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Chapter 32: Chapter 32: Chapter 32 The Birth of the 3rd Generation Spirit Chickeni

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Chapter 32: Chapter 32 The Birth of the 3rd Generation Spirit Chickeni

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At this moment, Wang Ba’s thoughts were spinning rapidly.

lie led a simple life within the Sect, and few people knew his real name.

Deacon Li, Old Hou, Niu Yong, Old Sun.

Even Shopkeeper Lu always called him Brother Wang, and did not know his real name.

Or perhaps he knew, but simply did not say it.

Regardless, South Lake Market was quite a distance from Wang Ba’s Ding 87 Villa, yet a stranger had just called out his name.

Wang Ba did not dare to contemplate what this could mean.

Subconsciously, he felt an urge to reach into his sleeve and unleash his Tendon-Cutting Silkworm Version 2.0.

He did not know if it would work, but it was one of the few methods he had that could possibly cause harm.

However, when the Spirit Insect slid to his wrist, he restrained himself.

Firstly, it was unwise to take rash action without knowing the full situation.

Secondly, the man behind him spoke again.

And his words caused an upheaval in Wang Ba’s heart!

“You have been in the Sect for less than a year, yet you have reached the peak of Stage VI in the Body Strengthening Scripture. 1 didn’t expect that you would have a concealed Spiritual Root.”

There was a hint of surprise in his voice.

He had actually seen through him!

Wang Ba’s heart trembled.

Wasn’t it said that the Body Strengthening Scripture could not be detected from the outside?

Why could this man see through it?

And why did he know so much about him?

Who was this man?!

It seemed as if he sensed Wang Ba’s shock and confusion.

The man’s voice regained its cold hardness:

“For each stage a Cultivator of the Body Strengthening Scripture completes, there are corresponding subtle changes in the body. The five senses of Qi Refining Cultivators far exceed those of mortals. Unless the body is possessed, they can tell at a glance.”

So, that was it!

Upon hearing this, Wang Ba made a mental note and quickly turned around.

He did not dare to scrutinize the man, nor did he dare to be rude. He quickly bowed in respect.

However, he found that he couldn’t bow down no matter how hard he tried, as if an invisible force was stopping him.

“Since you have a concealed Spiritual Root, there’s no need for formalities.”

The man said indifferently.

“Yes, Yes!”

Despite his words, Wang Ba kept bowing his body and started to carefully observe the man.

This man was not tall or short, and his face and demeanor were on the cold side. He was dressed in the white Daoist robe of an outer disciple and had a magic sword on his back.

As Wang Ba was looking at him, he was also sizing up Wang Ba.

His eyes were cold and the surging Spiritual Energy around him almost suffocated Wang Ba.

He cautiously asked, “I wonder why the Immortal has called me?”

But the man ignored his question and said, “You just went to the Lu Family and even gave them a Spirit Chicken.”

Wang Ba’s heart skipped a beat!

Was this outer disciple watching the Lu Family?!

Otherwise, how could he know that he had given a Spirit Chicken to the Lu Family? He had just come out from there.

Could it be that he was Lu Yuansheng’s enemy?

That made sense!

No wonder he was detained.

In an instant, Wang Ba realized that he had probably been targeted by this man since he entered the Lu Family!

At this moment, he was filled with regret, but he quickly suppressed it.

Who can avoid doing things they later regret?

The key was to make amends in time.

He quickly explained, “Previously, I had received the generosity of Shopkeeper



No need to explain.”

The man’s penetrating gaze seemed to see through everything.

“You’ve done well!”

Then, to Wang Ba’s surprise, he reached into his sleeve, took out an archaic jade pendant, and flung it towards him.

Wang Ba caught it hastily, his face full of confusion:

“This… Immortal, what is this?”

However, the man had already turned around and started walking away.

His voice echoed in Wang Ba’s ear as if it were tangible.

“There will be a change within the Sect.”

“This is a protective talisman, if you crush it, I will rush to your aid.”

“However, take note, it can only be used once.”

He paused for a moment, and slowly turned his head to say, “My name is Zhao

Feng… Brother Lu Yuansheng once did me a favor.”

