After all the hardships, has the golden finger finally arrived?”

He withdrew his hand in disbelief.

The magical screen that only he could see in front of him instantly dissipated.

Quickly, he anxiously put his hand back under the big hen…

The screen emerged once again.

[Target lifespan: 19.2 years]

[Current remaining lifespan of host: 71.7 years]

[Dispersible items: None]


“It’s real! It’s real!”

Wang Ba tried hard to control the trembling of his body, hastily looking back at Old Sun’s bedroom to make sure he couldn’t see this space.

Then, he simply took the big hen back to his own bedroom.

He carefully closed the windows and doors.

The room was small.

He put the big hen directly on the quilt, totally ignoring whether it would dirty the quilt.

“Extraction… Input…”

“First, let’s try extraction!”

Wang Ba gently touched the option ‘Extraction.’

Immediately, a progress bar appeared in front of him.

As he moved the progress bar, the numbers on the screen also changed.

[Target lifespan -10 years]

[Host lifespan +1 year]

[Current remaining lifespan of the host: 72.7 years]

“Cluck cluck…”

The big hen turned its head in bewilderment and looked at Wang Ba.

With its wisdom, it vaguely sensed that it seemed to have invisibly lost something.

But with its not-so-rare wisdom, it was entirely unclear what it had lost.

“The lifespan of a Precious Chicken for ten years only exchanges for one year of my lifespan?”

“But that’s normal, how can a chicken compare to a human.”

Wang Ba closed his eyes and carefully savored this.

But he didn’t notice any changes.

“That’s it?”

Wang Ba was a bit disappointed.

“What if I input it?”

He thought for a while and moved the progress bar back a bit.

[Target lifespan +11 years]

[Host lifespan -2.2 years]

[Current remaining lifespan of the host: 70.5 years]

Still felt nothing.

However, Wang Ba did find that when he transferred his lifespan to the hen, the ratio became 1:5.

“Is it because there are losses in the transformation process?”

Wang Ba felt a little painful.

“Going back and forth like this, it’s equivalent to losing five years of lifespan for the Precious Chicken.”

But he was surprised to find the big hen, which he was suppressing, seemed… to have changed a bit!

Its originally not so beautiful feathers seemed to be brighter.

Even its struggle under his fingers seemed to become significantly stronger!

This made Wang Ba unconsciously suppress it harder.

“Cluck cluck… cluck cluck…”

The big hen turned its head and called out to Wang Ba.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion, he felt like the big hen was telling him:

“Gently… more gently…”

Damn it!

Wang Ba quickly shook his head!

He must be crazy!

So, is the change happening to this big hen real or not?

After thinking for a bit, he moved the progress bar again.

[Target lifespan +1 year]

[Host lifespan -0.2 year]

[Current remaining lifespan of the host: 70.3 years]

This time.

Wang Ba clearly saw the change.

The body of the big hen was visibly rounder and fatter by the naked eye!

It even turned its head, slightly squinting its eyes as it pecked gently.

It seemed to be thoroughly enjoying itself.


Its voice was mature, quite bewitching indeed.

Wang Ba was somewhat speechless.

However, excitement was surging within him!

He faintly felt that he had found a use for his golden finger!

Forcing maturity!

Even though it consumes lifespan.

Almost half of it was wasted in the process.

But he could extract lifespan from other chickens and concentrate on breeding a group of seed chickens.

Quickly forcing them to mature, reducing the time required for maturity!

And then breed rapidly!

In this way, he could potentially fulfill the monthly supply tasks of the sect!

“But… with Old Sun around, I should not be too reckless, or the problem might be discovered.”

Wang Ba contemplated inwardly.

It seems he needs to take it slow.

After thinking it over, he tagged a big hen that was still enjoying itself on the bedding, and then threw it back outside.

He wanted to observe the situation of this big hen and decide on the next step.

Even though he lost 1.4 years of lifespan today.

As long as he could verify his hypothesis, it was worth it.

He closed the door again.

He lifted the quilt aside, lay down on the hard bed, tossing and turning, unable to sleep.

Suddenly, as if remembering something, he abruptly sat up.

“Right! Now that I can obtain lifespan, does that mean I have a chance to cultivate the Body Strengthening Scripture?”

“Even if I want to cultivate the Body Strengthening Scripture to the thirteenth layer, which requires 8191 years, including wastage, that amounts to over eight thousand Precious Chickens!”

Over eight thousand Precious Chickens.

Priceless treasures.

Elsewhere, they might be hard to come by.

But in this chicken farm, there were plenty of opportunities!

Of course, that’s on the condition that he can stay here long enough.

Upon this thought, he promptly got up from bed, and from under the bed, he picked up the Body Strengthening Scripture again.

He started flipping through the pages again.

The Body Strengthening Scripture was not complicated, only a dozen or so poses. While it doesn’t seem much at face value, it makes a difference over time.

Wang Ba tried to follow it. He found that although these poses did not look difficult, they required quite an effort to execute.

He practiced all night and by the time the rooster crowed, he had barely made it through the basics.

Of course, this was only the basics. To cultivate to Stage I, a year of hard practice was needed.

Consistency is the key.

Just then,

The screen suddenly popped up.

[Current Remaining Lifespan: 70.3 years]

[Applicable expenditure: Body Strengthening Scripture Stage I, overall qualification/status/constitution, requires an estimated 9 years of lifespan]

Before he could express his surprise, he was stunned by the lifespan requirement displayed next!

“9 years?! Wasn’t it supposed to be only 1 year?”

This expenditure was too high!

It was nine times the time necessary for normal practice.

Nevertheless, Wang Ba, after some hesitation, chose to spend the lifespan.

He had no other choice.

Otherwise, would he really wait for eight thousand years?

Who knows what might happen over such a long period.

[Lifespan of Original Body -9 years]

[Current Remaining Lifespan: 61.3 years]

The next second,

His arm, thighs…

A vague sense of swelling transmitted, giving him a feeling of burgeoning strength.

But deep in his body, a hidden sense of weakness came through.

This conflicting feeling of strength and weakness made him feel nauseous for a moment.

The screen in front of him didn’t budge.

[Current Remaining Lifespan: 61.3 years]

[Applicable expenditure: Body Strengthening Scripture Stage II, overall qualification/status/constitution, requires an estimated 18 years of lifespan]

After some hesitation, Wang Ba chose to close it.

Practicing the Body Strengthening Scripture to Stage I in one night could be explained as having a foundation already.

But anything more would be drawing too much attention.

Even though it was just him and Old Sun here, he was doing his utmost to avoid exposure.

Getting up from the bed.

The stiffness from sitting all night made his waist a little hard.

He opened the door.

Unexpectedly, he saw Old Sun standing in the courtyard, holding a plump and round big hen. His typically indifferant face was filled with perplexity.

“This shouldn’t be. Why did it suddenly lay an egg…”

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