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Chapter 33: Chapter 33: Chapter 33 Map_i

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Chapter 33: Chapter 33 Map_i

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In the evening, South Lake market.

The vendor area.

Gou Mu, with his hunched posture, professionally places each of the assorted books on the stall into the book box.

The books just happen to fill the box completely.

Already over fifty, each day he would carry a box of books to the market to sell.

Yet few people would buy his books.

Nevertheless, he seemed content with his situation.

Just as Gou Mu was struggling with the book box, preparing to leave the market as usual, a burly figure blocked his path.

“I’m sorry, customer, I’ve already closed for the day. If you want to buy a book, kindly do so earlier tomorrow.”

With his body bent, Gou Mu put on a humble and pleasing smile, but together with his eyes, as green as mung beans, and his hunched physique, people would mistake him for a mouse turned demon.

But to his surprise, the figure lowered his voice, “Do you have…that kind of book here?”

A slight vigilance flashed through Gou Mu’s eyes, but his face wore a laugh, “What kind of book, dear customer, are you referring to?”

“The one with the pictures…”

The burly figure mimicked the action of two thumbs knocking together.

An ambiguous smile, which all men would understand, appeared on his face.

Sensing this, Gou Mu quickly caught on and nodded, “Of course, how much are you willing to pay?”

At the same time, he quickly scanned the man in front of him once more.

He saw a physically strong man with a full-faced beard, wearing servant clothes and looking entirely unfamiliar.

However, the man’s response quickly eased his worries.

“I want the one priced at one hundred and seventy-two taels and three pennies.”

Gou Mu’s heart eased, and according to procedure, responded, “I don’t have ones that expensive, I only have ones for ten taels. Do you want it?”

“Cheaper! What about five taels?” The burly man asked.

Gou Mu couldn’t help but frown slightly, “These are all new prints, with beautiful jade-like women, and excellent craftsmanship. At least nine taels and five pennies!”

“Six taels!”

“Nine taels and two pennies!”

“Seven taels!”

“Nine taels and a penny! If you don’t wish to buy, please leave.”

A hint of impatience flashed across Gou Mu’s face.

After much hesitation, the burly man unwillingly said, “Then…nine taels?”


The transaction was concluded.

The burly man took out a black leather bag, a reluctant grip on it, and put it in Gou Mu’s hand.

Gou Mu reached in to touch and a smile quickly appeared.

He subsequently put the book box down, took out each book one by one, found a particular book and handed it to the burly man, before putting back each book one by one.

However, strangely enough, even though one book was missing, the book box was still full. Not a single space was left free!

This caught the burly man by surprise.

But Gou Mu immediately shouldered his book box and hastily left.

The burly man hid the book in his bosom and hastily left the market too.

On the deserted field.

No need for disguise, the burly man naturally revealed his true identity.

It was indeed Wang Ba!

At this moment, he wore a pained expression.

“This damn map actually cost nine spirit stones!”

“If this doesn’t help me leave the sect, then 1 have truly suffered a big loss!”

Wang Ba always had a clear understanding of himself.

He was merely a normal servant without any means of self-protection.

Even though he could carry the lifespan essence and had endless potential, his potential could not immediately be transformed into the capabilities to stand firm in this world.

He needed time to cash in on this potential.

To do so required a prerequisite, that he must survive first.

But the feeling that East Saint Sect gave him recently is filled with dangerous waves and unpredictable clouds.

If even an outer sect’s top disciple, who would be considered a core pillar of the sect, could suddenly die on such a grand scale, what more could be said for him, a lowly servant.

Moreover, whether it is Shopkeeper Lu or the outer disciple named Zhao Feng, they had both warned him.

Heeding advice helps a man survive.

Even though leaving the sect means giving up the enormous resources of the Precious Chicken and a plentiful supply of chicken feed without any worries, Wang Ba still decided to leave the sect!

However, joining the sect is not easy, and leaving it is more difficult.

Wang Ba subtly inquired around the market these few days and has somewhat understood the difficulty of leaving the sect.

Under normal circumstances, if there are no sufficient reasons, even if the sect’s servants want to leave, they have to get through various examinations by the External Affairs Room.

For servants such as Wang Ba who belong to the Beasts Room, they also need permission from the Beasts Room.

But just getting this does not seem very likely.

Because Wang Ba is raising chickens at Ding Villa, each person only had one allocation.

More importantly, there is only Wang Ba in Ding 87 Villa.

This means that if Wang Ba left the sect, someone would have to replace him.

But this certainly isn’t very likely.

Typically, only those like Old Sun, who were of advanced age and requested to go down the mountain, or those who requested to leave the sect for purchasing supplies, could be the exception and be allowed to move freely.

Moreover, before leaving the sect, the sect would make some proofing arrangements on them.

According to an unidentified gossiper, this is to prevent servants from disclosing the sect’s secrets or scriptures.

Wang Ba firmly believes in this point of view.

Otherwise, the Strong Body Sutra would not have spread such a great reputation outside, yet no authentic copy is in circulation outside.

Of course, looking at it now, it seems more like bait.

Luring people like them, who foolishly desire to seek immortality, to serve the cultivators with no regrets.

In short, trying to leave the sect through ordinary means is fraught with difficulties.

As for trying to leave the sect through non-traditional means, this is even more impossible.

What kind of earth-shattering luck would a mortal need to perfectly evade the careful scrutiny of the cultivators?

Of course, nothing is absolute.

After much effort these days, Wang Ba has actually found a way.

That is, ‘Gou Mu, the Ratheaded’.

He is a descendant of the sect’s disciple, not a cultivator himself, but we known for his ability to dig through a hundred feet of earth, connecting the inside and outside of the sect, providing convenience for servants and deacons to enter and leave the sect.

But he has a rather peculiar rule.

That is, a single underground tunnel can only be used once.

If you left the sect and want to come back, you would need to buy another map from him.

The same applies vice versa.

In addition, to ensure customers keep buying, any used tunnels would be immediately destroyed.

Although the price is astonishing, there are still many wealthy servants who couldn’t resist.

As such, his reputation gradually spread among the servants.

Of course, this reputation is only confined to the people who can afford it.

“I hope I won’t be disappointed.”

Wang Ba carefully flipped through the pages.

Unexpectedly, he discovered that the book was really full of exciting and beautiful pictures.

Whether it’s the detailed paintings or the bold innovations in proportions, it all opened up one’s eyes.

It’s a pity Wang Ba, in order to facilitate the mating of roosters and hens, was exposed to too many stimulants and was now completely unmoved.

After flipping through the entire book without causing any ripples in his heart, he finally found the correct way to unlock the book.

The map was hidden on the red toenail of the beauty depicted in the picture….

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