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Chapter 35: Chapter 35: Chapter 35 Yu Changchun i

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Chapter 35: Chapter 35 Yu Changchun i

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“The Manager of the Chengxian Society?”

Wang Ba looked puzzled, seeming not quite comprehending the implication.

But at this moment, beneath his clueless expression, his heart was filled with horror.

Ever since the encounter with Zhao Feng, he had learned his lesson, constantly activating the Power of the Yin God, disguising his bodily condition as that of an ordinary person.

Anyway, as long as there was no one around, there was hardly any consumption.

It’s worth mentioning that he didn’t know whether the shielding power of the Yin God was ineffective on the Spirit Chicken, but in any case, when he activated the Power of the Yin God in the villa surrounded by Spirit Chickens, there was almost no loss.

At this moment, at the Yin Government in his brow, a drop of the Yin God’s power was spinning at an extreme speed, and it was visibly shrinking.

The speed was much faster than when he had encountered the Sect disciple that evening!

Obviously, this Chengxian Society’s Manager brought by Old Hou was surprisingly a Qi refining cultivator!

This was far beyond Wang Ba’s expectation.

In his mind, Chengxian Society was mostly an insignificant organization formed by a sect’s menial worker in order to embark on the path of cultivation.

Even if they knew some secret information, it didn’t mean they were powerful.

However, the appearance of this Manager of the Chengxian Society instantly changed Wang Ba’s thought and roused his suspicion.

This organization surprisingly involved a Qi refining cultivator!

This surprised and puzzled him.

Why would a high-ranking cultivator want to help a group of bottom-ranking menial workers who have nothing to do with him?

Helping them embark on the path of cultivation, what benefit could it possibly bring to the cultivator?

What value could these menial workers possibly provide?

If even a manager is a Qi refining cultivator, are there more powerful individuals who hold higher positions above a manager?

Is the existence of such an organization within the sect a good thing or a bad thing? Does the sect know about it? What’s their attitude?

Just a slight deep thought made him feel terribly scared!

However, no matter how much his mind was in turmoil, thanks to the constant vigilance of the past year, there was no flaw detectable on Wang Ba’s face, which merely showed his puzzlement about the status of the Chengxian Society’s manager and the reason for finding him.

This Chengxian Society manager, who seemed ordinary, was unaware of exposing some of his secrets and introduced himself with a smile:

“I’m Yu Changchun, the manager of Chengxian Society, responsible for recruiting those who have potential to attain immortality.”

“Potential to attain immortality?”

Wang Ba’s face showed a hint of surprise and confusion: “This… my name is Wang Ba… But why are you looking for me?”

It’s well known that menial workers have almost no chance to step onto the path of immortality, and they naturally don’t have potential to attain immortality.

Therefore, Wang Ba’s reaction was normal and totally within Yu Changchun’s expectation.

He gave a chuckle, then said something that startled Wang Ba:

“I’m looking for you, naturally it’s because you have the potential to become a cultivator.”

“Me? A..a cultivator?”

Wang Ba couldn’t help but pointing to himself, his face full of disbelief.

It wasn’t an act, but a genuine sense of incredulity.

After all, he clearly knew he wasn’t a concealed Spiritual Root, and the chance to become a cultivator was almost none.

It was only the ability to transpose lifespan that gave him the hope and courage.

Otherwise, he would have already given up and settled for being a chicken farmer.

However, to his surprise, Yu Changchun confidently said:

“It’s not nonsense. However, if you keep practicing the Body Strengthening Scripture, I’m afraid there’s indeed little hope.”

The implication was clear to those who understood.

Wang Ba’s mind raced, immediately putting on a look of both shock and curiosity, but mostly cautious:

“Could it be Manager Yu’s meaning is…”

“Exactly, our Chengxian Society has a special Dharma that can make those without a Spiritual Root create one out of nowhere, setting foot on the path of immortality!”

As if to corroborate his own words.

A spiritual energy fluctuation that had been accumulating on Yu Changchun’s body suddenly erupted like a mountain flood, unstoppable!

Feeling the invisible pressure, Wang Ba quickly widened his eyes, trembling, and even exclaimed in surprise:

“It’s, it’s an immortal!”

He tried to bow down, but was promptly held up by an invisible force.

He hurriedly ‘raised his trembling’ head to look.

He saw Yu Changchun standing with his hands behind his back, gray-white robe moving without wind, his long beard floating, appearing like a celestial being.

If he didn’t know the other party was a Qi Refining cultivator, Wang Ba could barely hold back.

Fortunately, he promptly fabricated expressions of shock, fear, worry, expectation, and various other emotions in his mind.

Yu Changchun saw this in his eyes, even though he had seen too many such expressions, he couldn’t help but feel refreshed.

He pretended to be casual and smiled, “So, do you believe in me now?”

“If it’s still not enough, you can ask Old Hou.”

“No, no need, the words spoken by the immortal, I absolutely dare not question!”

Wang Ba hurriedly stopped him, but at the same time, he showed a bit of embarrassment: “But, I have to feed the Precious Chickens every day, I’m afraid 1 don’t have time for cultivation…”

Hearing this, Yu Changchun gave a slight smile, the always silent Old Hou quickly stepped forward and patted his chest, saying:

“You don’t have to worry about this, don’t you know me, I deliver chicken food every day, from morning till night there’s no rest, not hiding from you, I’ve been running around in the Sect for more than twenty years, still haven’t got to the fifth level of the Body Strengthening Scripture, no one looks up to us, but now in a few short months, my Spiritual Root is ready to condense!”

“If you don’t believe, come on, this is a Spiritual Root Testing Talisman. Why don’t you try it?”

Wang Ba quickly held Old Hou’s arm:

“No need for that, no need for that, 1 naturally believe in the words of Manager Yu and Old Hou.”

Yu Changchun nearby saw this, smiling and cutting straight to the chase: “Then I wonder if Brother Wang is interested in joining our Chengxian Society?”

Upon hearing this, Wang Ba’s face showed difficulty, seeming both tempted and apprehensive.

Seeing this, Yu Changchun was not surprised.

He knew very well that although most menial workers couldn’t cultivate, there weren’t many fools.

An organization existing within the Sect, with a Qi refining cultivator involved, everyone knew this organization was not simple.

Any sane person wouldn’t just join on a whim.

So Wang Ba’s reaction was the most normal.

But that’s not important.

Yu Changchun said calmly with a smile: “It seems that Brother Wang is still a little uneasy, well, that’s my fault.”

“Our Chengxian Society’s cultivation method for forming a Spiritual Root has two volumes, as we’ve met, it’s fate, let me give the first volume to Brother Wang, why don’t you give it a try?”

With that, he took out a book the size of a palm and handed it to Wang Ba.

Wang Ba didn’t dare to refuse and quickly took the scroll.

“Excuse me.”

Yu Changchun said goodbye with a bow, not showing any superiority as a Qi refining cultivator. If it were any ordinary menial worker, they would probably start to like him, and even impulsively join the Chengxian Society.

Wang Ba’s expression perfectly displayed a hint of temptation, but it was immediately replaced by hesitation.

He watched Old Hou and Yu Changchun leave.

Returning to his dwelling, Wang Ba couldn’t wait to open the scroll, carefully reading it.

He had to be serious about it.

Because at this moment, Yu Changchun was still watching him..

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