He disappeared into the distance as quietly as a wraith after speaking.

It took a while.

After subtly creating small changes using his Power of the Yin God, he discovered that there was no consumption at all.

Only then did Wang Ba wipe the cold sweat off of his forehead and let out a breath of relief.

Unlike his last deception of a Sect disciple, this was his first time confronting a Sect disciple head-on.

Although it seemed like the other party bore him no ill will.

However, psychological pressure was one thing – the Spiritual Energy surging throughout the other’s body also made him feel extremely oppressed.

Even though he was still somewhat awkward, compared to last time, he was in a much better state.

At least, he wasn’t sitting on the floor on his butt this time.

Most importantly, he gleaned some information from his previous interaction with the other party.

“This outer disciple, Zhao Feng, seems to have a deep connection with the deceased Lu Yuansheng. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have given such a protective talisman to me just because I sent the Lu Family a Spirit Chicken. But why didn’t he protect the Lu Family himself? If an outer disciple intervened, the Lu Family wouldn’t be in such a dire situation.”

“Or is it related to the imminent change in the Sect that he and Shopkeeper Lu alluded to?”

Wang Ba wondered to himself.

But this made him more vigilant.

After all, even a high-ranking outer disciple seemed so cautious and hesitant about the impending catastrophe – as a lowly menial worker, he would likely be obliterated if he was in the middle of it.

For the first time, he had an urgent desire to leave the Sect.

The distant view was blank and vague.

Wang Ba couldn’t help but tightly clasp the jade pendant in his hand…

Seven days later.

Wang Ba, seeing a batch of newly hatched chicks, wore an expression of fatherly joy on his face.

Mainly because two months ago, Jia 5 mated with Jia 4.

The three eggs that Jia 4 laid after being mounted by Jia 5 had finally all hatched today!

It had taken almost two whole months to incubate these three eggs!

During the intervening period, Jia 4, whose maternal instinct was weak, had even given up incubating her eggs multiple times.

However, she was forced to perch on her eggs due to Jia 5’s pecking.

Fortunately, all three eggs were successfully hatched.

What’s more, they even pleasantly surprised Wang Ba!

[Target Lifespan: 80.2 years]

This was the one with the highest lifespan.

The lifespans of the other two were also very close to this number.

When subjected to the Spirit Light Talisman test, all of them radiated a greyish-white light.

In other words, these three newly hatched chicks were all almost on the level of middle-grade Spirit Chickens.

“The offspring of a cross between middle-grade and lower-grade chickens tend to be in between the two grades.”

“These three chicks seem to be slightly better than their father, Jia 5, considering they hadn’t made their Lifespan Breakthroughs yet.”

“If they breakthrough, even if they don’t reach upper grade, they’ll likely be close to it.”

Wang Ba diligently made detailed records with his homemade charcoal pencil.

“From Jia 1 to Jia 4, and Jia 6, can be considered as the first generation of Spirit Chickens, Jia 5 can be considered as the second generation, these three then can be seen as the third generation.”

“The higher the grade of the parent chicken, the higher the grade of the offspring tends to be. But the downside is that the male chicken’s willingness to mate tends to decrease, making successful breeding exceedingly difficult.”

“However, theoretically, I can use the Lifespan Breakthrough + rapid breeding method to continually elevate the grade of the Spirit Chicken offspring!”

“The only problem with this line of thought is that the male chickens don’t have the desire to mate.”

This was an old problem that Wang Ba had realized quite early on.

But he was nonetheless helpless against this sole issue.

Drugging, forced cohabitation of male and female chickens, showing erotic pictures to the male chickens, even tying up the female Spirit Chickens and throwing them before the male ones…

Wang Ba had tried all sorts of underhanded tactics, but none of them worked.

Even the very few male chickens that did show interest were treated as treasures by Wang Ba and protected accordingly.

Such as Jia 1, Jia 2, Jia 6.

They were all male Spirit Chickens, but compared to their peers, they had a slight preference for female Spirit Chickens.

Wang Ba shook his head and decided not to dwell on it anymore, directing his focus to scout the Sect’s border defence.

He had made up his mind.

He would leave the Sect..

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